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A, natural emergence of decentralized currency; as, is this alm proposal being asset backed; meaning, projects and work is valued at a standard in perpetuity of an atomic hour being equal to an alm; at, this moment it is being proposed an alm is equivalent to twenty two euros/dollars in exchange; and, it’s made simple for you to get an account to register your verifiable vote; for, a moratorium in government banking policy for one year to learn how currency is created;

You, have the ability to mine alm; plus, also be rewarded for getting beloved to sign up and develop network nodes; crowd-funding, as a mode; is, working beyond the traditional monopolized and privately owned script; that, only listed you as a dead entity; as, an infant decedent account; yet, this alm as currency is asset backed; you, invest in common good projects for instance; for, eleven-hundred, alm is being created for every person on earth; and, is a convenant as a fractal verified account kept between all beloved;

Such, is a static supply-on-demand of the dynamic funding goal; distribution, can also be equal to funds received; as, you can convert any currency into an alm; applying, a covenant of verified proof of purchase; so, as you can see

The, alm is a smart contract decentralized application; this, platform is as a beneficial trust; not, for profit; directing, energy towards what is congruent with nature; designed, to stimulate a natural renaissance in all fields of study; as, the alm is opened up; you, can convert other currency over to an alm in this initial alms offering; so, come on; let’s, build the biggest movement the earth as ever seen; change, the politic and eclipse usury once and for all time; Love, jubb david


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