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Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Written on the road

Sanctity in I AWARENESS is of your oneness; of, an inner station of reality; no, ascended ness nor descend ness is from such; as, such is beyond mere perception; for, I is INFINITE REALITY; i, is of awareness beyond perceiving; I, as empty space is what is absolute in this STELLAR INVISIBLE FLOWING UNIVERSE INSIDE SELF; invisible, i is this manifestation of am; as, you have this happyface inside; therefore, Learn more within the path of hollow bones:

I, IS AN EMPTY CENTER; as, am is WHAT'S SUPRA-LUMINAL THAT'S SLOWED DOWN COMES INTO APPEARANCE IN THIS DIMENSION, as, what is matter here; is, what you can see; is, what you care about; your, inner body; I, is only open as you have affection; thus,

I, am equals I care; and, is, equal to balanced being; i, is being exactly fifty per cent empty; and, the other fifty per cent exactly is matter or care; therefore,

Unity, is defined in the study of magnicity with a hollow fractal reality of what's observable only; and, is not theoretical or number crunching; for, NO WHOLE NUMBER EXISTS, IN REALITY; yet, in symbolism, the number nine is applied to represent unity; for, such is phase conjunctive; therefore,

Awareness, is of a JC (Jubb Constant) liquid quantum magnetic moment; such, is made-up of what's neutral; that's, sandwiched between two poles; of, one polar completeness.

Love, happyface xxx


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