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What Happens You Make The Conscious Decision to Be i Aware

When a conscious decision is made to frame all positively, several things you can notice; observation, born time and again, is how if you’re not covering what is positive; so that as a speaker you're not receiving a negative reception from an audience; which, typically causes a higher cortisol and heart rate; in, i awareness you’re more fully in uptime to be able to track behavior;

If you look at the concluding story it is always how positive communion crosses a distance; to, be always received more with clarity than what would have been negatively framed; put, positive language can have a positive impact; you, don’t feel okay which other than causes proper rapport; you’re not one who avoids; for, you’re focused on what you care for; so, you’re using speech and non-verbal positively; it is the mark of good leadership is having good language skill; so

As, you read you can be focused on more ‘what can you do;’ for, most beloved are shown to be “negatively self-labeling;” where, reaction was to negative circumstance one can have been see often also having made negative judgment sabotaging self; yet, if you’re feeling is good then you can hear also see; for, you can only attach what is said to your ongoing experience; remaining in a resource state one can process what is negative;

The resource state is large enough; otherwise, all negative thought sabotages as you process what is aversive by having a large enough resource state you’re able to have a collapsed stuck state; for, as you’re getting to the bottom line you can commit to transforming many addictive internal dialogue and patterns; many, are addicted to habits of what is non-productive, perpetually simply repetitive as a “space filler;”

One, shows in this situation, little to no gap at all in any cloud bank; maybe, you can commit to stopping all negative self-talk; yet, what is positive as what is negative self-talk is all like being in jail; for, it is an occupied ness of one’s first attention; most, who can achieve will have polarized with first attention can do so for life; for, it is a truth, such is where empty space is transformation can be; whereas, where ever limited mind function has been, massive internal dialogue is ongoing;

Patterns, caused of similar thought one isn’t going to be much rewarded in life; occupied, by the mundane also daydreaming most of life; a polarizer is the response that is common to be preferred which generally is sorting always for whatever opposite is said, is obscure or doesn’t fit; yet, if you consciously decide to make an effort to empty all habit out; simply, place a frame for what you’re caring to go forward with; to be in a frame of what is positive; for the next year, you get rid of this “all or nothing” idea; also,

Perpetually occupied where what is existed one doesn’t exit from; also, it is typical one who does such is a catastrophizer engaged in negative self-labeling; generally, dissociated from anyone’s positive feedback; one, is either on or off, as far as type of directed dialogue; yet, what happens as you decide in your day to have set some attainable goals can be achieved?

Focusing on what you can get done in the time frame is required? So, can you oversee yourself in what is happening as you’re spending time around other beloved people who are positive? In such a whole brained pattern, you’re neurology is allowing you to look evermore to what is pertinent and relevant; where, perfunctory habit occupied as a stuck state, one starts to evergain more what is rescource for; and evermoor purposeful; it is what you’re doing which actually makes a difference; so

One, has a great ability with such; to always have a bounce back with “i can do this;” when, you can have avoided who is generally negative as a beloved, studies show you’re typically going to live much longer; for, the key point here is the question, do you know it is always who is positive who has an active social life; many, don’t start something because it is overwhelming; yet, if you chunk things down bit by bit, all larger project approached such applying chunking is a way to get all done;

You want to have a preference for your feeling, then hear, then see; for, how do you see what is going on around you as you’re processing what is negative? Are you in some gain as a result because you’re able to have better strategies in life? You, who is evermoor optimistic, takes much shorter time to recover balance; a beloved having a pessimistic attitude as a preferred sorting style? So

If, you’re focusing here now on what is fundamental, it is what positive speech is eliciting more the whole celf in the listener; for, what is negative can have only elicited negative mind function; why not positively have good visualization to have remark effect; for, instance as to how this relates to having a more vitalized immune function; so, having a focus on having a preferred feeling, hearing, and seeing; for, studies honest clearly show you how your mood affects the amplitude of energy; for instance,

Your, resting potential also your overall amplitude; one’s, resting potential is always increased as interest and pleasure is stimulated; for, you’re observing behavior where hemisphere synchronization; is; you, should know at this point the longest life always have common denominator; which, is having a mind which is fallen quiet; so, can you be focused here on what you can be taking home with you from this read? For, you can be asking yourself then what can you observe to be here moor now in this total presence?

For, this is you being moor in uptime in the day with others; for, you certainly realize another state of being exists beyond the one you’d had and been in? So, in whole brain function training, you’re actively polarizing to one’s first attention to empty such out; time, is devoted more all to benefit; for, one lets go all superfluous habit which can occupy one being the cause of one’s lack of personal development; for, as you can see you empty all out of such; you’re in a practice more of perfect detachment;

Not, having remained in what is opposite is; so, by chipping away at all in your day every day, over time; your behavior becomes enriched; for, your focus more is becoming evermoor functionally plastic; to, be simply more fully aware; okay? Love jubbdavid;


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