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Written on the Road By jubb david

It, a monopoly allowed strengthened to goad only processes antiquated; awake, half unfocused channeled against what’s being of an actual false center; not, counter opposed to negative economic inductance really; only, up pushed; deceit, of a bank whore matrix; such, was eventually crumbled in the face of eclipse action via central hubs and focalizers; that, have formed all over the earth; and, so

A, world audience very broad truth is being brought to via this Eclipse movement; and, such relief incurs herein in this time of an account of your autograph beginning with you checking the box yes you want reform in banking; the, count begins august twenty first two thousand and seventeen; and, all is totaled and a notice handed in of a moratorium to the provost marshal general one week before the first lunar eclipse january thirty first two thousand and eighteen when the moratorium begins;

Eclipse, is a common law court of record trial by jury process all over the earth for government to be formed only on the principle of protecting your property; government, is not formed for any other reason; all, beloved of the earth are encouraged to participate in eclipse action; because, it’s only one hand above government minus three orphan countries; as, notice of this claim for a moratorium in banking be given the week before one year minus ten days; that, finishes with a total lunar eclipse twenty first January two thousand and nineteen; and, therefore, as before this night and afterward

Earth, plunder by a hand above the government eclipse challenges; for, all such is mobilized is the ordinary beloved; all, know the system of banking is evil and the message of all usury sinful; the, necessity of common law and constitutional money is urgent; for, government’s only formed to protect your property not the opposite; i’m, giving you an appointment herein to come from an office of trust not profit; and, to be my trustee in satisfying this verifiable claim; for, what’s happen to Dakota’s property who is kidnapped still ongoing unlawfully; without, any verifiable claim such is non-controvertible; thus Wrongdoers, holding Dakota are in a default condition; never, has been a moment that Dakota cannot have been within his father’s care; much, could be said of this story read the path of hollow bones; as, constructive agreement is about such; yet, no independent third party witness was offered me at the phoenix federal court house; my, son Dakota be remained illegally transported across state lines; and, those who have injured harmed damaged and cost him; ongoing, never have had permission to have done that or to have ever held him; none, have ever had permission to have Dakota

Dakota, since he was kidnapped by retaliators has had a lower standard of living than he had and would be having now; he’s, been deprived of having any parent rights; at, the moment cloistered by wrong doers and protected by this temporary communistic system; at, the moment of this writing; so, before this night and after

Countries, respective the eclipse is of a mass launching; via, social media network verifiable vote; a, more centralized plane where the fundamental axiom of resistance is underneath negative economic inductance and not somewhere else; and, the strategy is of a moratorium in banking which allows a re thinking; and, requires a stable rule of currency in perpetuity; so, that what you’ve earned when you were sixteen is worth the same when your sixty and you weren’t robbed; and, so to rethink the rule of a globalization of constitutional currency and common law; and, the end of a corps having sat above all that has been living

Richer, got a hand above government before eclipse; earth’s, fragile nature was destroyed; most, were looking up at white jail bars of persistent contrail poisoning the air defiling the sky; what, your looking at is a banker’s slop trough; millions, impoverished; displaced; rejected, all having falling under alphabet soup land currency notion finally be rejected totally; for, all protesting all seriously fed-up with monopoly having been existing up to this point;

Beloved, of this eclipse movement is of youth principled by the tens of thousands; important, all become focalizers having formed central hubs to facilitate this eclipse movement until is complete; such, a movement eclipse integrates what has only been divided before this moment; and, eclipse weakens the corporate clutch; so, control opposition be crushed; for, it’s obvious all the copy coming out of such a corps is full of FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) only; learn, about such now pick up a copy of path of hollow bones now; and, therefore A, divided reality of who pays who benefits who call demonocracy; has, conditioned the impossible past of an evil system of usary while; therefore, virtually not having almed social justice as it should eclipse is of an exogious and spurious concerted effort; components, of such you can see before your eyes being evaluated herein is of this eclipse grassroots activation; this, movement is in high gear; so, such grassroots activism eclipse provides leadership to clear away hand above government; and, to cleared away monopoly and corps having presided over anything living ever again; thus

A, game having been played in the past figuratively off a black and white checker board action of eclipse is taken against; action, is taken to make all government employees and families safe during this time; for, up what’s exact your knowing is of a new paradigm of I awareness empowering you; as, what has been disempowered and false be out stepped; eclipse, awakens all on the earth to be now for constitutional money and common law for a sustainable future; so

Sleazy, do gooders garbage manipulation of the past protest group opposed so called various bank whore financed is obvious because of the application of FUD; the, FUD empire is ceased to exist via this eclipse movement you and i become free of usury once and for all time; love jubb david xxx


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