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Vestibular Meta Modality: The Lighting Reflects in Behavior

The Vestibular sense is the first sense to form being the organ of body connection; it is an endolymphatic gravitation, temperature, inertia, reflexive organ in homeostasis; for instance, you as well as i have an intrinsic desire to set things right; yet, in some circumstance of learned helplessness one could have lacked choice; at a young age from a response given to parenting which engaged polarization; also not having ease of ability to exit from some program;

One can witness such where anyone is asked to perform a balancing task on a log; some have a fine intrinsic sense of righting staying in balance; words like forward, back, to the side, up, down, is vestibular words; the head also whole body being outside the base of support where sense of recovery is triggers the righting reflex;

In, i awareness the righting reflex is triggered naturally; no mental set is inhibiting such; someone, could have been in need of a fixit mode under, or over react; for, a balance in the recovery isn’t existing as much; for, as a subject is moving across a balancing log which is suspended some can have limited success because the righting reflex is being overridden; where, one isn’t observed with a motor movement sensory writing oneself; so, some in other words are outside their center of gravity simply falling;

How you apply vestibular meta-modality is turning up or turning down some homeostatic sense for you to be able to remain in balance in an equal equilibrium; the mind, in other words, where a single task is in balance as the neurology is similar wherever one has a sense of having gone outside of one's base of support, the vestibular sense triggers your righting reflex;

Postural reflex is responsive to calibrated neurology within the subconscious; learned helplessness, has degrees of flexors having pulled the body inward; activating the sternomastoid muscle pulling the head forward down connecting the skull down; protecting the neck; it is part of the startle reflex; who is in an i aware state is associated, integrated, being congruent;

Being empty simply having care without any internal dialogue, one has ease of ability to perform the task; also, pick out a pattern in the stereogram; yet, not anyone who can have had a preferred mode of sorting information; via having sensory motor syntax engaging dissociation, distraction, also interogatoryness; also intimidation which is more controlling in ones action;

Also, not having ease of ability to exit one state into another; such, behavior habit also is correlated to a lack of proper vestibular righting reflex which this researcher observed clinically over many years; someone can be turned on or off because something has salt in it or doesn’t; a mosquito bite can just knock some out; some it is extremely easy to have seen self quickly acting as a drunk monkey stung by a scorpion;

One, can have extreme response not a managed response; for, some condition is being associated to which isn’t proper neurology; one, can decide because of temperature someone will “go there” or not; also, temperature tolerance to exercise to fitness; it is the memory in your vestibular sense which allows you to have a neutral thermal zone; which, is fairly broad between high also low temperature management;

As the righting reflex is overridden one is often in any advice given always out of balance; being in a fix-it mode; being overactive, undergoing, overdoing stuff; one can observe where an alignment more is in the posture; one is more prepared versus one who is more remained in fetal position more with the shoulders rounded, head pulled down, small of the back rounded; so,

This, is a physiology which is close to being in startle mode; where, such is the case it is more quick with a little fitness for such is triggered as a hot reactive condition more; all, habit arises from hierarchy called lower brain structure initially; the vestibular sense is you in equilibrium; where this is spiritual more your response is ever more hot or cold; one isn’t fearful to just have remained in a lukewarm state;

The vestibular sense all connect sense together; including temperature sensation also response to such; all is regulated by an inner neural network; so, even during exercise where one gets to a capacity one’s temperature has risen; yet, in heat one’s core temperature can have risen to one hundred four; ones, temperature could easily rise generally to one hundred one otherwise; yet,

This, is as you come more to exhaustion; for, your fitness is about a management of temperature; such, a turning point in where you back off in the training to rest; so, a sweat lodge the skin temperature can have risen to one hundred four fahrenheit; self-regulation of temperature engages of course the hypothalamus; which, is innovated to the vestibular sense which adjusts body magnicity as a tonus necessary needed to respond;

Yet, as one can have been a lukewarm beloved only, also one can be overriding one’s vestibular righting effects; also, it is observed the body doesn’t respond vitally to extreme temperature; this, is an inductive state one has organized for self; which, can be changed; your blood homeostasis exists; temperature of the blood can have changed; as, that did so, parts of hydrogen became reduced;

