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A Person Isn’t Reality so Pain and Pleasure Have Lost Their “Sway Over You”

A “person” the word means a mental set; not, being you the living being; the, word is being used to describe “an office in the government;” as, you can have installed more a new behavior generator which relates to you being I aware, pleasure and pain also lose their sway over you; once, you have installed a new behavior generator a focus is about reality; rather, than a focus on imagination;

For, can you have learned how to live in a world of reality versus what is ‘transient, temporary and illusion in relation?’ In, this work you read how the mind can be still, silent, and transparent; you, come to know self; this I can have discovered the source of perception; for, the ultimate purpose of life awareness as an ongoing living, sitting, standing, walking meditation;

One, becomes conscious of the inner world personally; what’s, private within you acting upon you subjectively; by, installing a new behavior generator one can overcome weakness and have an inner standing more of the cause; you, can be looking back having overcome what was a challenge that was imagined for you not living in the moment;

In, I awareness such shown is overcome by your very knowing; for, goodness, harmony, and beauty is all left to itself; so, can you have diffused all thought except ‘I am?’ Can you have found your real self who is real for all else arises with such; for, this is truth of bliss not found in anything; such, instruction carried out afterward is you having installed a new behavior generator to see yourself in a future moment;

You, can see, feel things in the future where you are; such, triggers this behavior generator; being, I who is real; for, truth is bliss; again, which isn’t found as said in anything which would have just come and gone; which, is transient; so, this new behavior generator installed shows you evermore being alert; detached; having, perfect detachment you have left your mind alone;

You're realizing this one of I; realized of all; as, the very ground you can have built all upon is given a way; yet, it wouldn’t be if your focus isn’t inside yourself outlasting all; this, while the world no longer is a reflection of your imagination; for, the world is inside self; awareness, is your primordial original state; what’s, new you’re changed is you’ve chipped away over time at the older self in all the moment where one asks self ‘who am I?’ Also ‘am I in I awayness?’;

For, installing a new behavior generator you can be ever more realized; for, awareness of I is the opposite of ignorance; what, you won’t see anymore in I aware is the cause having been of regret and sorrow; for, this new self you see leaving all; as, you see all; as, such is the mirror only, showing you a reflection; which, is not yourself; self, is this polishing cloth which is polishing the mirror;

This, is you who is real; this, is you who is allowing perception of a reflection; for, what harm exists in installing a new behavior generator is about how suffering no longer has to be a call ongoing for attention; one, only has had a dissonant response; not, a new mindset; maybe, you can read more about this in Jubb’s little red book; for, at the end of this work you’ll have taken in and installed I awareness as your new behavior generator;

As indicated, what you notice is that pleasure and pain have lost the sway each had over you; you, have benefited self with interest; also, such ‘spills over’ to others; for, how you transfer behavior to now how something in your own being set; for, wherever conflicted part was one was only in the past under a double bind; yet, the new therapeutic double bind is being empty as I is absolute; along with, matter as care;

Common, ailment also health challenge no longer is seen contributing to one having remained anything other than vital; sedentariness is now in the past; for, one is evermore maintaining healthy behavior; this, new behavior generator being installed is about whole brain functioning; where, pleasure and interest create integration; such, naturally flows for you to be more associated and congruent; such, transformation applies whole brain functioning patterning; so, you live more in the whole of yourself;

You’ve gained access to the vestibular meta-modality; you’re easy able to apply whole brain functioning to install a new behavior generator; one’s agent state of obedience is because science is behind whole brain functioning patterning; such, is a systematic approach you can learn picking up a copy of Jubb’s whole brain functioning manual;

You, can learn to apply Jubb’s instrument to promote behavioral outcome; for, having learned whole brain functioning patterning what you’ve done is to adopt powerful transformation being given you; such, is being activated more on a subconscious level; for, what is being given is a narrative where resource state about such inside you is having been chained together;

What’s said here you’ve taken aboard as thought also feeling, as well as sight; you’ve listened in to what is sound relating to your alignment more with your desired outcome; devotion, in your outward mediation is a goal which is making a clean more orderly life for you; having, this new behavior generator is a strategy for automatically triggering transformation allowing you to be more flexible in generating any new behavior needed;

For, you are aware now; for, you’re doing such ongoing to hard-wire more response which is the effect of communication; not, intention; so, as you’re doing such you truly have gained more long-term outcome what is ecological; such, is attention to what is required ongoing as behavior is also as a response accelerating always an enhanced level more of strength you have where you’re engaged in any change;

For, what you’ve done more is to identify any matter; you, can pause and draw this in; so, such a matter can ever be more handled this way; so, you’re really looking at what you can have changed; once, such is so you’re elicited a large enough resource state as what is put herein; you’re, able to be experiencing more now what you care for with a resource state large enough to collapse any stuck state;

One, can try afterward to get back whatever the stuck state was yet you’ll see now you can’t; the, test for what is working further future paces all; such, comes now to be more automatically triggered in your future; so, for you what is normal truly is no longer a life being stuck in a bank of desire or fear; yet, what I flowing in the river in between these two banks;

For, having installed more now a new behavior generator of I awareness this is allowing you ever more to be remained more with integrity having credibility; for, you’re applying logic is also a realized observedness of a felt emotional intelligence; which, I see now is very active in your listening; for, I see you really making a deliberate attempt to assist others; you’re, not a covert or overt narcissist;

I, see you active in listening versus simply being dissociated where you’ve been in life up to this point; for, you now having passed through this message have installed a set of instruction which future paced being carried out, allows you to gain your outcome; being, more social you always are gathering such energy from having informed consent;

For, this you have very good context and timing; so, might you learn more about this topic of I awareness? Certainly, articles evermore here ranging in interest at; love, jubbdavid;


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