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2012, Planet X, HAARP & Chemtrails: Part 1 & 2

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Stockholm, Sweeden

Passages of time can be read geologically like a book. They can show: calamitous events, periodic pole shifts, foot hills pushed up, and mountains of rock snapping, violent geological earth changes, volcanic explosions, tsunamis, asteroids and floods. Lava had set to slow magnetic wandering poles in the past. Underwater cities, similar to Japan, describe a time of celestial events like the Jewish exodus 3,600 years ago.

Mass extinction, Niagara falls, the grand canyon, and cow flatulence don’t add up to cause a warming of our whole solar system; Planet X (Nibiru); the 12th planet does. Weather irregularity, near collisions and collisions can cause corona eruptions from the sun. No direct collision is necessary to have a devastating impact on the earth. Threats do exist in outer space.

The idea of a race of more advanced beings that came from the sky exists, as in the Sumerian texts – flourishing advanced cultures have existed in the past. A seventh planet is shown that is positioned between Jupiter and mars, called Tiamat by the Sumerians. A tenth planet then appeared from deep outer space which is the story of an intruder planet. Each planet appears in its correct position, order and correct proportion in relation to other planets.

The story states that Nibiru is pulled in to our solar system by Uranus, Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter. Nibiru on an opposing orbital direction is pulled into a collision course with the seventh planet called Tiamat; a watery body that after a celestial collision is called the asteroid belt. As Nibiru comes close one of its moons crashes into this seventh

planet, Tiamat, of which half becomes the asteroid belt and the other have forms the Earth and Nibiru’s moon becomes Earth’s moon. Earth is thrust into a new orbit carrying with it Nibiru’s satellite (Earth’s moon). Nibiru is thrust into permanent clockwise solar orbit returning every 3,600 years.

How do you respond to knowing that more advanced beings who knew all of this and that even more advanced civilizations have existed before us? An elusive topic is how did life arise? Could it have occurred by panspermia? Seeding from outer space? Could people of a time gone have been “more” spiritual? Was Eden an actual place? Could some type of in vitro fertilization have occurred by cross breeding? Environment and locale could have created all in the image of all types of humanoids. There is much opinion about this. Nibiru though has now been found in the constellation of Orion. It travels through the heavens to be eventually found in Sagittarius, its opposite part of the heavens.

Did you come from a great civilization? Do you have a history very different to what you have been told? The Homeland Terrorism Preparedness Bill and emergency funding is prepared for what is classified and also un-classified. It’s said that 80% of the population of the earth will be affected by what is classified – not talked about by those who know. Training in combat; containment air force units. The hand above the government has recently revealed its martial law plans. Nibiru is currently 97 times further away from the sun than the earth. Pluto is only 40 astronomical units away. It is moving slowly towards us against a star lit background. Many things are unexplained like Easter Island and Stonehenge. Does our earth take a big hit in the year 2012?

Doesn’t the sacred calendar point to an end point? Many ancient celestial altars point to 2012. Thousands of years ago people knew about this. The hand above the government has had a secret since 1983. It is a dark star (brown dwarf), accompanied by five minor planets and the sixth one is the size of the earth and the seventh is what is being called Nibiru.

The ancient ones state that the sixth planet is much like Earth, and it is the home of giants or gods of old. Nibiru cuts through our solar system between the Sun and the Earth. The year 2012 is 3600 years from the last Nibiru approach. In the past near encounter they were

responsible for Atlantis being sunk, Noah’s flood and more distant, for Lemuria being sunk. Does the planet renew itself periodically where the old is shed to make way for the new?

Nibiru was seen from Australia on the 15th of May, 2009 as a reddish object. Nibiru passed through the ecliptic plane in May 2011 and pictures taken show it to look like a second sun which was about the size of our moon. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and global bad weather occurred. February 14th, 2013 the earth moves between the Sun and Nibiru, poles shift and earth reformation is incurred during this time. The greatest chance for suffering is incurred during this time. The earth has stopped turning in the past for three days.

Earthquake and mega tsunami’s cracking land masses are now seen in the gulf of Arabia that is rapidly moving apart; raging volcanoes are all part of a natural reforming process by the earth. By July 1st, 2014 Nibiru will have moved away from our solar system. The hand above the government knows this yet no warnings have been given to us as a people. It’s estimated that some two thirds of the population on earth could be effected to the point of perishing during a pole shift. The hand above the government knows and is preparing yet doesn’t want you to prepare. The hand above the government can take advantage that you would not be prepared. Are you prepared? Most of the land and sea animals will be gone: the old will be cleared away to make way for the new.

