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Casper The Friendly Ghost: Below Who is i Aware

A, rubber snake shook suddenly in front of someone’s face is a imagined for a moment as if it’s real; the, things imagined are the things which is real; you, perceive in some way; you, make a map inside like everyone else does; from, generalizing, distorting, and deleting information; alphabet soup land, is like Casper the friendly ghost; you’d be

Hard, pressed to say that Casper the friendly ghost didn’t cause all these beloved and families in civic confinement and entrapment for the FEW as an idea; would, you say that’s not what happened? Evidence exists DEW weapon was used to have bombed your town as a land grab; a

Nation, as “its” Incorporated State as a business it’s owned lock stock and barrel as stock traded by the controllers of CB-cowo; and, have never paid up; the, media monopolized is a illegitimate state all agree; where, we the people are not in charge utter; yet, control by mega-conglomerate like octopus; full, of nepotistic patsie; siphon, off currency;

Where, there is a “deep state” noted its a coverup as a land grab like maui; over, thousands which were found truly by logic holocausted hugging together burned; an, urban wrecking ball in Niger, in Myanmar, in Ukraine, as in Maui being firebombed; a, nepotistic urban wrecking ball a patsie benefit; the, land is razed; Casper, is a fiction a foreign entity under a man or woman;

Alphabet, soup land wasn’t harmed injured costed or damaged; it, was Casper the friendly ghost as a fiction only and can’t put Casper the friendly ghost on the stand; Casper, the friendly ghost doesn’t have standing;

What’s, unlawful that’s criminal that’s occurred on the land is not to have a policy that what you're not allowed to do you’d set that up in some other illegitimate nation; as, a mission you’d be seen to be investing in war crime; it’s, more than just that lethal toxin from warfare; it’s, a private corpse owned and setup black budget;

Money, stolen gone from the land and building seven; gold, taken the night before; meanwhile, back at the ranch you’ve got a meat grinder of several hundred boys being killed; keypoint, alphabet soup is fictional; “it”, can’t be harmed injured costed or damaged;

“It”, doesn’t have central organized nervous system; to, get locked up because you harmed casper the friendly ghost; doesn’t make sense; “it's” a pretended joiner with we the people; it’s, corpus delicti under vice admiralty procedure which employs a violent ancient draconian system called Lex Fori;

“It” is for developing with crisis only dealing with chattel as asset; so, what happens as a nation like Libya where people are turned into boat people; like, Maui, Ukraine, Sudan, Niger, Myanmar;

Common, custom coming from is not being upheld when Casper the friendly ghost is who is trying the president; Uighur, in northwestern china in so-called “re-education” got rounded up out of their homes and pushed into massive institutes; living, on a small compound in civic confinement and entrapment; how, do maui beloved feel? And, how do Chinese beloved feel?

To, see policy to burn, boil, and flood; you, look at actors graduated from the “company” gained corporate placed by WEF; also, to have infiltrated a deep state shadow government to clandestine to take control over a town like Maui; which, is a war crime done by foreign interference as a holocausted example of victims who have survived and took an Operation Torch; as, a killbox placed over the globe; trained, by luminist means justifies the end;

Involving, the sky, land, and waterway; to, have attacked; and, for such to be complete; a, wall is erected quickly; it’s, a no fly zone and no drive zone; it’s, a no ask questions zone; so, in chaos many disobey; escaped, survived; yet

Families, trusting a warning be given; yet, nothing proper coordinated as you’d expect such would be; if, it was not staged a mixture of reality; so, for the president or anyone who has a voice that isn’t completely for the agenda you see is retaliated against; it’s, a nine-eleven, three-eleven; so, fact is redacted; stand down order exists not to investigate;

Evidence, being torched in Georgia for instance; that, if presence would it be evidence that vote fraud; trafficking, beloved is a crime; yet, incurred to this father, his son, and also family; is, the same; no, different; private, property isn’t being protected; which, is a process setup by a guild; that, just stopped anybody from having been shown a claim; yet a

New, epoch is ushered in of article III and article IV court; which, is above the corporation; especially, you see where officers can have been held; in, government position which is shown to be for rent for hire; so, nepotistic control by the FEW over a local community is a secret like a sacred cow; it’s, a scene where no oversight agent exists in a cell in a cell under CB-cowo control;

Billions, spent on the books on banking; the, backstory of how a nation just gets topped; to, be illegitimate; a, carved up agreement far into the past is unfolded; so, a Balfour Agreement set up privately long beforehand was that about dividing up another sovereign nation; we, the people were not engaged; also, who keep in mind key point is harmed, injured, damaged, and costed;

Is it your credit being used where fraud has no statute of limitation? Don’t, let all be under Casper the ghost anymore; that, you perform your civic duty; by, instituting article IV and article III court; nothing, existed you agree you don’t take action all would be laid barren such; yet, keep a bright light as the charge is discharged this is the new reset; love, jubbdavid;


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