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Good Leadership Causing More Serotonin

Serotonin molecule aligned with centaurus constellation

What’s tasteful also fragrant as a feeling is harmonious; as, life is in i awareness you have an outward lived inner meditation of an ongoing experience of flow; such, is situationally tested; for, you can manage the heat of the moment; in, i awareness one is neither hot nor cold and certainly not luke warm; otherwise, it could be noted you’d observed a stream life of stressor experience;

Such, is the cause as a trigger of high calcium levels; and, the body less than to function overall; you, can only have three ways to respond; one, is congruent; another, is congruent but it has a condition; and, another is polarized; the, last two responses exist no state of dissonance; yet, a ten thousand things said what is said which causes your mind to fall still, quiet, and transparent;

Sound, neurolifecolloid insight being harmless; you learn to see how your preferred pattern of sorting information allows you to be in a functional plasticity; with, gained in jubb’s cell rejuvenation and applying whole brain functioning pattern; automatically, who is around a good leader has a very great impact on neurological function; for, one is observed in unity;

Serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine, and acetylcholine is as one feels connected, grounded, in a flow, being present; such, is observed in verbal and non-verbal; so, good leadership is modeling a way for you how to deal with the dunning kruger effect; would, you are considering how relation is of developed interpersonal pattern social acted response;

Of course, this being about flow; versus, imagined stress; in, whole brain functioning you have a preferred style of a more preference of feeling then hearing; you’re soughting toward a direction; also, focus of control being within; so, how you’re using your senses hardwired to functional plasticity; which, is the structural use of your brain in performed pattern response;

Hardwired, to the pieces that create success versus simply the outcome; one’s orientation is more goal driven; for, who is more excellent in performance; for, what one can have which is intelligence is to have gone beyond any prefixed set pattern to have survived; being, in uptime in the present is being in a state of a void omnipresence unoccupied, stealth, and readiness; a quickness; for

Familiarity, in remaining constant in a changed environment is you living life and modeling leadership with more perfect detachment; being, omnipresent being in your third person you deal with universal stressors; you’re, very hardy to survive; so, where you can look at how you handle not having been successful having had some strategy where one looks at what is for the sake of such simple; which, sometimes can have not gained a lot of things; yet

Certain, it’s experience of loss is how one arrives fundamental to maturity; also, emotional patterns; as, grief is the single most maturing emotion by integration the most; devastation, is loss of a loved one or having to have continuously moved a base; such, isn’t in need of any war; yet, a pattern ongoing should be stress free; otherwise

A, choice automatic can have had stress has a litany of limited mind function; being, more caught in i awareness perfect detachment and stress free response is being transmitted to your DNA; for, as memory was of an encoded stress such also was of a broad implied pathology; the, most common condition is called “Tavistock post traumatic stress disorder;”

Your perception of in a dream; you, can see engaging whole brain patterning is stress free all having been stress free; such, is a response to change circumstance also setting; so, clearly you can see all can upon a capacity to be able to remain flexible; for, putting a frame around all which provides new contextual condition or meaning or purpose; which, is sticky factor; you’re doing what is working; it’s, your successful response rather than what could have been as you look at all with a stressful response fast registered;

One, can slowly chip away at such to disappear all except for being more harmonious; for, this is really the cause of serotonin to have others around you be able to experience more freely;


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