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DEW is a Burnt Offering

Forensic, evidence patents for long-range fire exist from satellite outer space; is the UN taken over because all see a pipeline sabotaged where such isn’t cared for to be investigated? Like, all the gold that went missing the night before building seven was collapsed into its footprint on nine-eleven; evidence, of DEW being used also to take the towers down as a component of the crime; yet

Today, also in Ukraine for instance the internet service was blocked for several hours; massive, amount of power is being applied in DEW weapon and it’s far more than a gigawatt; to, burn and damage technology as a weapon; the, UN is being used not to have stopped to Rwanda massacre; one, hand is played over the top of all and that’s the end; who, jointly controls that? So

What’s, joint as a space exploration yet apparently been militarized if you were in a town that got DEWed burnt to the ground; or, you see a ring of fire around australia; it’s, a threat to all conventional conditional thinking that you’ve remained unaware fully of the posed threat of hight powered microwave magnicity in its application; and, the reason for this is you and i should have a raised concern about; because

More, than an apparent cyber defense; it’s, about a hand above orchestrating what is covid; where, Medi-cine attention is just to like such a new technology; money, is going to be spent to protect such; of, course you’ve got one hand over all of it the globe; that’s, CB-cowo; is, this not the common enemy of society that you feel something sophisticated out there exists more than your own common sense?

When, the most dangerous type of crime is occured from stupidity itself where who has participated in such doesn’t have a personal benefit there is no benefit overall for society; for, some time such energy is been used to impact beloved who worked at various embassies around the world; and, concern about the raised microwave level dirty energy most have to start to work within;

Microwave, weapon extremely high powered is designed to control ninety-nine percent of a combat-ant anywhere; even, in the highest peaks of any mountain or in the forest; towers, which can be used as a weapon of last resort can be shown to fry the living beloved over twenty-four hours; and, it’s invisible; what’s, overwhelming is you can have an insight into magnicity; and, for the power simple just for communication equipment; yet,

Machines, being made as laser as microwave concentrated to billions of times more powerful than is needed to communicate; to, communicate to what is supersonic various devices are installed in missile for instance to still be able to be steered, directed and communicate; equipment to weaponize space critical components and arrangement all patents exist for; yet, in various kilowatt power bands that exist; and

Innovative, cone shaped metals and gadgetry to blast high energy north negative mag

neton; such, equipment is used to jam hardware yet massive power exists in such equipment to certainly wipeout and raze to the ground cities and towns which don’t comply with the “non-habitable zone” as an agenda; its, microwave radiation that harms all hardware device on the ground or in space; so you know

Microwave, attack is communications some reasoning which is true yet it really is not the enemy honest who is directing such; and, certainly not the nation that’s getting burned out; it’s, really a costed holly; like, a burnt offering; and, various unmanned aerial vehicle and array of satellite have weaponry certain to have capacity to cause long-range fires like torch australia; the

Delivery, of such by special military intel operation as the patch work which where ledgers have been merged wrongfully noone gave permission for such; and stealable and such beams as weapon have extreme high capacity for the density of magneton; and, such is being used over the earth as an intelligence surveillance reconnaissance paid for and run by CB-cowo for Cb-cowo not you or i;

You, can see some equipment like the equipment called Ka which is above which is a high frequency band of the high spectrum between twenty-six point five gigahertz; engineering where you look at the literature you can find high powered laser particle beams certainly and how to generate such with modern equipment weaponry; where, you really have like five megawatt; at, magnitudes far larger not really talked about in your living room; yet industry, and the military use ultra high output and strong microwave developed DEW;

Most, can recognize a hand existing above the government because it’s, not something we the people would be having used on ourselves; yet, it’s where enemy corporations owned by one hand is set up to be adversarial to do the intelligence reconnaissance information; fields, to be dominated information can be controlled and cut off; that’s, what a magnetic pulse does itself; it, does that for your life as well; where, you have

Graphene, contaminate could be eating an icecream standing by an antennae; it’s, all put for the advisory; yet, this is we the people in that picture; love, jubbdavid;

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