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Updated: Mar 6, 2023

The, ALM restores real world currency; displaced, boat people don’t exist anymore; timeless, now is all you have in i; this, i you know you are and this is where no bank is existed anymore as an idea as anything as an external fictional entity; for, a long time ago on the twenty second of august eleven forty two a.d. on turtle island; the, rainbow prophecy was rife during a total solar eclipse; during, this time a great federation was founded by the great peacemaker and a very powerful queen who is called the queen of peace; that, you can read in the path of hollow bones; cloud, would say you are the grandchildren of; a, past and future isn’t real; for, this which is absolute and is; is, this timeless now; can, you look back with me from the year four thousand seventeen and can you see how some two thousand years back to this day you saw how usury is rid as the ALM becomes a world currency; this, was the end of anymore created displaced refugees; In, the year four thousand seventeen reality is your own; you, follow and obey; for, in a day two thousand years before a bright idea was given to all and you were given an account where your transaction became decentralized and the verification of such; which, is a really weak order didn’t have to come from something external fictional; today, as occurred some few thousand years ago; you; have a message where there isn’t anything between you and creation; this, rainbow prophecy is fulfilled as eclipse has its effect; for, can you be as this happyface sees you? You, care to see self as; for, what this happyface denies absolutely yet possibly you can have only taken for granted?

Today, using smart contract and a blockchain between all which is a covenant and trust; questions, of a future society can not have made much of any sense for as this happyface is within you; you, are absent of thought; for, appearance of any glamor is existed beyond reality for now is all which is existence for you who is; for, i in you is this which is unborn as matter is born temporarily; this, is this i who is aware of reality; inside, who is of instruction; such, is your internal nature and not some beloved out there as a goldfinger of the past just having caused ever greater polarization; for, this i is this which is foreseen in this rainbow prophecy and this what you are hearing is the cause of your mind falling deeply quiet; now, in this singular event it was prophesized back then that the sun would rise in the west and this face of happiness be this face of ease be this face of timelessness amongst you; a, happyface who is below you this happyface who is behind you; for, this is this happyface of room and compassion;

No, bank in any external fiction could exist anymore; you, and i are adopting the ways of this savage who is original; for, isn’t this which is foretold to you in this rainbow prophecy? this, one who is wayless is looking at the ways of the original and presupposing excellence being formless in self; no, constant noise; no, psychic life, this, i in you is where your personality has been dropped as fake for you in this now can be fully awakened to the field of i; for, in the year four thousand seventeen as this timeless now; no, feeling or single idea stands between you and this i you know you are; for, this is no light between you and this happyface inside; this, is the only begotten child within you who is as this matter of self; you, can give this son back his father here in heaven who is of warmth and blood; you, can have this self dedication; otherwise; only in a feeling of accelerated love can have been; and, what was being seen is you holding tight to the feet of this perfect master;

In, deep silence and transparency this i is this white paper of this ALM of this eclipse movement; and, what’s written be dead and what’s spoken be dead; yet, it is by your living example that follows you and not any possession for in the now of timelessness you don’t have any psychic life; and, absent is this; except, fora very deep self contemplative bliss being of your self loveliness; such, is the purpose for your birth; you, are growing in love to this i you know you are;

In, the year four thousand seventeen as is now and what has occurred some few thousand years before was an awakening was for you to be in a more equal responsibility in your being; and, this is what this rainbow prophecy is about for such is of an equal responsibilities you and i have for no future is not now and i have called this the dakota law; you, and i only have equal rights as you and i have equal responsibility enacted; you, can only have governance where you have common law and governing; and, as did the great peacemaker and queen who did usher in a golden age during a past eclipse; for, can you see how society is integrated and associated and congruent; all, is made whole again;

For, matter is as you say i care and couldn’t it be this in you stalking this self? For, isn’t you and the ability you have to have altered the destiny of your life? For, stalking is simply the act of making physical what this i is visioning; being, eternal is you living in timeless now integrated into nature; and, you’re not looking at anything standing out anymore; you, know you are this round peg; this, which is round doesn’t fit into anything square; energy is around you not square; for, isn’t this of your unbroken going on timelessly now this i; dispassionate; looking and finding where you have left self behind?

For, can you have eclipsed usury? You, have a public ledger you own and all of us do and you can see how there isn’t anymore displaced boat people as refugee? For, gone was any thought inducted of an impact reacted mechanized darwinism; you, only had a compete to win and the survival was of the fittest; for, in colloidal biology you are aware reality is your mutual lived assistance instead; for, much matter not of i be as societal circumstance or done under pressure for that was nothing; this, i is to have abandoned anyone else’s social standing; you, are simply as this happyface you have inside being this rock unturned itself which is turning everything else

So, can you now be this bank and not put up with anymore that the bank could have been in some fictional centralized peter principled spot; that, doesn’t have to be; in, this rainbow prophecy you are wayless as you looking around the way of the originals which is excellent; all, you need to have done is to have stolen such excellence;

How, about continuing to be outcome orientated? Can, you assist me build the biggest movement the world has ever seen? Change, the politic; and, get rid of usury; with, positive economic inductance? Check out the ALM constitutional electronic currency and start a pre launch account at; be, first in receiving initial alms offering love, jubb David

Check out (ALM) white paper (constitutional electronic currency) The, Alm is designed to be stable where trading is equal to product and service;

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