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CB-cowo Weaponized Infrastructure Against We The People

Criminals, have predictable behavior where information is redacted showing criminal intent to mislead; an, official can’t say no influence was used to get the position and that the office is actually for hire; it’s, for rent; no, paperwork is put to show that it is not; so, it’s not under what’s legal and certainly not lawful; from, the laws of the nation;

Who pays the piper runs the show; and, where’s the trail of currency like Hansel and Gretel having left crumbs behind; it doesn't make sense to leave a fox in charge of the chicken house does it? Yet, we the people does have joined and body politic doesn’t; because, it’s a corpse and a form of fascism because you have a corporation mixed in with a parliament of congress; which, you can’t do that; mixing, the living with the dead;

This, is a crime until its fixed; this, is the claim needing to be expressed simple; for, who’s not correcting get agreement is not mitigating harm, injury, cost, or damage; what, is factual not important not investigated or being redacted is an obvious sign of criminal intent behind that conduct or speech; legal and medical battery has occurred to genocide by common law trespass and legal name fraud;

Whistleblowers, you see being retaliated against; that, ups the ante and the crime; yet, you could retaliate couldn’t you where no check and balance was in that right? So, information of toxin injectable redacted is criminal complicity for one’s own financial gain utterly; to, the demise of others; someone, as an official had personal discretion; and, acted without any due diligence;

No, equity interest is upholded and title and natural right; and, to have removed critical information shows compliance utter in genocide injectable shots; can, you say it is is not an apparent resistance where you’re blaming the bus driver for not having proper claim? It’s, so low ball for what you’re going after isn’t the big fish that is frying all; so

Where, you look at speech and conduct of any official who is not seeking agreement no mitigation of harm is existed; and, by such conduct does display utterly a motivation that is nefarious; for, logic can never be done away with; nor, the face for liberty of anything; and, what you say should have some valid construct when put into a contextual environment; can, you say evidence doesn’t powerfully motivate the fact that a hand is over all and all else if under the Department of Defense?

You'd not say that's not by foreign interference in a nation? CB-cowo system has never not had stand down orders from the whitehouse; similar to crime getting emboldened by the Franklin coverup in Nebraska; and, to murder and bribe and draft and intimidate the owners of platforms to cancel the discussion; none, can say that didn’t aide, abed, and comfort the enemy; so

Books, burning you’re going to say that hasn’t been and ongoing condition unstopped to this moment?; which, is the charges that should be discharged as the part of the real reset; so, a pattern exists for anyone who criticize the CB-cowo system yet all see this is public enemy number one; which, is an unabated crime under RICO; and

This, charge should be discharged so harm is mitigated; and, immediately done for put to mitigate harm, injury, cost, and damage; yet, under CB-cowo control under the courts its controllers run vice-admiralty; so, none could say knowledge of harm or even a plan going forward of harm; and, that's the emergency; it’s, an agenda happening underneath the public eye; like, selective mutism; all, shift to a scientific state simple; which, is of a proper narrative; for otherwise

Behind, a conflicted interest seen operates a subtle strong arm vague not so vague criminal threat; so, you can see the owners of media platform having been audited for proper truth; none, have create proper governance to a crime scene; it’s, instrumental that a seed of the price isn’t without conflicted interest; no, proper paper is done;

You’d, have foreign agents insurance and an anti bribery agreement for international security exchange; for, transfer crime had been on encouragement in taking judicial note someone venue from the land; land, is above the water; so, how does anyone fair to have a verified claim; yet, not put into proper procedure like article III or article IV court; so

Engaging you leading with can you be from a real true name versus one of an all caps fictional; which, you’re not just of, or in, or at, as chattel; you’re, from; the, idea of corpus delecti only of assumption nobody is to meet against; so, crime ongoing protected under the color of law at the public courthouse has been taken over and occupied by the black frock white wigged ones;


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