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What Happens When a Defensive Response is Cleared Away?

The, mind can allow you and i to be intuitive; to, process from the gestalt and not the part; yet, if response is hard-wired to have been more defensive this article is about what you can do to cause more whole brain functioning; for, what’s adverse engages states of incorrect association and dissociation; yet, all is cleared away evermore; your cultivating more humility; which, is you in i awareness;

Modeling, good leadership is having a functional plasticity to be observed by others to be good at self-initiating, have partnering, also team building skill; you, can only have good awareness you’re aware a map is made in the mind; which, will have engaged three processes; engaging, generalization, deletion, and distortion; such

A, process can have excluded information which is relevant; for, its how the cognition is structured all is processed in a degree of well-formedness; to do such, in i awareness you’re in total presence in the void beyond what is unconditioned; also, conditioned; as, second and first attention; you, can have been given instruction to have polarized with your own conditioned and unconditioned attention;

For, the universe in i is reflected in a trillion raindrops; for, all being on the mind; which, is about you, can have been created as illusion; as, a string of memory having some continuity behind; blocking, one’s own experience of reality; for, such is totally inexpressible by words; none, can “give another an experience;” most all questioning, by not being well formed, be fairly useless; for

Your, living is of one’s own illusion; which, can have been being made; yet, where is this i in you before you were born; for, the body is the mind’s experience of itself; for, by itself, you see emptiness in the space of all of any existence; for, what’s real versus what’s fictional merely; what’s, conditioned also unconditioned is components of consciousness; beyond, such is this void of room inside; where, awareness is over consciousness;

Consciousness, itself, is yet quite fickle to be in the changeful, also transient; yet, by being in uptime, in i awareness, you’re living in this void; which, the present is this who is real; for, the content ever that was in the mind certainly is fictional; yet, by your willingness to be listening having humility these are one of the more valued important virtues;

For, when asked it’s noted of course you far prefer partnering with all those who are humble versus anyone having an attitude ongoing; certainly, friendship is as if you're giving something of yourself to another; so, what happens as you future pace excellence and this is automatic not requiring you to be conscious? Such, is this projected self automatic into your future; for

Isn’t, it you you care about certainty being in an uncertain world? Wherever resistance is, such a proposed massive amount of nerve force; yet, being in the void is beyond what is conditioned; also, the unconditioned; this, is you having room inside; for, in such a state of being you can only know you’re in front of god; all, welcome gladly you’re caring i see for all creature;

All, is incurring remaining in the root of i awareness in being; you, grow from what is small into a mighty tree; for, the rule of i once heard is never forgotten; such, is this seed falling within the soil which is fertile; the, season can do unto this field; for, such you can see sprouts up to be harvest grand from what was very small in relation to begin with;

For, what is defensive is clothed and bounded; to, lack intimacy; isn’t open to visiting a single self in how company is kept; yet, to be free of all non-stop which is habitual which takes your time up; which, is from feeling defensive and lack; yet, to be aware here of what is spiritual; so, at this point can you have learned how to respond out of self-perfection?

What’s happening as your able to have acknowledged one’s own limitation; this, is the way you can have reduced all defense; it, is by you being familiarized with unique ways of being able to see the world; for, as you’re remained open nothing is seeking to prove oneself wrong; the, point being: having been defensive for you can have occupied an enormous amount of neurology; that, negated neurology always would have been inhibiting whole brain patterning for self;

You see what is harvested instead; what sprouts up grand; for, being changeless is your unassailableness; this, is the power of the present; such, is conscious bliss; for, might it be important you can focus on clearing away all such defensive responses? Can you, as I have learned, defer your own judgment? This, is a tale of cultivating evermore humility;

You’re observed you’re this one being willing in listening; you’re remaining open; you can make an accurate map of the territory inside; you, could be future pacing success okay? Maybe, you’d like to look more on; you, could be learning moor i awareness and what has happened as you’ve cleared away all defensive response; love, jubbdavid;


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