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Space Hitch-hiking Lifecolloid Part 3: Extraterrestrial and Terrestrial

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Dr. David Jubb 28 September 2011 Marrakesh, Morocco

Lifecolloid by symbiosis has evolved lifecolloid on Earth. Hitch-hiking deep inside comets, asteroid; and outer space dust to become life as we see it around us today on earth.

Colloidal biology is about pleomorphism being universal; where there is a cosmic lifecycle, from colloid of life to lifecolloid; as spore through to a yeast and life grows and changes its expression by AFD process; not mitotic cell division. Colloid of life is the universal building block of life in the universe. And, by aggregating, fusing and differentiating and by symbiosis (mutual lived assistance), all life you see around you has arisen.

Mitotic cell division cannot account for the enormous number of red blood corpuscle needed every day; but AFD process does account for this red blood corpuscle production. Within the furthest reaches of outer space, inside intestinal large cell laminar propri of the submucosa of the small intestine red blood corpuscle arise. Red blood corpuscle form by AFD process as the blood of sap does in trees.

A colloid of life is a tiny oscillating cyclotron circuit; and transmits and receives information from its environment it is entrained by. It has the ability to become imbued with a morphogenetic field expressed in negative time (Tachyon time) that biophoton as colloid of life become aggregated and fused in a crystal lattice plasma body in space do. DNA can arise up out of a stagnant red blood corpuscle; where no nucleic acid existed before. Nanobacteria as lifecolloid are too small to posses DNA yet more complex lifecolloid have DNA to produce protein assemblages more easily.

Biophotonic energy frequency from the outside causes DNA strands to buckle which exposes a sequence of lifecolloid as amino acid to the interior cytoplasm. RNA polymerase is also a lifecolloid and by polymerization assembles a necessary protein which is a specific sequence of amino acid building blocks that are made of lifecolloid spore from endoplasmic reticulum and ribosome; all are internal organelle interior of a fused double spore and also a bacteria and/or a cell. Codon or so called junk DNA is useful in maintaining genetic integrity. Non coding regions are effected by symbiosis. The codon creates species uniqueness from each other not the gene itself. Codon or junk DNA change due to symbiosis; species specific pressure to remain the same over time. There is a natural resistance of lifecolloid species to not so easily incorporate a new symbiotic lifecolloid into itself. The most functional divergence between species of life is exhibited by codon (so called junk DNA).

The Earth garden you are wrapped around is supposed to have some 80,000 species of lifecolloid in good health, yet in poor health maybe only 1,000. Asteroid impact sunk Atlantis on June fifth at eight pm in eight thousand four hundred and ninety eight BC and sent an enormous amount of earth heavenly; ten percent of the Atlantic Ocean also vaporized. Lifecolloid were carried very high up into the earth’s atmosphere. In a weightless environment lifecolloid species adapt and change and even become more virulent when they fall back to the earth again.

Lifecolloid thrust into the heavens by asteroid impact can for tens of thousands of years, remain high up in earth upper atmosphere. There they can circulate and undergo major change to gene expression.

Bacteria as lifecolloid far outnumber the cells of a body. An extremely minute amount of space lifecolloid can be lethal to a compromised organism.

Jubb’s lifecolloid pro-biotic has the ability to ecosteralize against pathogenic lifecolloid. Space is not just empty but full of lifecolloid as extremophile. Such lifecolloid exist on: planet, moon, asteroid and comet and certainly is high up in our upper atmosphere.

Psychrophile on one hand love the extreme cold. Soluble compound causes water not to freeze like glycerol. On the other hand thermophilic lifecolloid as in pyrolobus fumarii love heat. They only reproduce above boiling temperature. Extremophile can easily live in the water of comets and asteroids. Lifecolloid as deinococcus radiodurans is an extremophile; and, easily survives lethal radiation. By AFD it continuously rebuilds itself! It has a ring like shape that allows an enzymatic feedback loop to continuously replace what becomes missing cyclonically. Lifecolloid easily survive both extreme acid and alkaline environments. Such lifecolloid as is found in Jubb’s lifecolloid pro-biotic came to be because of eons of time passing; where the soil became full of carbonate and also soda element.

Lifecolloid live in bicarbonate and easily down regulate a more advanced lifecolloid back to double spore building block stage. Halophile in bicarbonate is lifecolloid that live in a salt medium. They evolved in large evaporation basins and live from eating salt.

Extremophile as lifecolloid can endure anhydrobiosis (go without water). Lifecolloid exist in a suspended animated state; only becoming alive if water is present. Microscopically little water survives in space; even in a desiccated state. Piezophile lifecolloid do well if a large amount of pressure is in existence. Large lakes and seas of liquid hydro-carbon does exist on titan (one of Saturn’s moons); and also on Saturn. Saturn’s crust is floating with a liquid sea underneath. Therefore its topography is constantly shifting in relation to itself.

Lifecolloid as extremophile can live in extreme condition; most all lifecolloid as archaea; bacteria; and some protest do survive extreme chemicalization and radiation. Lifecolloid as extremophile show how adaptable and flexible it is to any habitat, even in outer space. Lifecolloid can become in a suspended state in the deep cold of space; become active in liquid water. Pollen, cyanobacteria fungi, spore and diatom can be recovered from ice two miles deep in a lake in the Antarctica from a time of 400,000 years ago. Yet all is made up of colloid of life expressed as lifecolloid.

Acidophile and alkaliphile lifecolloid abound in Jubb’s lifecolloid pro-biotic; they have enzymes to maintain themselves; as well as element to hydrate cells and also act as a diuretic; element to assist clear excess water from around a cell. Life can exist wherever water flows. Even at depths of 40 earth atmospheres; at boiling temperature on the sea floor around black smokers (hot volcanic thermal vents).

Methanopyrus lifecolloid exist at 350 degrees Celsius and flourish. It occupies a primal connecting role as lifecolloid in symbiosis of life; as life on earth existed early on as a fiery cauldron. Chemoautotroph lifecolloid by AFD can live where hydrogen, nitrate and sulfate exist in extreme condition.

Archaea lifecolloid live inside rock several miles deep in the earth at pressures of 70 ton per square inch. They love hydrogen gas; and is a similar looking organism as found in a Martian meteorite fallen to earth. Minerals found in the earth including: iron, copper, silver and gold is created by lifecolloid through biological transmutation. Bacteria lifecolloid such as bacillus sphaericus, know suspended animators, can be recovered and revived after being inside a bee’s gut that was itself trapped by amber resin 25 million years ago. Thus space hitch hiking lifecolloid is no farfetched idea when you consider all of this, eh?

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