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Having Been Under A Criminal Mandate

Being, under a criminal mandate is like taking children away because someone had CBD in their blood; no, crime was committed it was never a crime before yet family court took parents and children away from each other for what now is legalized;

Do, you understand the mess first of all because you’ve got to; you, can’t have a corporation above the living; a, chain of command is the living is above the corpse; everyone, needs to perform their civic duty against a common enemy to society; otherwise, get ready for a date of another man;

It’s, the mandate by the CORPS(E); you, see criminal jabs have been banned in one state; all, looked and saw it was genocide; plandemic one, doesn’t have to lead to pandemic two; it’s, stopped; the, jab is toxic to areas of the brain not protected; which, causes more autism in boys;

Autism, can be where someone doesn’t even know what gender one is; many, autistic symptoms and it’s dose dependant; meaning, the more doses the more likely autism can have manifested;

Alternative, media you can see how headings like the government has been weaponized and also weather has been weaponized; weather, being weaponized can be aimed at the one state that the truth was looked at where the jab was banned;

Many, groups can have formed out of something ideal perhaps yet clandestine like the ADL; to, push to censor what isn’t a zionistic agenda; all, is israeli intelligent offices which how does that work in the nation of the united states of america; is, this an example of double oath taking?

The literature shows all vaccident and incident of who just fell over dead before your eyes; it’s, questions like what’s the claim to have put a mandate to have taken away everyone’s liberty; and, has anyone seen that? And, as DEW weapon has been around for thirty years and nail in a piece of wood caught the wood on fire; it, has to be easily explained; as

Something fits the picture of a DEW firestorm which hit Maui what’s green has to hold back on the land grab for a concentration camp microwave setup; to have everyone on the island surveilled; shouldn’t you truly be feeling extinction itself?

Stop, criminal mandate where no claim exists; massive, theft has occurred from the pentagon and gold from the world trade center; jet, fuel doesn't melt steel yet identical microsphere; which, is the spheres of dust which is exactly produced by thermite which was originally placed in the buildings along with smart bomb in the bottom all would be pulled into its own footprint and is only such reason why such buildings would be built;

No, proper investigation has existed everybody would agree; yet, it’s about time there would be; would, you say institutionalized racial segregation doesn’t exist in israel; is, a palestinian free at checkpoint; if, members of congress are flushed up with pharmaceutical bond, is it that the richest fifty account for four point eight billion; which, is being applied more by a CB-cowo system as a silent weapon to acquire ore;

DEW, was used to gain Paradise; so, over thirty years evidence shows DEW weapon was used for torching in several war asymmetric as well; you’ve, to see a city turned into a third-world fiasco unless you stop it; for, can you say that what officials have said is what everyone feels or there’s a big divide about that?

The presence of HIV genome insert is engineered; just, not being natural as a weapon to get you to spend and have spent all your credit; it’s, illegal also unlawful that any alphabet soup plan has for a nation; yet, is everyone coming up for the national test alert October 4th 2023?

So, a lone-ranger is setup in your nation and all is to look like you’ve been saved; and, it’s a scale of economy that could shut some other forces down; the, internet think tanks say we need another pearl harbor; yet, that’s not popular nor is a biological weapon nor experimental privatized as lethal toxin; so

How, can one state ban the jab and another state want to make sure it’s not going to stop until seventy percent of you have got the shot; we the people as a chain of command is above every fictional corpse keep in mind; love, jubbdavid;


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