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Governance Is Smart Contract

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

i, sundog can claim this prophecy scrolled is fulfilled


Governance Is Smart Contract

jubbdavid’s codicil to you:

The, greatest work of this time is to cause common law natural right to be placed in governance; for, such a check in balance is sovereign; for, the STATE only originates to protect your private property; via, a verified vote on dot arm; decentralized, is with smart contract to discharge any charge as a credit is for the next two hundred ten years;

Existing, for the purpose of a voted on alms as currency directed through positive induction toward consensus built decision making; toward, facilitating a nation product as well as service for we the beloved people by smart contract; in, history all document is fraudulent by being under FICTION as the enemy as a SYSTEM of society;

CB-cowo, served purpose is the enemy to the above to have mixed up the living with fictional entity; you, only can join like with like; fascism, is as the living is brought to the same category as what is fictional being dead; the, road to safe passage as well as harbor isn’t had under legal name fraud; plus, common law trespass;

In, this story you see how a republic at peace was successful here in turtle island for some six hundred years until the Indian Wars; this, claim is about the charge of genocide being discharged as republicing debt to your nation; social, compact cannot be by law under conquest of confiscation; Legal, name fraud common law trespass as a SYSTEM is of high treason;

To, have divided society to exploit as slavery as a “pledged debt bond” always leading to a World War in the past; this, claim settles once now for all time; the, work herein is to assist educate; yet, to what is fundamental which relates to the present genocide also the past; for, two hundred million genocided in the last one hundred years;

You’re, to be compensated for harm, injury, cost, as well as damage for the next two hundred ten years; you, get to direct your credit; each, of us as a family nation get to direct your own credit; you, as well as i rid usury as one of the most evil SYSTEMS to have existed; which, has been the cause of this present demise;

This, story given to you in these eleven volume of path of hollow bone plus jubbs little red book volumes one through three comes to you as a gift; eleven, and a half thousand hours of work which has taken me just to put this together; that, does not include the time of the research of it; i, grew up on an island off the coast of tasmania; this, is a journey of this awakening which is about the fulfillment of the rainbow prophecy; characterizing, the common enemy is a SYSTEM;

  1. This, claim is to look all natural right; for, otherwise it is nothing but sticky factor in capacity to make choice for yourself

  2. Currency, should be positive inducted not negative; common, law is the check in balance on government; all, by joining the living with the living also the dead with the dead; otherwise, it’s an extensive surveillance clandestine artificial intelligence technology is stopped;

  3. Live, is the resource not what is dead; an, alm is equivalent to a life; society, profits from life not death; all, is a mission to support a longer life;

  4. Nature, has quorum sensing from a decentralized system; which, leadership is from consensus building decision making; your, own spontaneous creative intelligence is the primary value; you, move toward lifefood stopping the consumption of the molecule of death; no, one has a right to kill nor blaspheme;

  5. All, is equal before the law; no, law is without informed consent; what’s, sovereign is in informed consent; we, the people decide this not by WEF; all, select a republic at peace; this, charge is discharged herein for genocide; all, nation have credit compensation for the next two hundred ten years;

  6. The, great reset is positive induction not negative; currency, is created by verified vote; only, a real true name; the, building of life based upon the living to integrate all into nature; to, bring peace to beloved to the four corners of the earth; to, assist where need is in the geo-politic; to, demolish all CB-cowo SYSTEMS; to, institute an alliance of law movement as well as to use eclipse to rid ourselves forever of usury; i, have faith you enjoy these works; love, jubbdavid


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