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CB-cowo Is At War Against We The People

Updated: Feb 11

A, Criminal Banking Cartel of a One World Order has “its” controllers operating everything from a west and east war room; and, below you have puppets as billionaires put as “stakeholders;”

All, have that position because a bent exists to depopulate using asymmetric means; profiting, off black-swan that’s purposefully created; no, care by big TECH to give you software except be infected backdoored; that’s, what you’re getting;

All, the mates of who acted as a criminal is protected for CB-cowo’s agenda; so, the gates of hell can run to sterilize and kill we the people; and, genocide is hard acted at the moment; apparently, the vast majority of who’s eliminated the FEW/WEF’s story; the

Corporation of a nation is owned and bankrolled and pushed around on a chessboard; creating, false opposition to divide and escalate risk without doubt; taxpayers, paid for a meat grinder which is unacceptable; and, currency laundered for long-range missile to strike cities in a foreign nation; it’s, very clear none can be surprised by what would be an obvious response; a

Blessing, to destroy infrastructure and right in another nation cannot be about anything mutually inclusive; yet, utterly exclusive instead; we the people didn’t ask to get conscripted in Ukraine or chased down in Ireland; because, you’re considered a “conscripted draftee resistant;” it’s

Ongoing, loss of liberty for certain peace sustained isn’t a militarization afterward as an idea; because, it’s an inflicted strategic defeat; one, side wins the other loses isn’t a proper paradigm; no, matter which way you consider if you fund a massive war machine; yet, no one i asked had ever heard that any proper consent for that war idea;

None, want to be jabbed of a daily allotment doled out in a microwave smart-city; so, that the FEW can have an ungodly wealth setup by a fake climate controller’s narrative;

What, you’re looking at hasn’t never been a world funded orchestrated electoral fund; because, voting isn’t verified and the system itself isn’t letting you or i select; how, could you anyway when it’s controlled operated;

Only, an article IV and III court can stop an enemy from having escalated war; by, capacitated infrastructure being weaponized is stopped by asymmetric warfare by foreign corporate control;

You, can say no and reject what’s a radical departure from you and i having liberty; to, only be in a system which allows such; vote, fraud has been looked into a long time ago; evidence, of a sounded alarm back in two thousand; overwhelming, evidence is of course of fraud in the recent condition of taking away what would be more verified;

Keep in mind the Press isn’t free; and, no one you know calling any shot with controllers behind the scene; you, can have a verified vote on dot alm (.alm) as a proper server; currency is positive inducted as it should be; currency is tied to governance as it should be by a verified vote;

You, cannot have a proper settlement under vice admiralty that is a procedure setup to monopolize for a private CROWN’s interest not yours or mine; it’s, a civic tragedy not to get underway with article IV and III court; so, you can be in one’s own suit not someone else's;

All you have is a real uniparty actually; because, a hand sits above those parties; it's a CORPS(E) private stakeholders control; which, under international law is unlawful; so, what might you need to know? Because you have Alphabet Soup Land continuing a scamdemic spin; and, it’s everything you’ve heard before;

There, could be over a hundred fifty-eight thousand side effect existing on record; none, could say such doesn’t exist; Alphabet Soup Land, is controlled by big AGRI PHARMA stakeholders; truth, is been redacted on purpose; who, owns private insurance and how Alphabet Soup Land owes currency to big TECH;

Who, owns big TECH; the, cost someone said that’s okay how currency is spent; yet, many have said ban the jab; it’s, not a benefit to risk at all; no, benefit; previous formulations of the jab engage the same practice; if, you aren’t jabbed as a child between six months and four years you’ve to receive three doses;

Would you agree children are the voiceless one? What’s, approved for use is authorized under criminal emergency is where no one has said they saw a claim; one, state has banned all such; and, another foreign suit; the, shot the government is recommending; “if you haven’t taken your initial set you should go ahead and take your next set now” is what is a policy; so

Did, you agree to report on each other under the department of Homeland Security; all, have to become secret police; extremism has been groomed to spy where it’s setup kind of to prevent; it’s, that you’re a combatant to have a descent commonly held as an opinion; and, considered a potential violent extremist;

It, behooves you to look at other article; wisely, join this eclipse movement which is to rid the earth of usury and also common law trespass and legal name fraud; every, journey starts with your first step taken; yet, together we all have a power; the, pen is mightier than the sword and violence is abhorrent and of no reason; let's get reason back okay? Love, jubbdavid;


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