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Good Bile Flow clears Sticky Mucous pt1

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Marrakesh, Moroco

Lifefood is overall about a ratio of five parts calcium and two parts phosphate. Dead food as grain, dairy, flesh and bean can be up to two hundred parts phosphate and only one part calcium. If that calcium is a cationic variety than all is set for mucous and body secretion to have become sticky. Spit into a clean glass of water and wait twenty minutes. If it grows legs like a camel you have yeast; and bile insufficiency.

Bile insufficiency and excess calcium phosphate build up in body tissue is always accompanied with abnormal mucous and also disease such as cystic fibrosis. Having good bile sufficiency is critical in maintaining vital normal body secretion. Bicarbonate release from the liver and pancreas sequesters all cationic calcium from thickened mucous discharged as exudates from a body cell. Mucous disperses and is able to diffuse as an increased function of good bile flow. Cystic fibrosis is the result of secreted mucous remaining aggregated and it being more viscous and remaining in the effected body organ. For mucous dispersion; bi-carbonate release in good bile flow chelates cationic calcium, and mucous can be dissolved. Dead food and highly acidic diet causes the opposite; it causes bile...

Tell your family to put their candy in a paper bag labeled "The Greatest Pumpkin". The next morning look in the bag to find the gift!

...insufficiency. Mucous diffusion increases radically as a function of a good level of bi-carbonate release in good bile flow.

A radical decrease in mucin viscosity incurs when you have proper bile flow. Without proper bile flow a negative charge in mucin matrices is shielded; and it is also neutralized by electrostatic proton cross-linked divalent Ca2+. Proper intestinal mucous membrane health is vital to health. Normal ductal transport of released mucous and also adequate hydration of mucous matrice is essential to proper intestinal and digestive and nutrient absorption. Bicarbonate is formed also in your blood from carbon dioxide and water; and this allows insoluble carbon dioxide to be expelled from a body cell to the lungs to be expelled. Extraneous sources of carbon having remained wrongfully in body tissue come from oxidized ingested dead food consumption. Carbonic acid forms from dissolved carbon dioxide in water, and your red blood corpuscle predominate in reactively buffering carbonic acid and bi-carbonate balance.

Reduced pressure on blood in peripheral body tissue assists insoluble carbon dioxide to diffuse from tissue into peripheral capillary blood. A red blood corpuscle becomes more positively charged and it releases its oxygen. Oxygenation can only occur as a cell can still give up carbon. It then can receive oxygen from hemoglobin; otherwise a cell interior can have switched to a micro- fermentative condition.

A quiet breath ensues as you eat lifefood. Whereas runaway di- sacharide sugar not managed by the liver and strange indigestible protein, causes a more rapid breath to clear excess acid. Your breath is what is primarily buffering the acid/alkaline parts of Hydrogen in your blood. Dissolved acid causes bi-carbonate to increase to maintain blood at a pH of 7.3. Good bile flow increases the concentration of an enzyme carbonic anhydrase in your red blood corpuscle that easily hydrates excess carbon dioxide. Good bile flow causes bi-carbonate to diffuse out of a red blood corpuscle into plasma in venous and arterial blood. An acid chloride ion, chloride shift is always pulled in the opposite direction; this maintains electo-static homeostasis.


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