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i Awareness Is Perfect Detachment Not Judgement

How you keep company inside, honest, is how you keep company outside; it is simply how you keep company; you’re speaking always what you’re living, living always what is spoken next; every single word has a physiology; yet, from an empty center point in life, in simple care; this, is how you keep your body i open, this is how you see; it, is not with your eyes; for, this is how you’re keeping company;

In, i awareness company is your own inner solitude to do such, one has inner structure in plasticity; you gain more by being in perfect detachment, otherwise, one can have learned to recognize where you could have had fixation; you, could have wanted the other to have some outcome; professionally, in that family it always causes “burn out;” yet, what happens you can sense things from i awareness?

Which, is you listening here, with an empty center, simply; with a feeling of care; this, is perfect detachment; in such a room as room for improvement this is how you keep self company inside; having space also room for improvement, focusing on what one can do better; looking at everything from what would be the resource; presupposing excellence, you’re viewing all more from a sense of emptiness;

Being abundant, for all is basically under an agentic state; which means an obedience to what one feels is logical; what happens of course, as you view being raised that beloved and the world is basically friendly? Or, are the beloved in the world hostile? So, obviously, one’s own inner development can be free of cognitive bias; yet, as you’re recognizing what you’re talking about here, this is really about your own personal development;

Nothing, is measured; this is i awareness; for, measurement can have only been some bars kept; you would have measured this not to have perfect detachment; yet, in i awareness you can look back and see you’ve had good lucidity; you’ve made decision where discernment is; for, you can clearly see who is on a path versus who is not; of course, retardedness just normal for all is simply being social;

Where, a punishment is a lack; prosperity thought would always be sown where new information is; whereas, adversity will have only been a panel which would have been operating; causing, more limited mind function; you can see identity of course is beyond thinking; one, can have only felt slack inside; it is then to have proof how smart one can have been; yet,

Who is in a state of poor achievement generally accomplished such too; for, all life begin in internal dialogue; yet, in virtue you’re taught this is all necessary to keep you on track; you, don’t need any negative enforcement; you can see what works; you can emphasize how you’re focusing at the moment by looking at how are you keeping yourself company? Yet, also you could have been ongoing as if you’re in the middle of some fight;

I, am always giving you my model of the world; a rabbit isn’t going to launch an action; a tree or a rock won’t either; for, this is something which you do inside; for, being is the only thing which will save you which is sacred; nothing, else is; on this note is wise to remember celebration is the chief component of you looking back on self been having considered compassionate; so, you do this for yourself; this, is by self;

In good balance you have proper referential, also orientation; in balance your preferred mode is of sorting information; a fifty fifty relation between inside also outside; so, all selective restrictive violation would have arisen otherwise; all, the act of a cognitive dissonant objection; with an empty center one can visit what is irregular to discharge such; yet

Where, things would have only been framed form aversive neurology, such was copied by association to may areas of the brain; one, yet remains intimate where no boundaries exist; wherever restriction is imposed, petty tyrance caused one to become either impeccable, or “more insane;” for, you can focus on devoting more a strong ethic; for, you this is having really good care for who is in your life;

Being in an ongoing outward living meditation is not turned on in some geographical spot; for, you’re accepting; for, many are measuring “self;” yet, in i awareness integration is with difference; for, such is ongoing as an outward lived meditation; simply, accepting another's value; for such can have only arisen from what is being modeled as a precognitive commitment held within long before the moment arises;

One is in free association more in i awareness; directedness in some benefit, yet, not where one would have had some learned helplessness; your achieving is a chosen cheat; for, one who isn’t able to trust others much, nor being in air of honor; for, such an impoverishment inside, an obsessiveness can have also been; for, all in the pursuit of changeless happiness, obsessed with novelty though is a fickle condition;

Also, proving disproving who you are; a fixation can be toward sought novelty; this is where anyone is judged themselves the most; the cheerleader, for instance, totally obsessed with not looking good, is an example of fixation as one is judging matter as one arises with internal dialogue; so, to only look for who is not doing the right thing, cutting the corner;

One summons a like energy back; you, certainly don’t want that to be some ongoing certain corruption; why not build this foundation and make a commitment now; you, simply remain in care; having an empty center; this, is your meditation ongoing; you avoid what could be a certain fate for a hardcore narcissist; for, otherwise most would observe various fallacious reasoning; where one is measuring oneself inside as to have been “successful or unsuccessful;” typically, such judgement had is how you are with others;

Yet, in i awareness you're not into measuring dialogue or what people are having dialogue about which is of lack experience; all, such can bring something in, or it is not an empty shelf; many, can be like Type A not being able to let go; also, others can be heard said procrastinators; yet, judgment of how one has been, i am asking you to have some pattern recognition more for now; for, this really we’re talkin about you developing capacity more to keep self company;

