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Below A Shield of Limited Liability

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

You, who is of a living estate is the real estate of unlimited worth; which, what’s unlimited can’t be below what is limited as some limited liability as a shield; which, it isn’t and can’t do that; in, a future moment language can function with a noun also a verb that’s true; because, it’s a CORPS under a shield of limited liability; that

What’s, to come in the fall is a booster mandate also mask; double-oath, takers don’t work for you or i; and, a lie they take away your title as a man or as a woman; such, illegality is trumping all right now; the, same as in the past that has occurred to this father and his son; on, false ground; yet, a jc quanta syntax of smart contract applied no third party interloper has to have been anymore in your life; as a

CORPS, formed who formed that CORPSE is in the private corporation and how much that itself as a body politic isn’t equal to you the real estate which is the sacred cow; so, if you sensor by stopping the news you don’t have transparency; and, you and i need to participate in the data; not, just be a spectator; you, bring people to who is giving you the real news; which, is the north east west and south; from unlimited, liability it’s we the people; yet, if you

Look, at the headlines like how Libya was turned into boat people with no law and order to settle any claim; and, the other headlines of a fire boat battered on an off-shore oil rig called Deepwater Horizon; so, on April the twenty-first in two thousand ten in the gulf of Mexico an environmental oil spill degradation existed as a limited liability of a corporate private international conglomeration;

Looking, into the past to find the Indian Point nuclear power plant; which, spewed out sixty five thousand percent more radio-activity; when, microwave fuses element enormous amount of toxic condition can have occurred as well; which, is an anomaly in a normal bush-fire temperature; yet, to cover up by placing a wall around and no explaining what the claim really is is it because arsenic for instance shows microwave weaponry in residual firebombed areas? Yet

If, an unlimited worth is you see a Health CORPS granted immunity; even, as some product is shown to be harmful; an, emergency chief patsie just gets fired; yet, where’s the claim that’s to be discharged; the, risks of drilling and gas as a heavy dirty energy gets cleared away more from clean energy available; which, is the proper reset;

Limited, liability reduces standard also safety and ethicacy; legislation, to protect for instance children yet by fraud to make a victim like a child abuse laws; a, child and a parent is without natural right; no, court order was needed in New York City; and, today it’s like ban the jab isn’t it? Back, then was one father against one thousand five hundred attorneys working for ACS and the family court; a

Prosecutor, biased in family matters and not grilled with vice admiralty under commerce which isn’t the law from the land; as, you see a jubilation is about; otherwise, you’re looking at a plan as global laughing stock as asymmetrical war seen of improper ruling relevant to the investigate war crime including vote crime in a nation; so, can you participate in the data? You

Introduce truth to who is following you; the, highest supreme court is we the people; under, article III and IV issue; an, attorney’s work is of a collective fraud at the courthouse; stating, all to have been abandoned and receiving a maximum payout; at, a profitable trading house; that, real estate as traded as stock is what built the world bank; also IMF; and, fractionally reserved out now to be a bank inside a nation is foreign; but

It’s, a corporate USA for “its” private “company” holders; and, never has not infiltrated government position; all, who in the past was paying the piper was running the show; yet, in this day you’re aware this is you and i of unlimited worth; for, binding authority originates from the land; and, not water as chattel; in, a procedure as an appearance only; it’s, the

Evil, of an ISM like a legal shield of limited liability; and, to try a past president of any proper precedent; only, where war is erected for you can’t observe a crime seen; you, make proper observation; yet, to whitewash a crime scene so you can’t see; yet, it’s the decor of being under whats of limited worth only; which, is below you of unlimited worth of we the people; yet by your

Decor, and conduct you and i need to step up to the plate more to perform proper civic role as an institute with check and balance; of, what could be considered government overreach; love, jubbdavid;


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