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I is this B Field Of Space All Is Composed Of

A jc quanta is the smallest pixelated dot; a, steady state kick off is given to by the beetle in inverse gravity; magnicity is composed of three magneton; spinning, in an up; spinning, down and out; and, neutral; all, life is composed of the colloid of life; vitamin L, is lifehydrate which is a surfactant in your body; your ethmoid organ picks up micro pulsation; while, your vestibular system is your sense of balance;

What happens when you’ve broken a light second down into a quadrillion units? You, have critical time and superposition to work with; this, is a grand unified totality; which, is a part of this universe; present, i is empty as space; one, has room; sensation, is available; in, i awareness the universe is uncreated; today, some beloved say such is an empty void of space;

You, focus on matter; with, dark energy and dark matter magnetized; what, is eternal is this jc quanta forever which is real; all, else is temporary in comparison; for, it’s the jc quanta all is composed of; a, certain false conclusion it is any “big BANG” was; in, the last regard a world minute, and private as a dream only lasting as long as the dreamer;

The, fiction of nothing as you’re aware you’re deeply asleep; the, key point is here: how can you apply such having stripped stupidity having verged on insanity? In, whole brain functioning all memory learning and behavior is state specific; an, accessing cue being engaged enables what’s beyond one’s present channels; to, be recalled; which, is a response to a memory which is conditioned;

Yet, memory such is emitted to prude existence; what was integrated into a cell was forgotten and never considered after it was consumed; only, one gives will to rest, a result is; yet, on another note where personal desire was such can have only been one’s enjoyment; the, bottom line is here all is necessarily united by the amount of energy given;

Your desire is good in accord with circumstance; such, is valid; for, none could abandon what is positive; for, you could not know what you’re without where some “fixed idea” is of thinking; yet, you have to be in ‘that’ regard ‘somebody;’ it, is because you feel like ‘nobody;’ where, no action is needed you are in your pure awareness; such, lights up this influence structure within you;

This, accord you discover for all which you’re not; as, you are asleep you can consider in i awareness looking aware one is unconscious; for, it is this i which makes perception real; the, map in i awareness is of emptiness; a, map isn’t of any need was hard-wired in i awareness, simply being empty to be able to receive;

At, this point what might you consider you can take home more about such? For, this you consider wisdom; your focus is empathic; you’re gentle and kind; for, you other than allow any ‘shifted fortune’ to be the determinant of any value; its important you can note a rabbit and a rock isn’t going to take an action; nor, one in a deep state of sleep, dreaming; nor, wakefulness;

For, none of that is any shared reality; such, is subjective to what lies truly beyond self; yet, by remaining in perfect detachment fact is for this i is of no polarization; for, you can be resolved you inquire evermore within; as, my teacher cloud said,

‘i alone can undo evil; for, all which was created only a selfishness in being can have sabotaged you; yet, success future paced in i awareness is because your house is in order; for, you can now seek work to be done; you, can see all which is needful; what, is needless is of no sense;’

For, i as this jc quanta is as a background canvas; a, painting you see is placed upon; for, composed this you is of life; you, speak what you live; live, what you speak next; for, every single word you use has a physiology; matter, is consciousness; yet, not of itself i aware; i, is aware of perception; and, is before all can be perceived;

It’s, bliss; which, is for whatever incurs; for, as i see you’re eager for reality it’s because your focus you give to this as attention is your grand unified totality; want, to learn more? Maybe, you should check out some articles here at; love, jubbdavid;


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