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Verified Fact of DEW Redacted Shows Criminal Complicancy

What happens when you read the inside from a high ranking scientist who disagrees with the official agenda about climate change and the CO2 lie? An, organization that is shown that cancels and redacts that organization is obviously criminal; same, with any organization; today, there is no reason not to have transparency as far as this father is concerned; that’s, where surveillance has to be turned on government; that’s, where a charge is discharged; otherwise,

You’re going to say the crisis isn’t a verified leadership; if, you’re an official and you just got your story from a magazine from the secret executive service isn’t it bothersome the quandary spray toxin to have achieved some effect for instance; a, serious danger is existed of pretextual misguided attention that really is away from proper climate science; just, delved right into pseudo scientific;

Scapegoating, and gaslighting all from controlled drought and deluge; a long time ago in nineteen forty-seven “Project Serius” got kicked off; can you say you haven’t heard the patsie back then let you know who controls the weather controls the world? Do you know that a haze is above the cloud cover? And, such is sprayed as a blanket that goes right above the canopy;

Today, when you fly you see the haze line; so, what’s, in that haze? Do you know if it's toxic or not? If, it’s, nanosized equipment today doesn’t exist much for that does it? And, why should you not know what that particulate is in a haze that’s above the clouds; since meat eating got kicked off more didn’t seventy-five percent of all the forests just get stripped? So

You, could chase a bit of lamb butt; has, the agricultural industry of flesh farming been one of the dirtiest and most cruel industries; some, just feel protected like if you got a platform or pumping gas in the gulf; weather, manipulation would you say that at extreme heat didn’t kill off a lot of bees and froze pollination; those, ten percent radiation coming from satellite path might impact the pollination below such paths? It’s, ten percent the radiation of the sun; so

How can you just keep behind a screen and not join this movement and take action to get rid of usury and introduce a positive inductive economy? For, at the moment maybe you should know that energy demand in some moments is so high that it impacts the price you pay for your megawatt and that is depending on the days usage overall in the grid;

Can you say that hot and cold temperature using and moisture created doesn’t have cool down zones and also bake out zones? You, can log it in your brain that ninety percent of all energy got wiped out last year in florida; none, are going to be able to say too much you can’t see it hardly in yourself; flu distribution and production being purposely collapsed as asymmetric warfare;

Contrail, has a warming effect as a blanket for heat to keep such in; so, hasn’t light reflected compound not being sprayed for the last seventy six years? Does heat with moisture bother back push the thermometer up; where, as fossil fuel has a cooling effect instead? Science, isn’t being given to you in how such particulate and use of ELF wave is used to control the weather scenario;

Especially, as this is an asymmetric warfare; and, who is considered within the foreign corpse to be “its” combat-ant; what, is invisible would you say that’s, redacted when it’s, put there you haven’t been told? Where, nano particulate such isn’t tested yet is the most toxic of all; and, it’s, under the radar even in a syringe or a bottle of water; so

Could you think of a reason toxin would be sprayed? You don't think that’s linked to cull your population which is existed? When, you see hundred eighty degree turns suddenly in a protocol that’s, forensic evidence of retaliation; and, a red flag to all incurred over this covid fiasco; what, is redacted is the toxic gene editing; scientists, engaged involved in crime are all showed to conceal to not look at fact nor have discussion to the realized contextual validity and construct validity behind such a toxin having impacted health of a nation and it’s, economy;

Would you agree that if you’re going to be on the front line meat grinder would you also have to pay ten thousand dollars to avoid the draft in Ukraine? Of course in Maui did anybody get any warning sirens? Would Lahaina get burnt out because you and i have no defense against to have awareness of microwave DEW weapon being used?

If, desiccated material which is sprayed over the top of canopy along with the use of ionospheric heaters by SBX and HAARP like equipment which pushes the ionosphere belt up and can pull it down; so, thereby steering the great rivers of moisture and temperature in the upper stratosphere as rivers; so, where trees are burnt out caustic condition comes and you’re not going to say that radiation in cooldown zones doesn’t cause massive hailstone damage and cost?

Would you say that increasing raincloud doesn’t exist nor does the drought/deluge cycle you’re looking at? You, wouldn’t be able to say that’s not manipulated; such, is easy to be able to cause high pressure zone and low pressure zone you could win the america's cup yacht race; HAARP, was certainly used to cause high pressure zones over the pacific islands; such, land mass from the pacific is just strategic security operations; the

Military, plenty of times has expressed its past and considered future use of manipulating the weather in a fashion of asymmetric warfare; let’s, CB-cowo controllers continuously express a focus and conduct to cull global population; can you say you’ve not heard or seen the landscape drying? Technology, in weather manipulation is used to cause material to come to be more highly combustible; and

If, you look at forensic operation you can see many of these time periods of landscape drying can occur over a year long operation; such, used to dry a region out some for being torched; wind, tunnel can be perfectly created between two opposite pressurized wind belts through the use of HAARP; are, you going to say that a bullseye wind corridor wasn’t part of the design expressly torching Maui basically?

There, is no fire that can directly start in a ring pattern like it did on Lahana; when, the outer rim microwave energy is intense and it’s where all the vehicles and metal can be shown to have melted evermore; so, a meltzone microwave weapon energy is of a ring in fire; there, is nothing natural that can create a ring in that shape except man-made arson from space with long-range DEW weapon;

Can, you say the evidence obviously of such a fire is occured by DEW weapon; you’d, be hard pressed not to say such because you’d have to explain away far too many statistical anomaly found which shows a result of asymmetrical warfare being carried out on you and i by a hand above the government;


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