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Good Storing Telling Is Having The Last Line Clear in Your Head

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Whether, you’re aware of it or not you n i have precognitive condition; causing, a martialing and sequestering of information in a story told; which, causes good sticky factor; looping, in a story is being able to pace ahead what your audience is expecting; skillfully, you pace your message and you can do this really good as the last line is clear in your head;

You, want the story to be engaging inside the listener; being, interactive; so, you’re good with active language; your audience is able to contemplate what’s transpiring; so, you’re really good at opening also closing the curiosity gap; so, basically it’s the last line you have this clear in your head as a message; the, author has studied expert mental design in speaking;

For, why not be able to harness the audience's creative good? A good story teller collaborates with you as the audience; so, it should be that you’re asking yourself “how can you be a better storyteller?” Also, how can your storytelling be truly improved? For, a good story as you know; is, truly keeping the audience on the edge of their chair,

For, the story is innerstood more by your target audience; you, have good rapport like pacing and leading idea; to, this note your good speaking ability as a story teller is because you’re really good at seeing things from ‘another’s point of view;’ you, apply relevant and interesting fact; whilst, you’re doing this you're including emotional experience; for, in this note you’re always feeling the speaker is part of the story;

So, you’re really good at sensing place, and time; for, in such a mode you always have a ‘point’ in the story; for, this is what is causing listeners in your audience to be listening deeply; someone, could drop a pin on the stage and it could be heard; in, moments; yet, you’re very able to manage conflict; your, story thrives on resolving conflict; for, you’re really good because you’re pacing and leading;

You’re, chunking things down for the audience where detail is; you, can see good storytelling is valuing the connectivity; for, this is you to show; which, is being influential; the, story itself doesn’t tell; as, you can have seen some beloved totally holding an audience ‘in the palm of their hand’ isn’t it that you’re being told a truly very compelling story?

So, when the story begins it should really be fast more and compelling; whether, you’re an actor on stage, maybe an invited friend at a party, yet your capacity to tell a tale as a very good story teller is memorable; for, i see you connecting deeper with beloved around you; for, you’re really having considered how to place the audience in some time and location as a setting;

For, every really good story also in structure also has its closing; for, these things which is clear in your head you wrap up with by giving context to character; one, has sticky factor; for, the audience can feel conflict resolution; for, it’s really the story having also a good structure along with how well you’re delivering this; for, basically having what you last say as a ‘wrap up’ you can see how the speaker has placed self in the story told;

As, you’re being given a good story it’s often about some change in fortune it can have; also, is where some challenge could have arisen; some, parts of the story is complicated; to, then have a critical climax more in resolution; for, inside the story you’re listening to it’s a containment of your emotional, personal, connection; which, is essential in personal care truth is;

So, i see you always are considering your audience; a, good story is really tasteful, has flavor; such, feels like a great fragrance; you’re always considering how your audience and a good story by being direct; by, adding context; such, is captivating attention; you’re saying things as if you were in a court which is what the judge would care to hear;

So, as you’re creating content by structuring things broken your audience is engaged in; you, could be putting a frame around what points is being made; for, you pay attention to notice what ordinarily would violate another’s expectation; you, keep with your audience because you’re really passionate moore about the topic; it’s easy at first to have attention more as an enthusiasm is; for, what’s interesting also exciting is pleasurable also attractive;

For, the holding of interest, your alluringness can be ‘bewitchingly’ engaged; so, you win attention because you gain allegiance; you’re, really good with voice modulation; you, even can use unique tones of voice; to emphasize a character; so, before you speak i see you’ve chosen an emotion; maybe, you can project excitement, curiosity, gratitude;

Where, sticky factor for such sinks into your body a tone is set; your great observation is a skill; which, is allowing you to pay attention to detail; you’ve, forgotten self where you are; being, in a void of internal dialogue you’ve given yourself up to the audience; you’re engaging happiness in your performance; for, the story is meaningful you’re assisting all become connected;

For, beloved always remember more how you make them feel; for, you’re in the story demonstrating a good listening to what others have to say; typically, your interpersonal skill is empathic; i, have to say this tops the list in good story telling; for, it’s skill where others can remember what you’ve said; for, as ideas which are new is put in terms of what one can already remember;

You, install good recall; the, induction is entirely for you to have rapport with the other than conscious mind in the story; the, storytelling should be animated; for, a good plight is yes inside a story; and, it should be the most interactive; for, it’s really what the story is having the last line clear in your head;


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