This, master is the owner this in; which, is kept for all guest invited come, also leave light; for, you are this excellent master of such in house; so, really we’re describing what perfect detachment is; not, just listening passively, no; listening, actively; being in perfect detachment; it is really you in your athletic performance sense of self; it isn’t a place you can have been running any benefit for judgment; it is enough for you to have been fully excellent in what you’re doing in the moment; there, really is only an integration with what you’re doing; yet,

Where, one is attached to all sorts of conditions, one can have all such attachments chipped away; otherwise, all various forms of narcissism exist where, one can hear instruction for instance yet not take on; conflicted parts could be; where, such is you have pattern recognition, where some is more like a passive aggressive; one takes a long time to be ready; is, always the last; usually the one in the most avoidance;

One, has kindness, yet is manipulative to be sort of a weaponized activity; which, can engage spite; also, weaponinzing ones incompetence; typical such behavior shows a neurological assessment, beehaviourwise of being more passive aggressive; yet, being i awareness is this new mindset where you’re free to be as a visitor, visiting any irregularity; to discharge any charge existing; it is simple; you’re being in your automatic self; no thinking is needed; otherwise,

Most will be looking at this; any, behavior as not being mature where one isn’t of any deferral of judgment; visiting what is irregular you can model excellence; where, if you’re a narcissist one has behavior as a lighthouse snail; which, often is putting self up to be sacrificed or knocked off; otherwise, other forms of passive aggressiveness can be seen with behavior called the fearless rat; this, is where one is doing what they can to get to a spot where they can get snacked on;

You, can ask yourself, honestly, there has been so many times you have differed your judgment you can always see how good this is turning out; otherwise, one can have observed where balance isn’t; behavior of sarcasm perhaps or even spite; also, one can have a silent treatment; for, all which is of any negative criticism one would have only been left more deferred more judgment to be where manipulation was;

For, such is a limited mind function; for, all beloved such one can be more passive aggressive sure; not, much communicated care is for where change is with another; otherwise, where manipulation there is many found indirect ways to expressed more averseness; in such a case in a purposeful underminedness where one is more powerless; for, the passive aggressive is discharge any charge not inside; many to say to me;

Message to all is to be transparent; also, one can be more involved in providing more proper critical information; or, sometimes you can see such withholding such; for, all such false negatives which can be seen as a selfie; instead of unloading ones court to appear somewhat upset or disappointed; for, one to be inside to control more so for others to be more inadequate; so, look i am giving you more patterns to have recognition of; one can have paced future paced success being remained moor in perfect detachment;

In perfect detachment one is engaging the frontal cortex; one is more optimistic being focused on what can happen; one is able to observe apathetic or pessimistic; many can be related to more attention; one is sometimes not able to see the repercussions of one's actions; yet, if you’re deferring your judgment the benefits can be ther more for you; you’re associated socially being in congruence where parallel processing is as having place to room; for, finally process you can consider the process to be ethical; yet, immune state of averseness can have been all to more have light as a pattern; interest in pleasure also; for, such stimulates your frontal cortex;

Such is in the back your forehead, being engaged as interest also pleasure is; also, can have been neuron inhibited; is responsibility for behavior; to cause of life one is to be selected inclusive; yet, is selectively restrictive; as, flow is otherwise a violation of sensory system; you being committed to have congruent processing in ordinary syntax; otherwise, one witness polarization which is something that doesn’t really fit; also having go over something yet not exit;

Because neurology inhibits aversive neurology all sensory state specific; as your frontal cortex active one is with a capacity to inspire creative influence of the future; so, the aversive amygdala is available being state specific to only past, short learned sequence expression; language is more flow in its smoothness to become more clipped; yet, seeing to be withdrawn having more attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can have reduced neuro plasticity; behavior also physiology can have slowly become more toxified; yet

This doesn’t have to be where you can have learned how to have pattern recognition to have turned things around; the key point: deferring your judgment is a bestitude you can follow; yet, if you take the high road you can clear up misconception, having body i open; for, what is missing you should be able to look at where another could have a passive aggressive behavior;

You, like me, prefer to be in a mode; you also prefer to be to know to move forward you visit to correct what is needed; you, otherwise in conscious fear, also anxiety could have been the banks swam between; it, is far easier being adverse to a messenger; a stereotypical you is passive aggressive is where one can witness a double bind; planets can arise; you know you’re in perfect detachment; otherwise, it would be the aim of a narcissist to have caused others to control such; because

Appreciativeness can be a topic; versus what is not fairly unappreciated; for, such behavior is where you're deferring your judgment; one, can have witnessed passive aggressiveness could have been with other; for, one can take responsibility for whatever would have been an undo of success; otherwise, any caused blamed condition all else could be where meditation was; for, a lack of agreement; on, this note in i awareness one is always focusing on what can agree with; love jubbdavid;


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