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i awareness Is Where Your Private Life Has Sunk Below Consciousness

If you ask yourself as you’re observing right now what would insure as your private subject experience of I has sunk below the level you’re conscious of? Isn't the darkness of sleep fully refreshing? Isn’t it such a void that only remains in I awareness; is the power of what is being expressed to you here about awareness, about life itself? For, what would it be if you were not i awareness more automatically?

Of course, what is in anyone’s mind isn’t reality; a word like a PERSON or a PER DAUGHTER is said to be you; yet, it is not; you can have been tricked to think you were a son or daughter of a PER; yet, that word only relates to a mindset of your “volunteeredness” to be only acted as a UTILITY COMPANY; fictional; is it i awareness which is free of name, free of form, because what we’re talking about in you which is absolute; how, you make your home in me, you let me make mine in you;

For, is not i awareness beyond also desire and fear? What lost sway over me after I met my teacher was pleasure, and pain as any state that would have been over me; for, empty fullness bubbles; bursts forward up out of nothing; laughter, you find at the bottom when you’ve got to the bottom; this, is your awareness of your infinite, eternal, potential; quietly, space is unbroken; only, space is as room; borderless;

Only, space is continuous; which, birth and death would have breached what’s temporary in relation to what is eternal; what is throughout all versus a part; a, “thing” only; you’re not a “thing;” for, this is who is real; that, is you who is not a stagnant spot on the earth somewhere; what, arrives and returns comes back into what is original; what was here before you could have perception; also, a body;

For, what is continuous within you is the word room; the, greatest room, the most important, is the room for improvement; what, was born and had to return came back to this void; which is I; immortality, isn’t about a presupposed continuity; what is correct, also appropriate is found is self automatically; being, in i awareness; for, no space within would have been granted for a mind or a body; you, remain i aware throughout life;

It’s not a normal condition one has to have been found polarized as a preferred mode of sorting information; nor, would it be considered normal that you would have less than excellent ability to be excellent in all learned behavior; as, you move in your life; nor, would it be normal where you’d have been ‘left’ other than your capacity to install a new behavior generator inside;

For, master is over the vestibular meta-modality and how you’re using direction; turning, spacial location; and orientation of the trail; for, as you have mastery over this kinesthetic self you can have transformed anything on your outside world; for, you can go deeper; and have gone to layers in direction taken for action; which, achieves your outcome you can have survived;

You’ve gone beyond anything prefixed as any PERSON to do such; you’re in your spontaneous creative intelligence; this, is your power; for, you’re responding in whole brain functioning; you’re engaging a brought focus to your awareness; this, is an ongoing outward lived, sitting, walking, living, meditation; not, turned on or off; nor, "practiced” in a set; home, is ongoing as your attention is;

For, to have been warm upon as ragged as any thought; the question is where is the claim? As, you’re agreeing you’re being guided ever moor now within; for, isn’t the mind simply a mere reflection yet, not you? For, this is who is real; for, it is not real if it is a mental set; a, mental set is just a fiction; so, you can see your mind is a mere fictional shadow of reality; a, map of reality;

Maybe, it is an accurate map; maybe, it is a map which already is embellished; love jubbdavid


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