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Follow, me and this makes you a gatherer of beloved; for, who is a stranger in a strange convention is raining; to, this beloved; i, elevate you; up, all that can happen is for you to fall into this i; for, you who has ever asked to go a mile for; you, are this beloved who is going this mile; for, this is in your resting with what is of warmth and blood in this day thats not dead and fictional; for, it is the grasses and the trees as shelter is of cover were thus beloved is rested;

You, find rest in your silent prayer; you, can see where you and i be; in, i awareness; you, avoid being aloof; distractive, and intimidating; interrogating, such that you could have been teaching garnished; where, all was only of some terror of domesticated; deviant, behavior normalized; this, i clears away what’s not useful as a feather; cast, off by this eagle in flight; for, heaven is the space between two children playing; and, for this you’d, not put this under a bushel some where; so, obviously;

Room, is as ethic is; in, the greatest room; is, the room for improvement and the sun is rising from the west for; this, is who is of companion in this time of the rainbow prophecy; for, you are the grand children of this peace maker; who, is the voice of the voiceless; and, those who are not well; come and let, me heal you; so, in talking further;

You, frame things positively for interest and pleasure make for whole brain functioning; and, you give to all who ask; for, you are one who is with discernment and also is in virtuosity of generosity; is, only working; you, are not found swearing not at all; for, oaths preformed non out seeds self; for, you can only give from your self for your kind can be better off;

Comforting, the morning is for who is comforted; such, seeds can be sown and be fallen on fertile soil; you, are to ALM this eclipse movement for blessed is this i; for, ears and eyes; for, indeed you can observe a cry from the heavens; the, smallest seeds falling from having floated down from heavens; for, thousands of years to join with a lifecolloid and fall down and become this rare orchid; this, inner i awareness where i is planted; nature, sows good seeds of such and the orchid; fertile, soil is were such is landed;

Some, can have become seeded by the way side and this is you who can be revived of what can be sown in your heart; yet, not so deftly rooted for this; those, of you have ears and eyes to witness such; yet, such seeds be landed on rocky soil; so, too is my work; touch, hear one can have not sprung up because there was no depth of soil to grow;

In, your house which is of one roof; beloved, are all under not many roofs or split roofs; however, could not be so such heaven is a covenant of a public ledger; and, such today in this modern moment is non localized and decentralized; because, such is in minted inside; not, outside; and, such an ALM is a trust and is stable in perpetuity; as, directed; one, ALM is equivalent to one atomic hour; are you beginning to see?

Today, as perception is a bank; this, is directing a new currency that is the ALM for new; and, the old are brought forth; and, all given you now a basic living where time is now; equivalent, to creativity; you, are not to be a subject to have been socially engineered; as, before eclipse; So, you can hear me say for you; would, have to leave those around you; to, follow me; yet, for this eclipse movement; this, mandate is heaven here; you, have gotten rid of usury for all time; and, the implied infanticide where you could have only been held by the courts as dead and fictional infant decedent account; for, access to be and given a service that is applied; Can, you assist in this eclipse movement to give comfort zone in the morning; who, is comforted can you be in this holy sea; can, you go to eclipse and become active in this movement; you, who can conceive; and, this ALM is your life living in a sublime way; you, can hear talk about and observe yourself in the places you have left yourself with random acts of kindness;

Spontaneous, for if it is of any act of damage cost; injury, or harm; is, probably a right you have; for, you who can perceive; the, bank of currency inside you is real and is not of some stagnate spot; or, even earned as any service; the, ALM is given; accept, yours and i comfort in economic egalitarianism; this, i is who can perceive; this, which is real; for, those who cannot perceive; for, this what is not real is some geographical spot; what, is real; here, i within you;

Love jubb, david


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