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Written on the Road by jubb david

A, dinosaur’s existence is like a failed social landscape fake; up, propped; only, by your past participation in that; yet, eclipse will you soon see; you’ve, done an out-side step; and, this eclipse movement; knocking, is this opportunity to have a common law court of record; trial, by jury process of a: “check the box yes you want reform in banking”; and, it’s your belief that harm is being done by the present system; therefore, you’re asking for a one year moratorium in government making any new decisions relating to banking;

Here, now is your future; you, have common law and constitutional currency provision again after eclipse is had of it’s effect; you, and i together can have this outcome; you're responsive and can have done your part; become, via eclipse a world where children; the voice-less; animals; and, the environment is put first before profit;

Home, free and not a façade fabricated as actual resistance; yet, totally not; for, such is usually full of FUD; fear, uncertainty and doubt only would have been sown; and, not this solution; you, participate in this or not; yet, you do what’s fashionable; not, what’s not; Eclipse, is about a gate in the heavens; to, have a count and notice be given to the provost general marshal in common law countries; and, equivalent in the moment non-common law countries;

You, and i rise above being only a subject matter; you, care to rid what’s dead put above the head; for, you who is perceiving is real; and, the fabricated sham controversy other of disinformation; are, you popped yet to controlled opposition; the, use of fear uncertainty and doubt?

Eclipse, is beyond an alternative community pointed only to have felt heard and seen; a, controlled affiliation complexity of a monopoly; as, is the hand above government; yet, eclipse is focused on how change as a re-set true has happened; therefore, Not, having common law judicially; my, property; my, son not the state’s property; my, son kidnapped by wrong doers and cloistered; the ‘atturn on you’ committed barratory; yet, hey, a void court order; how, is such voided? How, does a verifiable claim fair? When, there is no independent third party witness supplied at the courthouse; like, the federal courthouse in phoenix?

The, hand above government since time immorial has had you hear and see patsie; undercover, unarguable, overwhelming; as, blood on a dog’s teeth is obvious; a, black out in the media existed to my concern that a child young; taken; was, drugged and gagged; and, nearly put to death; pig workers in NYC and in other pig styed life have been able to steal from you and i at this moment; no, common law exists here see; on, turtle island;

Undercover, controlled resistance as is the hand above the government appears as the real anti-thesis; to, economic negative inductance; yet, you can see clearly it isn’t; controlled, resistance has it’s axiom not underneath resisting negative economic inductance; and, all only of the present fake currency and fake judicial process; a, law of fiction only has been; before, eclipse has had it’s effect;


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