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A New Mindset Versus A Cognitive Dissonant State

i, awareness is you having more to be living in the resource state; where, you could visit anything while no emotion exists with such; otherwise, a physiology of a resource state has to be built; which, is at least five times larger than the aversive state; which, behavioral transformation is by a synesthesia with the resource state; so, the stuck state is collapse herein; otherwise

Very, limited mind function was; one only was responding to be relieved of stress by dissociating, by having focused on what is wrong, by having a focus of blame; which, isn’t a new mindset; what, is absolute is i as empty space; fifty percent, the other fifty percent simply care; limited mind function typically engages a greater over breathing state; where sown uncertainty was social relation is lost; the cause of unnecessary stress one has learned more to respond in a cognative non dissonant state in a new mindset;

Pleasure, as well as interest integrate neurology; causing, you to use direction correctly of the vestibular sense; where, as in inner state of aversion kept mostly because limited mind function is associated more with hypocapnia; stress, from a limited mind function state; anxiety is anchored evermore throughout the brain; yet, how you use the vestibular sense to move toward having what is within; also, what nuetoxin is consumed; how much of emotion causes psychogenic fever;

Pain, injury neoplasm also diabetes can also have alongside such be observed also with an increased breath rate; all such is obstructed causing sleep apnea in a state of somnolence which is a state of sleepiness; it is called an unrefreshed rest; yet, really is only directing a body to evermore overall challenge; overbreathing is one major cause of death; such causes a state of hypocapnia (meaning lack of carbon) which burdens the heart;

A loss of carbon narrows airway causing breath challenge from bronchoconstriction; for pregnancy a state of preeclampsia could have slowly developed; more like a frog getting cooked in a pot; so, one can have not noticed the brain is really set up more for contrast; so, a state like preeclampsia can have a seeming sudden onset; yet, ongoing as a pattern one can have observed hyperventilation causing hypercapnia;

A peripheral resistance to blood flow initially decreases; yet, as carbon is lost, also nitrous oxide, all such is a smooth muscle dilator ordinarily; so for instance when carbon is briefed off a cell can have less than seven percent; that, condition causes the smooth muscle around vessel to contract more; such the vessel closes down; such, is due to a respiratory alkalosis;

You, should know carbon dioxide is what regulates your breath rate; also, the acid alkaline ratio in the blood; a, measured pressure of carbon dioxide on the artery which is below forty-two point three mm (millimoles) of Hg (hemoglobin) is what defines hypercapnia; one, could have got pins and needles in the limb; also observed abnormal heart rate; also possible muscle twitch or cramp;

One, can observe a typical poor reaction time; also, a decreased cognative to be notice of personality change; typically slower, much more gesticulated in movement; severe, hypocapnia can be down around fifteen mm Hg; at, this point blood to the brain can have become quite depleted;

The breath is supposed to come more from a non conscious relaxed, noticed lengthened tidal rhythmite; while expiratory volume is reduced; you see you’re looking at a natural quiet lengthening inspiration; various technique can allow you to be living a longer life; a key point here in the story is how carbon is kept inside a cell; you’re really looking at a nose breath which is optimal; otherwise,

Respiratory alkalosis, in another manner, is of a multiple enmeshed condition to a disruption of ease; including an approximation of hypoxia, anxiety, CMS challenge, cardiovascular/pancreas/liver challenge; any over acidity is a stimulant to have overbreathed; to reduce carbonic acid; which is a result of consumptive excess; yet, prolong manipulation of fear acquisition via adverse stimuli; which goes beyond a logarithm of two point nine six three positive to one adversity; such potently causes an effective intelligence in i aware state; or

Adversely, be moved around compelled to search for a changeless joy with the fickleness of novelty; yet, only to have reduced an inner ongoing celf; yet, with pleasure and interest with wbf patterning; such reduces the inner ongoing stress; for, all is connected through the midbrain; so a dopamine, serotonin, N acetylcholine; signaling is kept minimal, otherwise you're looking at restraint stress of typical learned response; what is learned under stress has long term physical and emotional social consequence; applying wbf patterning as also lifefood modulates the frequency of neurotransmitter release as a result of events;

Pleasure/aversive neurology is regulating eustress also stress; all memory learning behavior is state specific; anxiety having been a behavioral response, can have been from uncertainty is interpersonal setting; uncertainty as an aversive state generated condition of stress overall; whereas both pleasure and stress can influence whole brain functioning youre integrated associated also congruent in life; for, otherwise all adversity is state specific with stress;

The somatic portion is the body as the mind’s experience of itself; you live what you speak, speaking what you live next; so, if you have connection more to listening with a mirrorlike agreement to be identified with a sense of respect; all is seen more as relating, otherwise one can be able to explain; for, such is a proper social syntax; yes is a prospect versus no; therapeutic rapport is far more effective in making transformation stick; otherwise

An impossibility would have been to go forward having what is within; all, which is existed could have been more of what is outside of oneself; a direction in an away from manner; all such is in a nonsocial use of the vestibular sense; in i awareness you’re more with what is absolute being certain; what is implied which is implicit; not, explicit; being with what is real versus what is evident to be illusionary, one can acquire exceptional brain function through the use of the vestibular multimodality; meaning, a good use of direction taken, as well as spatial orientation being inclusive; okay? Love jubbdavid;


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