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Woken In i Awareness

In the Toltec tradition you’re taught what is ongoing and being in the moment; which, isn’t an experience or memory; certainly, not something fixed; Wakan-tanka is your talk walking loudest; which, is total to the original Toltec; which, tanka is a word for structure; which, being in the void empty now you’re most receptive to take information aboard; this, is you being woken; to, an overall condition; for

Woken as a word is past tense; which, means something precognitive ongoing in the moment now; which, allows you to be open continuously to new information; such, is not being miss-stored as it could have shifted perspective; being of an empty center point, it’s easy for you to be more actively attentive aware; the import also relevance of fact is transparent to you; also, the issue; for, you can have woken up from a comfortable level of zero learning, which was a fantasy;

Unfortunately, there is often a disconnect between action seen also what is taken, relative to one’s attention / inattention; any key risk factor looking at variable of a longer life doesn’t list social fitness; for awareness is being ‘woken’ being attentive to important issue as with fact; woken, is to all being in perfect attachment; being aware of the fiction of social construct, especially what doesn’t serve;

For, how woken you are to I awareness is relative to a capacity you have of a totality of overall intelligence; such, is relative to your awareness; this I being present anywhere also everywhere is who receives the perception, not perception itself; one comes to frame universal concern, modeling unity consciousness; you n i, make such popular; what is of the positive good normal is rather than observed deviant behavior unchecked, being made “normal” today;

Woken, for you here is a shamanic state; the Toltec tradition apply pattern recognition of the limitation of wakefulness itself; for, as you can agree such can be by degrees of having not yet fully woken; for, ‘woken up’ is to i awareness in self; such is a structural quality often of functional plasticity; you’re remaining in your spontaneous creative self as an ongoing mediation;

In, i awareness you’re in perfect detachment; where, one’s identity you remain as i as empty space where am is physical matter; your physical presence is a woken in you; which, is a noun; majic would be omnipresent; being woken means being alert to liberty; meaning, one’s egalitarianism; for, to have justice, to have freedom, all is equal before the law;

So woken, as a state to i awareness is the subject to who is living; an old Toltec sound in the path of hollow bone is you being empty simply with a feeling of care; for, you’re being woken to this which is living who is real; versus, dead and fictional; you discriminate living being egalitarianism you’re living with perfect detachmentness spoken; for, all which. Is other than egalitarianism is easily discerned;

Rational, you have sticky factor for what works not for what doesn’t; like, for excellence, being moor woken; so, a beloved could wake; yet, you can agree to note, can have taken time to fully have woken; one can be woken at a wake, yet in life fully; woken, is you to i awareness; woken, is you being more inclusive to what is pertinent; for, generalization is optimal; for, construction also is a close approximation of reality; you’re embellished by such;

Woken, to what is pertinent; for, an approximation being in a natural state is of a social equality; a gender egalitarianism; your identity is one family, one roof, one nation total; for, it is you being more alert to justice in this day; as alliance of law movement, the alm; inclusively society makes egalitarianism formal; to be implicit, intuitively automatic; awareness is life is lived more abundantly; for,

Social justice issue being equal; for, all before the law, woken is in i awareness; to be able to look at civic function, to select a proper social compact; all form around you is transient; the senses in state of a colloid to be in constant flux; governed, magnicity in causation all is applying the body / mind / spirit; as, a body in mind, subject to birth and death; yet, through the body’s senses you come to know the world; yet, you can be woken to i awareness;

A, “thing” as an “it” is an imagined fictional, isn’t objective; for, who is real is; for, what is private which is transforming continuously can have been in opposition to some cognative dissonance; consciousness itself being a limited phenomena; for, one can be conscious, yet maybe not aware; the, body is conscious, yet unaware; i am is not as a thinking i am; for, the body as well as mind is transient; for

Only, i who is eternal, wasn’t born and would never die; for, such is this empty space which is absolute for what is eternal; so, therefore, a key point is: in i awareness, you’re more woken to this limitless being; which, is the soul of grace of your giving; this, is in all being; this, i is residing; for, it is the act of perceiving which shows you’re not the perceiver; nothing, concrete also abstract, is this i who is real; for

All is illusion; until, you discover all you’re not; the, the more clever your search is in negative terms, the quicker the search is done; you realize the shorelessness behind the back of your eyes is i; the question you ask, for where does the world suddenly appear? For, anything to come to be it is this i to whom such comes; for, before waking it is not possible for you to have forgotten experience; for

Is it that you still exist even under a lapse of memory? Is it proof of some non-existence? Many, things can have prevented you from being woken to i awareness; what this i is cannot be described except by omnipresence; nothing, can be described; which, is space; except for the use of total negation, to come to be empty as space itself as is nothing which is eternal which is absolute; for, you let go of attachment to the unreal; for, who is real steps in; okay? Love jubbdavid;


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