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In The Past Only A Rich Tycoon Was Assisted

Super, Ai makes bets many years into the future and does so beyond what any one individual can or firm or even nation; you, see a Loan Ranger set up to be given state money; to, cause plans for surveillance in an environment one is to live; yet, not true detail to what's sustainable in itself as it should; yet, also planned by we the people; so

If, you’re lucky and nepotistic in the right spot all the land could be cleared away to forward some future plan otherwise; which, if you look you’d see Geo-engineered trees and dog-box apartment;

All, the planned areas is of approved thought taken place process which can be fifty, sixty years or so into your future; yet, what happened that all that land would have become rezoned?

Was, a reason to have plans all over that got the same drum because designs didn’t have any more central squares made for universities nor community village planned designs after?

A, county master-planned “itself”; hundreds, of thousands of acres can only be taken away from inhabitants under a guise of “protecting, sustaining, and enhancing;” yet, all done from business mixed with politic; which, isn’t of unbiased narrative by the officer; so

A, hurricane and weather was used along with other weapon; and, beloved can have been by the usual being burnt out cleared away; if, you made massive donations and found ways to do that you push an agenda;

You, were given permission to do that under CB-cowo; and, as agenda twenty-twenty-one and now thirty you’ve got corridors which aren’t supposed to have any inhabitants; the

Richest, man in your area who has purchased lots of land extremely impressive; and, a hurricane or being torched by microwave beam isn’t discussed; that, doesn’t have to be you see; so, a

Hurricane, can just be directed; weather, and by deluge and also use of DEW ends up being a big win for who is behind the scene; how, could such legislative planning be able to have achieved such? Because, you’d have to have made people rezone; yet

Were you involved in that idea? It’s, of course you were not; it’s, like a hell-hole; burning, man can have turned into; it’s, your community and ideas not from you or i; it’s, like slowly boiling a frog in a pot; so

When, you read in the day you read more like the religious pastor reading a porn book taken from the kids library at school; not, being allowed to read it; and, having to be removed; it’s, when you remember the truckers won the day;

All, are fed up with secret military intel not being run by we the people or for we the people; yet, just to conceal crime being allowed; so, you see that when you overlay maps of the future you’re looking at Geo-engineered deluge, drought, and all getting burnt out; and so

A, new epoch is ushered in; which, doesn’t fund a mission unless a proper statement exists; at, the end even a war is for laundering currency; that, idea is exposed and run its course; and, those who fled to other nation not to be conscripted you’d see getting chased down; it’s, the mark of the end;

You’re, looking at even songs written playing about how whenever a masked coward would have walked in; who, is seen for it’s criminal implementation of genocide and how no care was to have increased mandate to have created more pandemic continued; until, stopped;

Irrefutable, evidence is of private property being confiscated by the use of weather and DEW having been covered over by climate controllers; who, want their way to have a pay-day; yet,

Obvious, uneven playing field of the two-tiered justice; so, happenings await you of irreversible consequence; unless, chain of command is by you and i doing our proper civic duty;

Records, exist in the city of London that any transaction forwarded can be flagged; yet, all transfers a massive laundering is; and, do you know what that black-budget actually is spent on because, you’re not privy to what’s going on behind CB-cowo being in “its” war-room?

Otherwise, what is the reason for government agency to have purchased forty-caliber machine gun? It’s, never been more important to you to ask yourself if you’d survive honest ninety-seconds before midnight; where, immunity is compromised one can have no defense left; yet

What’s, covid is seen as a genocide; it’s, the hand above that comes to be seen fully; and, the true common enemy; and, that’s you and i not being internally regulated; so, naturally you get regulated from the outside;

If, you take soil from an off-limit land it’s a crime; and, is done non-consensual; if, you’re a victim of a land grab and you got your land to be sprayed; to, cause your land to be off limit; what’s, the emergency and where’s the claim?

Are you going to say that election isn’t interfered with? So, if you’re in a nation like South Africa for instance, is the danger of getting split up getting pushed so terrorism is evermore directed in such global environment?

When, one state looked at the condition and banned the jab; because, people have been shot by toxin and died; would, you say government agents have not been taken over by CB-cowo to cause election interference so that the popular uprising is behind the military that stepped in recently in Niger also Gabon?

Armed forces of Gabon took over because of electoral fraud; can you say that the last hurricane that struck Florida doesn’t exist evermore to show you a hand above that’s controlling such? Love, jubbdavid;


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