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Eclipse Clears Away a Rigged World Currency Monopoly

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Eclipse, is you and I instituting world economic egalitarianism: debt-free asset backed currency; not, for negative economic inductance: that, isn’t sound: and, usury and working with a private script as currency: and, allowing an insider to set that; is, not part of the government: it, is not a stable system; and, the short answer of it is; it’s, such a scam; operated: and, controlled by a monopolized banking cartel; therefore,

Country, local: state: and, federal charter you’d find has banned a people’s common law grand jury: You’d find, as a matter of fact that the hand above government hasn’t given you and I the service of an independent 3rd party witness at the local court house: and, so it’s communistic: its, Marxist socialism is all you’ve got before Eclipse has had its effect: thus,

Eclipse, is you and I going after a moratorium in banking: where, world economy becomes backed by constitutional money: and such, requires no tax; and, requires you have cash; as, well as; money, electronically recorded; time, becomes equal to creativity: versus, how time is only equivalent to money; is, such via Eclipse attention to voter fraud; and, an incorporated hand having existed above government up until Eclipse has had its effect: thus,

Can, a new federation of united nations FUN get set up: so, you have a moratorium; in, governments making any new decisions in banking for one year; while, it becomes studied how currency is created: the, world debt liberation can be complete: thus,

Eclipse, represents the people: and, not any party: and, all world sovereign treasuries: retake control of currency: all, control being existent governing ones own future ok: so, its just a check the box yes; you, want reform in banking: and, your belief is that the present system of banking is doing harm: so, that’s why you’re asking for a moratorium OK? #ECLIPSEUSURY NOW! Read, between the covers of the Path of Hollow Bones; Connect, with Eclipse movement and take action in the data of this time;

Be, an agent of behavioral transformation to assist eclipse usury and negative economic inductance; once, and for all time


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