Which, triggers an ionization of certain protein; especially the a-imidazole in histidine; so, as a decreasing pH occurs a rising temperature does too; yet, your arterial blood must pretty much remain around a neutral pH where even during temperature change this is a certain fitness you can have built;

Extreme Temperature Tolerance Fitness

The whole world over has the benefit of sweat lodge, cold plunge; a spiritual beloved is incorporated of exercise daily as habit; also, of a built temperature tolerance which is a sign of fitness; for a hot or a cold extreme allows the body to have increased base resting potential; to have fitness for extreme temperature changes; an athlete builds a greater magnicity tolerance; the heme molecule is to provide energy to cells beyond the blood;

You’re having a heat tolerance in your fitness you can manage a hot / cold temperature extreme; as fitness increases for such so does microcirculation for all; plus, you’re getting lymphasizer; where extreme cold is also high exercise exists one is seen to burn more fat; brown fat stored is activated under such extreme; in the cold of course hand, feet, head are insulated doing such; yet,

Exposure to hot / cold therapy has a beneficial effect as stated by causing lymphatics to clear away toxin; providing mineral is kept in balance circulation improves; also, inflammation is reduced; a, spiritual being is really either hot or cold; certainly is never found “lukewarm;” lukewarm behavioral state is an example of undergoing also overdoing yet an egotistical shutdown more of one’s responsive state to inhibit one’s own visceral drive as a synesthesia for some attribute;

Interaction, could have only remained as some ostrich to external affair like civics; so, you can imagine a thermostat set where a temperature above also below is too close; it, is going to be tricked to go on and off more times; versus a larger temperature difference between the two; a thermostat doesn’t want to be set to close, in other words as to appear where the upper also lower limit is said, too close for thermal regulation;

As, a thermostat has an efficiency where it can cause cool or hot to be more stable; many beloved are trying to reinvent themselves; as a “lukewarmer” yet such never happens; for, a proper thermostat isn’t for such is set more from openness also emptiness which gestalt comes to be sensed versus being overridden;

For instance, someone without any visceral care doesn’t risk apparently keeps the heart safe so it is not vulnerable; yet, to only be a serious lack of love; all have an urge to make things right; to self-initiate beginning exercise program for instance; to do the right thing yet start by getting into a bite size chunk; as, steps can be taken increasing your fitness to temperature extreme allows you to be seen to

  1. Be able to make a social commitment to those around you;

  2. Use experiential based learning to challenge also overcome by wiring in a new response you’re motivating self by being more goal setting;

  3. You’re found in a balanced habit of transformation which is reinvigorating desire; for, you’re always haven taken an action to curb such by being in balance more about this;

  4. All transformation is because of this being ecological; such, is from a set of syntax of well formedness is coming from bite size chunks to get things done; you’re not in any overwhelm about big things; you can calibrate an internal state to some desired outcome achieved;

  5. In i awareness you’re in perfect detachment; such is a practice ongoing as a meditation of will power which strengthens inside like a muscle does; for, such is done all is kept where nothing gets depleted; for, work on one habit at a time is best; you can see things methodically becoming improved;

Being in i awareness your body thermostat is a good analogy for this empty center with simply care being; for, the vestibular system is setting your body tonus; for, any time such is in a directedness toward what would have been outside any base of support; such, rights your righting reflex; so, in behavior one can see new information modifies the listeners response; the writing reflex you can see in head righting; yet,

Head no in a proper not upright position can be as indicated been close to stimulating ones startle reflex; for, it is the urge you as well as i take to take charge of to change; also, to be able to right yourself; such cannot operate properly; the, head could have been too far forward; such, righting can cause an overreacted startle reflex which indicated;

Which, could have acted the sternomastoid muscle, also the traspezius muscles bring the head inward; analog sculpting can give you greater fitness particles to be small enough to get up into your brain cells also DNA in your body; heat expands a molecule; and, cold temperature contracts it; one, should learn more about other topics of course like the micronization of nutrient; you can develop an extreme temperature tolerance fitness; becoming conscious n woken to pattern recognition is what this all about; love jubbdavid;


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