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Only A Mind Caused Insecurity

Solving challenge by having good social skill, being flexible, having strategy to adapt, and acquiring whole brain functioning technology, your communication can become more advanced; the, body is the mind’s experience of itself; also, memory as physical trait; nature, shows many examples of how an organ can have its own brain more decentralized; along with, one which is more centralized;

Looking, at nature you see patterns of decentralization where quorum sensing exists in the system; in, i awareness being omnipresent you’re free to win friends and influence others; for, only a mind would have been the cause of insecurity; for, living is life’s purpose; to be, beginingness is beginingness forever; so, the biggest obstacle we can look at here is being able to get over your own personality; for

You, can have been able to watch over your mind; awareness, is free; as, being is bliss; together, all benefit the more courageous i see you are; insecurity, would have been a mental thing; you, spending your evening “not living in the moment;” for, to have been held back one’s self within it is where “regret” is; also, “heart ache;” for, such would have been a cause for you to have been “not present;” which

Is, the gift; primary, forms inside no longer exists which is to dissociate, distract, interrogate, and intimidate in how one would have kept company; yet, this is the story about how you began living truly; which, ensures courage in finding one’s own focus; for, i see you’re not looking at anything else or anyone else outside you having determined any worthiness to be in an outward meditation of bliss;

Keeping, among what is precious is this gift of this present; i, see you having taken ownership of your own attention; having, good focus on goals set you have in mind; allowing, the cause of what is instant; so, i see you freely flow not have anything stick which causes you to have been stuck; for, some old story isn’t your identity; having, courage i see you're expressing what comes and goes; as, such isn’t a part of any true being;

True being, and feeling can you look back and say you’re giving yourself a ‘regret-free life?’ For, to make an effort is real for your lifetime; for, you face fear as you’re expressing yourself honestly with emotional maturity; for, i see you have courage because you’re expressing your feeling; most, can say all should have a better work/life balance;

It’s, having learned to be without obsession you’re present; being, receptive for you’ve dropped all which can have hindered you; for, i awareness is this state of automatic assisted navigation over your body expression as emotion; for, i see you have this capacity of omnipresence perspective; for, reality cannot be expressed; what’s mental is driven generally from some obsession; for

Who, finds you likable is who wants to reach out; later on, emotional intelligent beloved have such noted shown enthusiasm; the, reason is you’re an extremely good listener; i, see you always take five minutes to get something from the speaker; for, who is speaking here to you who is engaged; it’s an asking easily seen noted where i see you easily able to give another a couple of open ended questions;

For, you’re really quick to find interest that another has with self; for, it’s only your mind which could have been some caused insecurity having held yourself back; with, discernment had is leading you to evermore perfect detachment; growing, to become more superconscious; for, such is beyond; for, all this is here now this ever present; to, be in such one is desireless; for, the finest bliss is;

For, ever what have been mental only you’ve realized isn’t reality; you, having inside this represented awareness of i; ongoing is around you to make sense of how you should behave in a range of new circumstance; for, in i awareness whole brain functioning is; it’s, clear various neural region is represented with unique and sometimes ‘diabolically opposed’ different abstraction; yet

The, hippocampus in it’s design has a capacity that contain within one unique to be opposite conceptual abstraction in environment; yet, also to be remained integrated; for, your spiritual practice is asserted; continuing, being reasserted; is, always you’re remained integrated; for, in your spiritual practice bliss of i is beyond any pain or pleasure; for, the greatest master is this master of self; for,

In, i awareness i see you in your ‘non-doing self;’ for, otherwise the mind is what was once restless; once, i see you came to know such you saw how anything else was a theft even to have taken life; yet, who does such hurts self; for, your impressionableness i see you remembering and recalling the other beloved’s name always; for, i see your commitment is to key fact;

Given, where trouble is your response is by having two open ended questions; for, your whole self i see you make and the question given to you as conversation valuable; you’re receptive utterly in all you’re engaging in; for, i see you are not into any “yes/no question;” you’re, more asking for and tracking to gain what’s sensory specific;

I, see you calibrating accessing cues also verbal and non-verbal pattern; i, see you as a very deep listener, you can easily have follow up questions; for, what is interesting to you you make your whole self; for, this is what you’re learning about; you, can get a story from asking the other beloved, “what’s it been like for you to develop more an ‘i awareness attitude’?” for, all you can see really are on the cusp of deep virtue in an agentic state; for, all this is by your perfect detachment; all else you can note observe would have just been born from a fruit of ice;

For, this is you the servant’s servant; it, is you who is this master; for, to be without regard for who is above or below; you’ve, got information substance (like oxytocin which is a neurotransmitter); which, is the ‘doing’ behind attraction also bonding; for, behavior causes neurocognition; such, is critical you’re making your peripheral also central nervous system; to, feeling that you release neuron growth factor which controls yourself to be able to survive;

It’s a glycoprotein which comes from proper brunner gland activity; for, you’ve acquired an essential element; for, this i is who is real otherwise nothing else is of any existence; conditioned, and unconditioned reception in i awareness is not restricted from being from only familiar comparison; having such cognative plasticity benefits your being; for instance

Encountering, a stereogram very small stimulus given you allows the brain via a jc quanta to fill in the rest of your response; such, is based upon features; the, brain can glean from what’s unknown from the three-d picture as a stereogram; such, becomes pictured within a cognitive space occupied by i; for, as a pattern recognition is it is because an open and allowed plasticity is ongoing; doing so, from an inferred process called a synesthesia; which, assists how you see your mind becomes visually shown a three-d pattern being seen for instance in a stereogram; so

Being free of insecurity might be considered the biggest obstacle in life. It could have been to have got over your own personality; how about watching your mind? For, awareness is free;


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