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Being in Heaven is Who is Real

Cloud taught the toltec teaching to all of having a hollow structure called hollow bone; being, woken of structure was wakan tanka; this, is a state of being which is I awareness; which, heaven is defined as a state of a space between two children playing; where, time (which is ordinary) is suspended; in, such a playful state you live life where all is given up inside; also, where what’s precious can have been taken;

It’s where you gain all instead; for, my son has had to be the most himself for with his father he has not been allowed to hear; one, can have a memory of footsteps and a voice; yet, going forward here now the body can have had a memory, an experience as a dream; for, one considers what’s novel that’s sought; that, gives you feeling ongoing where what’s unwrapped is a void inside;

For, this is beyond ordinary time; and, of a no mind state; which, is the end of all slavishness; where, you give your property to this movement; you, become a moor with perfect detachment; for, this is your mind’s knowingness of all matter; which, is transient in relation can be more of a verified condition of un-reality; for, the source you search for you can find here; where, experience as mental construct was also memory such you should be aware isn’t who is real;

For, this is being in the present which is a gift; your playfulness is your original state; you, must practice this from now on; for, you’re not in any felt notion past the day here; as, you being any “doer;” for, that would have been just bondage; for, isn’t this which you’ve picked out here simply said that can give you a clue? For, the perceiver looked over is you being more in omnipresence as two children playing heaven is this state between;

For, what do you feel your care is; such, is matter; which, isn’t such consciousness itself? As you’re I aware, you have recollection; all, is recalled from a flow easily perceived; peaced, together in the grand unified totality; even, as Jubb’s magnicity is in volumes you can read about is more by applying structural clue; retrieval, activity is from a neostimulus; for, you have a jc quanta within which allows a filled in response fully;

For, such activity inside you is ongoing strengthening neural connection; otherwise, what you can note and observe is a whole range of all sorts of false memory having been created; one, can have thought that was one’s identity only as a string of what was recalled behind; to, a serious lack of functional plasticity to such respect that’s what could have been; yet

Now, can you say you can easily see how massive amount of false memory and pleasure falsely stored with internal dialogue ongoing, none of it having any referential index, normalized and unspecified, lacking any inference? So, can you first be real in you observedness? For, to see by contrast a memory has to have with another; you, can see and recall something has changed;

Only, such can be against a background of the unchanged; being, receptive in an interflow; many, situationally, can show a fantastic capacity to memorize; for, you’re more now in an inductive state; even, to have more photographic memory; you, can recall what’s written that’s right; you, have a right to go write; you’re, receptive to what’s being said; to, be able to follow such afterward is a true healing therapeutic; for otherwise ongoing there’s been for sure a failure of your ability to recall;

What’s been happening with memory and experience, which is fictional, is taken to be real when it’s not; all, such positive aversive internal dialogue can have been never ended; your ability to describe with words feeling is your emotional IQ; for, memory is of itself as behavior is noted state specific to all via association retrievable to a similar social environmental condition is encoded in such; so, obviously

One should not be about novelty; being, always ongoing in bliss; all, appears more novel; for, such is this pursuit of this changeless bliss; for, it would have been might you consider a mental desire also fear, which was just a very serious selfie? Isn’t it true your totality lived is destiny? For, can you have gone beyond the pane of glass no suffering is either?

For, isn’t a body sensed, also a mind sensed even a serious state not a limitation as a legion? Yet, being here in the present this was clouds only teaching; cloud had only one teaching about heaven; so, it’s your attention which really is vital; to, being in an encoding phase of memory; for, it’s certain how internal dialogue was ever such only into what one could have been “compelled;” yet,

Isn’t it how the neural pathway for certain such isn’t receptively playfully any state of being in I awayness? For, isn’t it you being mindful? Isn’t this you’re doing for its own sake? For, doesn’t memory retrieval depend upon what’s integrated congruent and associated? Is the strength of neural connection from what’s congruent and associated form from integration so, earlier phases in cognition in processing is existing?

For, you can see in various nation have a high score in I awareness; all, grow in a greater sense than others; for, it’s being playful you remain in a state of being in heaven here on earth; it’s, in I awareness where bliss is you being in the void; meaning, what’s unknown here in the present; this, is the gift; it’s already here; for, in I awareness is your overall body sensation;

So, if not then you can see breeding evermore desire fulfills evermore desire doesn’t it? Might you by your ongoing outward lived meditation, sitting, walking living, having a happy face inside you’re with the rhythm of life; indifferent, to suffering no room is for any obsession; for, it’s in I awareness you celebrate inner stillness, silence, also transparency; for, what’s unsaid overall other three states of being woken structure; or wakan tanka in the toltec tradition is woken; awaken, of wakefulness, dreaming, and deep sleep;

For, isn't all this which comes and also goes isn’t of any central organized nervous system? Yet, this who is real is aware of perception; can you say ‘I am’ which is mutually beneficial? For, isn’t this you who is watching over your mind? For, you can see awareness is free for you; okay? love jubbdavid;


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