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Appointed CB-cowo Council Screams Coverup

Who would consider an in-house investigation of the private company engaged to do this for themselves? None, ever accepted the decisions made which always the outcome is an obvious biased condition found not in we the people’s favor; under, a procedure where any one is just chattel; all, such is the one hand above government; CB-cowo, Criminal Banking Cartel of a One World Order;

No, justice of any proper procedure is under vice-admiralty court; is, designed to protect currency not yours or mine; if, you can’t settle a claim it makes sense you can see a seventy-two percent of all vaccine deaths collected is of significance to one scam is the covid one; you, read more deeply in perhaps you have an insight it’s the “company” who is taking orders from the gray council that runs the secret military special ops also mossad;

All, alphabet soup agencies where spying is done all are supposed to only investigate crimes of international transfer of currency where fraud is; yet, those who work for the company you see a two tiered system of justice; you, could get run over by a court JAG judge advocate general; such, criminals you see immune from racketeering influence corruption of the organization as a criminal act;

If, you turn the other way don’t say anything about crime that’s done your employment opportunity is increased if you didn’t participate in private protected disclosure; people, like that don’t get higher positions; if, you blow the whistle you’re going to get shifted to the side; i, don’t know of any committee of any common custom formed wasn’t without a serious bias in the system at the end; and, the system you and i selected we didn’t select the big MIC; a

Company that makes a lot of money from a-muse-ment; can, it be shown to advance if you run along with a new story about gender; and, if you don’t any diary of your good deed won’t be equal to your private protected disclosure on official misconduct; you, see whistleblowers get retaliated against which is a crime itself; policy, adopted by corporate five hundred company eliminated by some agenda;

Workers, are weeded out and often not replaced; a, machine takeover more easy; so, investigation into nine-eleven, three-eleven, or world banking really doesn’t exist; there’s, not a proper official story anywhere; so, you need to wait for one apparently to come along; how, many truth consideration permission and january sixth committees do you need to see how such investigation does show crime?

All, go on and the criminals who do such like in the franklin coverup in Nebraska; which, if you read more about; and, after such crime gets involved evermore; for, there really is no check and balance; where, a special counsel often really screams coverup; where, a courthouse is operating as a private trading house; where, you can see currency laundering and tracking of who the real estate is; and, like

Casinos, had schemes which is unstoppable politicians paid to turn the other the way; yet, millions of dollars in fact done such; and, who sees the string is the whistleblower; you’ve got gamblers privately engaged in protocol and cash drop offs; you, get stand down order like the franklin cover up; function, impossible commit a crime under the regular in place; yet, between the gray areas what goes on; you, should learn how currency is laundered more;

The, people involved in the business of laundering don’t want to stop that; don’t want an investigation; all, simply avoid ever being brought to justice; when, bought the amount of money is huge; the, crime by the company the suspension pressure; what, you see is domestic and international crime where no law and order is existed; for, such you need article IV article III court; which, would be proper procedure, proper permission, proper induction; love, jubbdavid;


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