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Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Written on the Road by jubb david

Wait, the mask dropped; authentic, the more you live; therefore; deception, to a mirror of a face of you who is original; don’t, you see a mirror before standing there; nobody, alone a room for washing even forgotten completely; otherwise, a mask dropped full alert this moment each lived; I, this you are you’re not bored; and, thus,

Habit, dead behind hiding; all, around constant newness life held nothing; mature, you grow you trouble after only worth trouble; be, exposed falsity dropped heart wait the masked dropped; authentic, more you live; and, therefore,

Meaning, to begin it’s that you know where you’ve been taken is life; realized, you are this I as only this is as; false, equally is religion contradicting science and science contradicting religion; for,

Such, government excess of outgrown government is bad most; and, far away to going rich to money given; close, by stays this beloved; poor, in need currency is this current be given; therefore,

All, after science divine is the politic; is, says what’s mutually beneficial; what, is the matter; yet, nothing is absolute is what the truth is; so,

Common, law perverted beloved was overthrown; to, not court congress; both, master rightful; is, you this you beloved; inferior, your governed; upended, you poly tick participate; to, refuse the trouble of one; you, are,

Dreaming, submerged in an underworld; red, poppy’s poured out the cargo door; enchanted, pregnant full of floral dreams; the, promise of growth; you, become active in this Eclipse movement now; love jubb david xxx


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