Strange spirals have also appeared over Australia in January 2010. Strange halos and color have appeared in the heavens around the world and is absolute evidence of HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) that is owned by the hand above the government. Meteorological radiological images taken of these spirals are far too symmetrical to be natural. They are created by HAARP and are tornado vortex. Cloud worm holes have also appeared like clouds of a mushroom shape like a hydrogen bomb explosion. The hand above the government has grown large and people’s civil rights have shrunk. The use of HAARP has created many natural disasters, including cyclones and earthquakes, to take charge, own and control the people’s resources.

Silent weapons for silent wars are what the hand above the government is interested in most: tectonic ware fare, chemtrails and purposefully putting toxin in food. Nuclear plants have been built over fault lines and can be easily disturbed by tectonic warfare, which is produced by external energy being projected to disturb tectonic plates.

Japanese nuclear reactors were built over two tectonic plates that were pushing into each other creating instability: this was done by the hand above the government. Recent earthquakes were a HAARP tectonic attack on Japan. It was not a natural earth quake. It was initiated by external artificial energies. A series of tectonic attacks have been initiated by the use of HAARP; china 2008, Haiti 2010, Chile in 2010, and March 11, 2011 in Japan. All are evidence of triggered earthquakes. They have all been initiated by external energy not inherent to a fault zone.

The hand above the government is the same hand above Russia, China and America and this hand founded HAARP to be built during the cold war under the cover of star wars and missile defense. By default of the people we have allowed an evil hand to exist who wants to create a one world government run by them and one army which they control. Death and destruction is being used to cause all to submit. This hand wrongfully owns the growth of the money supply and sits as a hand above all government which created all false flag domestic terror acts.

This hand has created weapons of the energy in natural processes. It is similar to the use of weaponizing chemicals such as gun powder to destroy. Nuclear atomic energy, in 1945 was used against the people of the earth and it left behind a politically incorrect mess. Yet there is no political backlash when weaponizing the energy in natural processes, like triggering an earth quake.

Mind control, weather control, chemtrails, food control, money control, new weapon systems of bigger shock waves all have no real political back lash. In 1999 chemtrails began to turn earth’s atmosphere into plasma that HAARP uses as an electromagnetic reflection system. HAARP can be used with this to see over the horizon and other applications.

On September 10, 2001 FEMA predicted three disasters in the future; 9-11, hurricane Katrina and an earthquake on the west coast. Ionizing beams were shown to wand with heat on one side of hurricane Katrina to steer it. You can be sure a nuclear power plant

on the west coast of America will soon be involved. There is strange behavior of patsies of the hand above the government surrounding the March 11, 2011 9.1 earth quake. GE and Weston House owned by the hand above the government owned Japan’s nuclear power plants before and sold to Hitachi just before the disaster. They owned these plants for fifty years prior to this.

Another anomaly of the 9.1 earth quake is that the hand above the government owned media stated continuously it was a 6.7 earth quake. This underplayed the unnatural magnitude of intensity that people were facing. In reality it was an off the scale event beyond anything ever recorded. The magnitude of the earth quake was very strange. It does not fit into the natural order of collected data being of such magnitude compared to what has come before this.

2012, Planet X, HAARP & Chemtrails: Part 2 Dr. David Jubb 25 December 2011 Stockholm, Sweden

The third atomic bombing of Japan has already incurred. It had the power of one million atomic bombs when you consider the devastation and radioactive fallout. The amount of 30 kilo tons, 30,000 tons of dynamite is the equivalent to each Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombing. Yet the tectonic warfare use of HAARP to trigger Japan’s recent disaster is equivalent to one million kilo ton bombs. This is what HAARP is about. It creates a huge shock wave silently and invisibly without anyone knowing.

The first light of evidence of the effect of this radioactive mess: 90 minutes after the tsunami rods went into melt down. The equivalent of fission product radiologically is the same as a nuclear bomb and each plant released 96,000 nuclear bombs! All of this was released as a nuclear cloud into the atmosphere.

