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Threads of Habit in Memory

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Over some thirty two years I lead over a couple thousand entheogenic ceremony; most, would have a thread of habit also memory, having considered such as one’s identity which it isn’t; you, realize in this ceremony what was nameless; also, no countable; for, what was effortless is a spontaneous creative intelligence in I awareness; a, state of stillness silence and transparency for this which is beyond space, also, matter, is supreme; a, state of being without what is explicit; for, such perception as sound is for instance like a “knock on the door;” which, the sound and vibration can pass through the house as perception; yet, something is i aware before perception; before, the night is made, heard, or seen;

Such, is a jc quanta; a, universal constant; conducting all; so, only the movement would have occurred in the mind; yet, for all stellar space as with all matter this is I am; this is fifty percent space and fifty percent matter in care in balance; in, I awareness one can be on a path through life; where, you become aware all such is unreachable with words; for, this is this supreme reality; this, father brings attention to; for, this supreme state of I is without consciousness; for, I is who is indivisible of one single track of reality; you, can know this because your being is this; otherwise, all division is one’s own illusion;

For, I in this state, as am is timeless reality; very, three-dimensional as to what is permanent; which, is this unchanging amongst what is changeful; for to see all more as uncaused; a, thought isn’t of any being itself as a fiction only as a reflection in a mirror of I am; yet, such we’re talking about is a state of being, not a reflection; for, this is what I am bringing to you is beyond this three-dimensional world; it is a fourD imprinting beyond what is inexpressible; it is this reality which is this abode of this road beloved in the rainbow tradition;

It, is common in the ceremony and circles, many thousands with questions be; relating, to the world; I’d, teach all such is like the mind; which, is merely a state of being; this, is the supreme state; such, isn’t fixed yet uncaused; independent; total, in itself; for, such isn’t without any trace left of the plurality or division; which, such would have only been a state of your mind; you, learn to have left your mind alone; this, is called being on the path of hollow bone;

For, you’re found wanting nothing; it's not for your mind nor body; one, can have been confused some unless you know the world is inside you; not, you in the world; for, to influence all needed is certainly not to know a “cause and effect;” for, as the mind is in only a waked state all challenge would have arisen; yet, the bottom line is I am reminding you of is: experience is another state;

One can have always had a pattern of having “fallen into;” only, to emerge helpless; one, such only makes an appearance becoming in a wakeful state; for, the mind being still, silent, and transparent; for, your walked state woken is; where, what was only wake to no longer; for, none can know the cause of every event; for, you as I is this source; for, what is beginning within you also returns; utterly costless;

This, isn’t beyond your control, yet a world you’re the source of; such, transformation what’s been created can have been uncreated; so, paying attention to what is generalized, deleted, also distorted; for, such is a map; not, the territory; for, no god exist apart from i am; which, is the devotion to this master of self inside; being, a slave to this perfect master; love jubbdavid;


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