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Personal Empowerment

Studying i awareness, also whole brain functioning, is because all such transformation is about self empowerment; cloud, my teacher always said there is a shortage of an outward lived example; those, who are empowered of course, have a certain optimism; having, no unnecessary fear; who, is self empowered is willing easily to have forgot self; for, others can live life ever more abundantly;

This, is a model of empowerment; you’re, reading what i write and study in these topics; much, effort has gone into reaching you; you, can look at what is achieved and see quite a bit is accomplished; i, myself ride on the shoulders of giants; now, don’t think that anything finished and complete one person did; i, could have never achieved anything without assistance;

Now, you must know personal empowerment is as you are collaborating; it’s, not your style to be competitive and abdicate to others; you’re, not competing for success; such, isn’t a one man job; now, pay attention; you, can always do far more together than you can ever do alone; so, as you’re taking control of your life; you’re, focused on self-initiating, partnering, and team building;

You, set goals for the day; you, look back and see you’ve achieved several things; so, taking control is more than simply feeling good; feeling, you can do; for, such of course is an important component of personal empowerment; now, being i aware; true, personal empowerment you’ll see is a natural setup; what, you do is like you’ve had goals; such, becomes hardwired;

You, become someone who gets things done; for, who has lacked in such respect generally also lacks in personal empowerment; to, have lacked control over what one was doing; confidence, in good decision making is always present where self empowerment is; for, this is transformation applying wbf patterning; you, become evermore personally empowered in i awareness;

Are you reading this thinking to yourself you have a care to be more impactful? For, have you seen yourself successfully achieve so you’re looking back on how you took such action? You, can see a wheel was going with a momentum and such only stopped as each peace was stopped as a chunk; and, for you your daily improvement your skill set; for, over time you’ve innerstood resource also challenge existing for such;

For, in awareness you’re correctly identifying goals prioritize you achieving of the day; for, you’re looking back at what you’ve left behind; you’re, innerstanding fully you don’t need any proof or evidence; conscious decisions in self empowerment is as you can see clearly you’ve taken charge of your destiny; for, what’s achievable you’ve accomplished is the cause of bliss in exhibiting naturally;

For, your self empowerment you’re one who is holding self accountable; for, you i see is practicing self care intrinsically; you’re, generous; you, have discernment; with, virtuosity; i, see you listening having faith in your neighbor; forgiving, mistake you provide motivation; for, you’re asking; you, empower others; and, i see you powerfully have a gained rapport; with, this you’ve earned such trust; i, see you give time; for, in such a situation you have set self aside;

Self, empowerment is inborn, innate, self generated; such, is visceral to be operating with implicit and without explicit instruction; for, love is for this stranger for life; for, you’d feel life is boring if you had all the answers; for, to be a part of something more likely to happen is from a cultivated new mindset not having been found in dissonance;

You, identify power oriented goal you set; so, each is for what you can have achieved; for, self such is about i awareness; which, is this path of least resistance; for, such is where awareness is of what is needed; for, self empowerment is confidence and self esteem; for, being in perfect detachment; otherwise, you can have just been knocked around; so

Seeing, clearly where you delegate task not to have abdicated such; for, a momentum is you keep with implied encouragement in statements of support; for, all given is status within a particular circumstance; for, self empowerment is how you show determination in the face of a great obstacle; yet, you encourage others to also take a step;

Being, self empowered is a skill set where you are allowing a better capacity to have attended to challenge; for, you is of an attainment set for ‘set’; it, is to stuff you have achieved; you’ve, right authority in performing certain act as duty; for, you inspire and stimulate approval for assistance; for, this is supporting what is most likely to happen; because you’re capable of perceiving more intuitively i see a direct comprehension fixated to connection in current reality;

Your eyes i see is on the horizon; so, you’re looking at new ideas, obvious; you’ve accepted new possibility; so, to have formed new ways of having considered things; for, such an unexpected feeling is a sense of how i see you genuinely modeling personal empowerment;


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