Friday morning on the 18th of March, 2011 HAARP signatures of tornado vortexes were observed above the San Francisco Bay area and this was the very same day radiation arrived on the west coast of North America from the radiation disaster of Japan. (stay tuned for the author’s protocol for clearing radioactive element from the body). Very heavy chemtrailing incurred the day before these tornado vortex appeared. HAARP was then used to cause radioactivity to rain down on the west coast the very day when

radiation is arriving from the nuclear meltdown of Japan. An inch of rain fell causing maximum fallout daily for at least ten days even though that area of California normally gets only 14 inches of rain for the whole year.

HAARP locations that are an integrated system use chemtrails as an ELF VHS electromagnetic mirror to bounce HAARP off of to have its effect. Eighty five percent of all radioactive particulate have fallen as rain to contaminate as all was in the troposphere which is the most volatile part of our atmosphere.

High tides, animals gone missing, some humans can predict but all earthquakes involve electromagnetic anomalies. For a week before people were reporting that thinking became more scrambled. You cannot describe the terror of knowing the extermination being done by this evil hand above the government that a simple moratorium can change. Lifecolloid and marine minerals have high energy iodine that kicks out radioactive iodine from the thyroid, clean water with reverse osmosis, eat lifefood and do Jubb’s cell rejuvenation to detox your body.

What happened when Polish officials did not support swine flu and the following mass vaccination and the European agenda? What reason was given that members of the royal family always travel on separate planes? A mass assassination incurred and HAARP was used to bring a plane down killing all the Polish officials. What was found at the plane crash site was: no bodies, no luggage, and the plane was obliterated. No public were allowed on the site.

HAARP was used to trigger the Haiti disaster, when oil was found that belonged to Haiti. Under the disguise of a humanitarian mission American soldiers and defense forces poured into Haiti without any relief supplies just to take over the airports. The inner core used HAARP to trigger an earthquake. All is on a need to know basis. The earthquake was used as a pretext to take over and invade with political correctness. A coup by earthquake has been used more than once since HAARP was created. Fault line energy weapons can easily trigger an earthquake. HAARP has multiple applications including mind control. Very strange symmetrical patterns were observed in the sky before the earthquake struck in numerous places including Japan. All began after February 1992 when HAARP was created to

send 3.6 million watts up into the ionosphere. HAARP heats up the ionosphere lifting it and releasing electromagnetic energy from the earth.

Equipment applied as earth tomography similar to HAARP but much, much smaller was used to do geological mining surveys and was observed when being used. It created earthquakes. HAARP was begun to be built in February 1992 in Alaska. If you can make it rain then you can create a flood. You can then use this to remain “in control”. There are 180 antennas about 70 feet tall linked together that steer millions of watts to lift and heat the ionosphere 12 miles across, ninety miles up and two and a half miles deep HAARP heats and raises the ionosphere. By raising the ionosphere out into space the stratosphere underneath has to move to fill in this gap created and this triggers earthquakes underneath. It also changes the way water flows high up in our upper atmosphere.

The rule of the bankers hand above the government has for eons manipulated nature by rule of force. There is no hand above as the power of force and need is removed by the people owning the money supply! Schuman cavity resonance was discovered in 1899 and up until 1986 there used to be a constant heart beat of seven beats per second. Yet from 1986 onwards the heart beat has sped up to ten per second. This as the earth and our solar system comes into alignment with the black hole of our galaxy and also Nibiru is causing space to contract. The earth’s spinning is what creates the earth’s magnetic field. The earth’s rotation has slowed radically and this always incurs before a pole shift. The ancient ones said that when the sun’s magnetic poles shift the earth’s poles become ready to shift also. As Nibiru flies past the earth it radially alters the magnetic poles. The poles of the Sun were noticed to have shifted in January 2001.

The passage of time can be read like a book geologically and does show radical calamitous events of the past. Even vitrified glass walls that were once stone have been uncovered in an ancient site in India; space is not uniform. Threats do exist from outer space yet threats from within earth’s space put by the hand above the government is the most dangerous of all. It is urgent that “Occupy Wall Street”, “Occupy Melbourne”, and the twenty five writing a new constitution in Iceland can change the law to make it a constitutional right to own the growth of the money supply. All common law originated government countries have provisions for the people to have a moratorium (a breathing space) to ask for reform: it is as simple as this. You can act while an infrastructure still exists. Take responsibility for the genesis of peace now!


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