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The Science Behind Jubb's Instrument for Determining WBF

Water, being in its own level, in balance

This researcher by the early eighties had developed a way all could see the inner neurology engaged in behavior; at the time the idea of behavior first being a ‘science’ was truly ‘challenged;” because, how could a part be isolated from anything else? This, was this doctor’s research down at New York University; such, acquired calibrating verbal also non-verbal sensory motor syntax; to, eliminate the idea that a dissociated state could be being looked at, this researcher settled on states which were ‘robust;’

The, robustness would leave no space much for a state within that can have been dissociated; so, robust states of pleasure also aversion was observed in how such relates to the degree of the robustness of either pleasure or aversion; other, observation related to looking at how congruent various sensory channel is in supporting the relation of any outcome being attained;

To do such, one looked at what was positive or negative relating to the non-verbal and verbal patterning; combining, such observation with the simultaneous and sequential congruency of the side-ness of whole body or head movement; also, body part movement; which, displayed how hemisphere participation is accessed by the vestibular sense moving either right or left; depending, on hemisphere participation;

The, research to clear away what could be confounded, not automatic; so, was to look at automatic moments; which, was an evolving learning yet truly was someone being in the present where the moment is of an unanticipated state within; so, wherever information is beyond one's' present sensory awareness, one is observed accessing such memory by various accessing cues used to do such; which, engage movement;

One, can simply observe any change of state requiring you to have accessed information which was beyond one’s present sense awareness; typically, specific patterns exist inside pleasure and aversion; for, where integration is and feelings of support such engages your extensors muscle; where, someone is feeling power, one has access such by connection more to extensor muscle; whereas

Aversion, involving avoidance, inhibition, and disassociation with anything someone was against or polarized typically such engages more flexor muscles instead; such, muscular system is engaged in protective reflex; so, one can observe how left hemisphere mediation engages external awareness; also, pleasure and interest; while, the right hemisphere is engaged in the mediation of aversion being much more connected to internal milieu;

No, right-left reversal has ever existed; by, calibrating verbal and nonverbal patterning one can easily see the degree of whole brain functioning within; by, calibrating external movement all such is derived from internal neurological matrix; for, such acting as accessing cue tuning in specific neurology is what goes on as one is recalling new information;

Various, associated body movement assist you access such memory; observation, made as one is I aware shows the frequency of accessing cues becomes minimal; clause of time, applied in language and how you show up in your non verbal you’re more present tense to now; versus, not really ‘in the moment;’ by, being actively ‘here’ you’re getting proper input from sensation; to have a preference called hearing, feeling, and seeing;

You, always will find one’s center of gravity more inside one’s basic support; the, more associated in the present one is; for, it is the heart which is supposed to be leading your action; wherever you’re looked at in a more whole brain functioned pattern; wherever, anyone is a selective mutism can have been existed; where, one was in a limited mind function state of being where lack of congruency, integration, and association is to the present;

One, makes more ethical and moral decision; one, can learn how to permanently apply more whole brain functioning patterning in your life; you, can look back and see how you began to accomplish far more; for, this is rather than only having been with some limited success; the, vestibular sense you can see how such is engaged in accessing states of being; for, whole body also head movement is shown stimulating your labyrinth;

You, can see how movement relates more to you being more associated versus dissociated; for, how present you are interest and pleasure of course is definite in the patterning; versus, having 'not any notice per say before the day’ that it's possible interest and pleasure causing integration can have not been selected; which, this story this article is to assist you have a deeper insight into; love, jubbdavid;


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