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Title Lost To A Per-Son/Daughter Planet

In a document that you read that said “science has confirmed…” the, question to you is did you ever see science? Did someone hear science speak? A, council said yet a “council” can’t say; sally, or mary or ralph could you’d agree; yet, alphabet soup land can’t speak right? Can the son of a per/daughter speak? No; for, that’s an office that’s fictional; like, a body politic; which

Could, be inside a private corporation; as, some code as an interpretation only and not law; an, official has to show discretion of due diligence done to have given equity interest to we the people; upholding, natural right; an, official you’d agree has to have seen a claim made; yet, what happens when you just got hypnotized because you heard someone say “science says;” which, "science" can’t; all

Agree, a man/wo/man as title is the only word undefinable; for, it’s from a man/woman who selected to toward positive good by consensus decision building making; as, that is so it is because no influence was for you to have received the post you did; yet, what if serious dereliction of duty exists because you’re actually acting as a foreign agent without an insurance or oath written nor an anti bribery one either; which, is under the rules mandatory to have been carried out;

You'd have such a plaque behind you wouldn’t you? Yet, if you don’t is it because it’s not possible for you to have such because too much prior knowledge given and made for you to have the position that you have; in the past, not a single official has ever said under oath to we the people that they were aware fully by due diligence that spraying a cancer causing toxin; glyphosate, for instance was “safe;” an

-ISM, like scienceism is evil; because, a CORPSE can’t say anything; only, you who is living would have title such above the corporation; because, none can show ever that research is verified could state that glyphosate was ever safe; yet, quite the opposite in fact; not, a single official could say who allowed such that such a toxin as a compound as a power of lipid was ever safe;

No, hindsight bias shown doesn’t excuse anyone from not having done due diligence; yet, quite the opposite under oath as a local official; so, under oath as the council started spraying glyphosate; none, could say that there wasn’t an overwhelming number of face value reviewed; having, construct contextually; expert, validity to be repeatable; which

Clearly, identify harm from such toxin; including, in modern times AIDS-like symptoms; yet, today natural cell lymphoma; Hairy cell lymphoma chronic lymphocytic leukemia; also, B/T cell lymphoma; non-Hodgkin's lymphoma; yet, the manufacturing is selling and the distribution of glyphosate of cognitive mutism is about because the exposure to health risk is shown to be more than forty-one percent; for,

Herbicide, activate genetic mutation; so, you see multiple neoplastic condition like myeloma; none, can follow predecessor who has criminal action because one just used the position as an official yet did so without any due diligence; to, continue a pattern that is criminal that is destroying environment as well; is, libel yet you as an official capacity could be considered libel;

None, could say one isn’t under oath of perjury; to, not have personal private liability as a capacity; because, who participated legally is possibly engaged more in selling as well; and, was no care for due diligence for currency being made by such sales; yet, for you and i a title which right flows from is only because such is being upheld; where, it’s not you’re in civic confinement and entrapment; and, you put yourself there not everyone else as a community; yet

You’d, be hard pressed to ignore going on with an apparent official view you’d have to say that didn’t lead to mayhem at any time you know about; it’s, a shortage of proper leadership; you, should step up to the plate; you, cannot ignore the harm of exposure to dirty energy or glyphosate or what is unsustainable; so

Long, before this moment by the year two thousand it is certain it comes to be an absolute crime; because, such evidence shows harm and ethicacy isn’t matched; only, by two thousand fifteen WHO in it’s slow trap as an organization as a CORPSE gives a rating of a “possible carcinogen;” you, can identify when one hand above the bigger picture like WHO’S paying the piper to be something foreign outside your community; for

What, is face valid is speaking to you has construct, contextual, also expert validity; and, such is shown to be repeatable; that, various glyphosate like product having been sprayed around you; isn’t, any official’s activity could such be seen to be aiding giving comfort and abetting to an enemy? Because, isn’t it a crime as a misprision of treason that you could say you have hindsight bias of harm, injury, cost and damage as the list above; glyphosate was introduced in nineteen seventy four;

Regulatory assessment none could say at the time it wasn’t said it wasn’t documented in the literature that such a toxin as glyphosate isn’t aiding and abetting and giving comfort to the enemy; because, enylpyruvylikimate-3-phosphate synthesis (8,9) becomes blocked by glyphosate; so, phosphate accumulation comes to be in a cell; which, causes damaged machinery to the DNA in a body; and, causes stone formation and harm in the body;

Glyphosate, if you look you’ll see is the world's most ubiquitous killer not just of weeds; for, can you say that it doesn’t raise the list of harm forty-one percent in the conditions listed above; a, two-party isn’t yet an actual syndicate in a neighborhood of one party view of your area; so, just like in maui recently schools can have been given a warning yet parents weren’t; so

Children, sent home without parents; many, parents working wasn’t to receive a siren and have definite consideration where they were in emergency; and, not for someone as an official to interpret all in one brush; so, many thousands could have perished of course; yet, none could say that given prior warning many could have been saved; an

Emergency, you should have property leadership on the ground; which, comes from we the people and not some corporate takeover; yet, it’s not uncommon to have in a nation even as china or america or australia; all, a small arm; a, town hit by the doom loop; so, you see a steady decline in commerce from decisions made; and, you have participated probably in global black swanning going on in the background around you;

Shouldn’t article III and article IV courts be instituted? Because, you see around the globe the same pattern; do, you have to be on an island as Maui in the pacific to say this is not we the people where you are? The, living being joined with the living and what is dead that is fictional joined with that yet not mixed up; because, that is utter fascism outright;

You, have a care to keep government officials and family as all is equal being secure; yet, also you have a right to dismiss what is not of any joinery where you are as we the people in what you do; so, implement first that you have to have seen a claim; someone, can’t say something existed such; especially, a corporation which is obviously privately held being run for “its” own profit and nepotists on the scene;

Anyone, can see this certain a metaphor for things yet its exact; we, live in a world which is like you find a message in a bottle washed up on the beach; what, is significant to you is important; you, should take action where you are; you, could learn more about this by joining the eclipse movement; which, is raising awareness about currency and other matters under the law of your nation; which, could be outside the corpse yet under the laws of your nation;

You could take action by sharing and giving exposure to this article; for, proper discretion being made where you are; can you learn more about this? Would, you say the story has a metaphor for you; it, explains a lot more than just the truth of glyphosate? You could go to to check in with what is current; you, could also see great value in looking down through news feed given you; this, is like a message in a bottle in the ocean; love, jubbdavid;


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