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Good Conversation Is The Art Of Silence(s)

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

A spider’s web is communicating the winter coming;

Who’s listening always enjoys you giving choice in the way you frame things; when, you speak i hear you using modus operandis of possibility; like, ‘i wonder;’ ‘that’s very interesting;’ for, a motor operandus of such you’re presupposing excellence; when, i’m speaking i hear you; this, is listen speech; my, speech is formed from what is important you have inside; for, such

What’s needed as a pattern displayed is a gap in your cloud bank; for, who jumps out after something is said is showing you one was in internal dialogue; whilst, supposedly listening; for, the best conversation really is the art of silences; for, the best conversation you have is where you’ve abandoned memory also experience; the, listener as well;

Ongoing, as you’re in the present you’re having given all; it’s the amplified gain of contact where i awareness is; freedom, is to improve upon silence; which, is clearing up dichotomy; for, the art of good conversation is the art of communicating sanity; for, also what is making common sense; it’s, face valid; it’s construct and contextually valid; for, how a conversation comes to be complete is of your certain unique consideration; for instance

Reasoning, can be for you as any conversation can have ended; for, as you pace and lead you see you have rapport; such, is by mirroring and crossover mirroring the other beloved’s ‘style;’ a, feeling is left full and whole within for who you’ve just communicated how a conversation is complete; who’s present, always will feel much less “snug” by your exit;

For, as another is boring it’s your care to exit gracefully; a conversation being complete, is by suggestion; a, paced and leadness; maybe, a way for such is simply saying “you have someone waiting;” for, isn’t this, by itself, everything is happening? Or, otherwise you can see another way to exit is to say “you’re to go get something;”

A, self awareness in i you’re good in the way you learn about self; you’re, learning to reframe artfully; redirecting conversation; for, in i awareness, desire and knowing is ended; for, this is you perfectly who can agree you’re the one who is good you agree quickly with your adversary; in, agreeing to disagree you have ease of ability to move on; one, can mend reality to also be healed up more of challenge;

If, you talk to anyone and ask the reason most generally don’t connect much with their family members, this is because all most you find are in ‘zero level learning;’ many, will say “i’m comfortable where i am, thank you;” as, one is already “comfortable” none such have any interest in transformation; so, often in a boring manner are displayed nonstop of “content driven” conversation;

It’s, the reason most don’t want to connect with someone who does such; for, so little structural deeper conversation is generally; is, for the reasoning many can have felt utterly bored being around family members; instead, can you now be more living for fact not always totally, utterly, a habit of what is poor to be illiterate?

For you this is important; for, you’re being asked how to consider timing; for, isn’t this the key to change or, even kick off a great conversation? So, what’s going on as you have offered what is a compliment, which isn’t seriously shallow? Also, where someone comments on the atmosphere present you’re pacing what’s existing; which, you can notice about the environment;

You’re, pacing a gap you’re having within your cloud bank; for, it’s important i see how you’re good at allowing others to finish; you, don’t knee-jerk; you’re allowing others to have emotion; you’re not limiting another of any motion; you’re not running around in totally limited of self; limiting, what you think is “proper emotion and what’s not;”

Yet, you remain empty witnessing; you’re able to ask genuinely; you’re, in life empty; you’re tracking sensory based information; such, is causing you to have a positive meaningfulness on the outside; otherwise, you can be just a ‘lone wolf;’ honestly, practicing learned helplessness not exercising any choice; just, to knee-jerk, can’t help yourself; for

It’s, not for you to dominate nor steal energy by monologuing; for, you’re showing a deep interest also curiosity for who is listening; for, you yourself i see is a very active listener; i, see you apply backtrack frame being integrated for what is said; for, unlike a self who is real all else in the mind is merely fictional; as, you are feeling within your interest you have pleasure;

You’re also accessing whole brain functioning within your listener; you, stop being “blurty,” “putting your foot in your mouth;” judging, quickly condemning someone; you, could wander around not really connecting much to anyone; you are very poor in your own personal development; for, this we’re talking about here is in how you’re keeping yourself within an inner company;

For, this solitude is you keep company of; this, is the university; the, real one; the, genius where you vote with your feet; for, this is ongoing now; walking, sitting, living as a meditation; you, can learn to love every response you can have witnessed or not; yet, to converse and be really good in dispute; for, you who is good, logic and persuasion; you, have far more silence i see in such seductive moment; quite, the opposite of a knee-jerker;

You’re able to say the right thing, at the right place, in the right time; for, having little social grace honest, you haven’t achieved anything much up to this point; to, honestly not be free of knee-jerk; as, a knee-jerker you’re not able to embrace much any talk with others; you, embrace “small talk” even though such is not fulfilling; all, have to do a little bit of that to have rapport with you;

For, you to be lead where you have to pace the other you can see that’s going on; for, then you can lead; this, is being aware of rapport; ingredient, in good conversation you should raise a flag for; for, this is your honesty also brevity; for, you’re entering into conversation; this, is your liberty in a faculty of your executive guidance;

If, you stop knee-jerking you won’t get triggered; most, knee-jerkers get triggered way too much; you, have to stop getting triggered into ridiculousness so quick and easy; if, you’re feeling interested also pleasurable you’re fully accessing more whole brain functioning in the listener; very, good conversation easily shifts the direction within often for eternity;

For, the best conversation, as indicated herein is where you have totally abandoned your knee-jerked memory ongoing; perpetually having remained in experiences; what’s, good about you i see is you’re great at “catalyzing” innovation; you’re, equal to what is mutually shared in emotion; for, truth is: when you “knee-jerk” you have no sharedness of any emotion whatsoever; you’re, only going to appear knee-jerked;

For, truth is in the present; you, could have missed the opportunity to learn how to refrain what is prejudicial; for, now being here this is you being unattached which is real; i, see though you’re so attached you’re not in the real; fidgeting, in inner dialogue never not; for, such is the reason if you dropped such you’re having a good conversation; you, may leave your feeling very good; yet, honestly you’re not recalling very much;

This, is being more in the present actually; for, such is always leaving you feeling good; yet, not really recalling much; this, is you who is developed a truly quick wit; you’ve, got a great sense of humor; for, absolute perfection we’re talking about here is you i see really living in the gaps between the beats; i, see you have eyes; you, also are smiling in between the words; a, happy friendship is;

Your, long conversation is which always feels very short; for, this is you in a true healing therapeutic; you’re easy following instruction given you afterward; which,this is allowing you to look back and see you’ve adopted such patterning; you’ve achieved success; as, i can have seen you mostly you’re full of internal dialogue; you’ve, never had a teacher; you’re, not keeping your mind what is of no mind really; this, is where no suffering is at all; as, consciousness arises within you, the world also rises; this, notion of you or i as the apparent “doer”, i want you to know is your bondage; for, this shaman doesn’t grasp or hold onto anything;

Innerstanding, is truly leading you to be more free; can you have stopped your own internal dialogue? Can you say you’re unknowing? For, this you’re to be free; you’re good in conversation; for, i see you accepting life more as it is; for, this in i awareness as said, this is you totally being beyond space also time; for you, you’re evermore totally present; you’ve, gone beyond the limited idea “you are a body;”

For, good conversation is the home of the abyss of the unknown; for, this is what is real; otherwise, all your matter as known you should know is ignorance; for, i and also mind is a false idea; for, the best conversation had honestly is where peace, silence, growth, learning, achievement, and recognition is; being, motivated is a good conversation; for

This, is the art of silences; for, the brevity; for, awareness is you being in empty full bliss with self; this, is i in you being courage; love, jubbdavid;


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