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Alphabet Soup Land Huge Global Land Grab

Currency, that's created by the Criminal Banking Cartel if a One World Order System being based upon a theft of your BC bond which is the real estate; such, is stolen by Alphabet Soup Land agency plying all bets placed into a future to draft everyone into “its” agenda twenty-thirty; which, is really a huge land grab; and, to knock out any common law heritage as “obstacle” as it’s called by CB-cowo;

Your real estate has been traded in the stock market; it’s, your BC bond; theft, along with a pattern ongoing; fraud, is what has made bank of international settlement; Alphabet Soup Land around the globe is owned and run by CB-cowo east and west vaticanus;

This, father uncovered six hundred sixty sixty crimes that confirm genocide over the past one hundred years; all, is covert fact confirmed; many, already can say that most heinous act which has occured has highly suspicious events; for, instance in Ukraine which is a war used all currency laundering; all, that was setup did go wrong on purpose;

You, look at the pandemic global planned; because, you’ve got a fresco at the denver airport with the masks and the twenty-ten winter olympics in london; pageant, showed what would happen in twenty-twenty with the masks and all the beds; so

Highly, suspicious covert facts around the genocide of the global population; and, missing children keeping beloved unaccounted for is urgent not a minor situation; so, what is redacted in speech is the common enemy to society isn’t it? All, do witness non-stop ongoing criminal pattern of media government and alphabet soup agency coordinated as for the global genocide being carried out in silence;

You’re, shot quietly yet its usury and it's an ancient system of pledging; also, you not performing your civic duty to be of a check and balance on government; and, this is characterizing the common enemy; a,

Rabbit, is not going to take an action; nor, is a stone; to, stand-by and ongoing allow perpetrated DEW for instance to be used to black-swan; to, exhaust any capacity combined and individually to defend yourself against such civic obvious confinement and entrapment;

You, don’t see the kinetic weapon because it doesn’t exist; you, just get shot like soldiers did in the first world war before they left the shoreline; the, media monopolized spits word and logos from the screen which impacts all inside; you’re, slated to have been eliminated; you’re, a designated combatant;

Data reveals who got shot is going to live a shorter life, possibly more sterile; so, isn’t the weapon a sacred cow? It's not talked about, it's disappeared; and, in such a way, what's happening ongoing to your social energy?

You don't feel that such is not integrated? Do you feel congruent and associated in life? FOIA request to Alphabet Soup Land shows most all hospitalized are jabbed with the covid toxin;

You cannot say that state officials who have looked into this is not warning all to ban the jab; so, how do you continue on knowing quietly about what is ballistic inside? Which, is the effect of asymmetric warfare;

For, many years this father has warned all about Alphabet Soup Land who was behind and the twenty-twenty-five depopulation statistic; how, criminal’s are the ones that funded that research which is a statistic of course; which, overall is letting you know which nation for instance is being more attacked;

Where, you’re observing more land grab going on right now; where, DEW is being used and deluged; so, the statistic is stupendous and isn’t quite adding up yet; so, what do you feel about now going into the future?

You, have rhodonite mercer nepotist as controllers of CB-cowo where the plan is to murder goyim; it’s, the ideology of course expressed by those in the chabad movement; pushed, in the early ninety-nineties;

You, look and see the mastermind at work behind all present day attacks on a nation; you’re, to see CB-cowo system of usury having put you and everyone else under negative economic induction; its, that which is an act of war done on all; to, continue on to uphold cost of such a past is too enormous to continue on with;

You’d only have given aid and comfort to the enemy instead; to, know crime and genocide is ongoing now it’s to be stopped; it’s, as you become aware of what authority we have as we the people; you, act in a manner to stop such treason; otherwise, it’s a crime itself; its, a felony of misprison; so,

How do you visit DEW weapon slaughter in all the global inferno similar to Lahaina? Is it that you have to expose the mastermind more behind the Maui land grab? You’d be hard pressed if that is under a UN agenda goal set for twenty-thirty? Love, jubbdavid;


Original research published

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