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In i Awareness Courage Is What Is Observed

I awareness is you being fully present in the moment now; for, a void is in front; for, reality is who’s talk is walking loudest; for, a medicine beloved is traveling this road less traveled; for, all is a question of an outcome received; otherwise, it’s a question of sometimes speaking out against what isn’t just; for, completeness for any failure you’d consider only a temporary condition; for

In, i awareness is as you have truth sought for clarity is; this, which is mutually beneficial; in, i awareness you’re living courage for to grasp to be able to comprehend and recognize even very small detail; all, grown into what is sharp and noticed; for, being clairvoyant which is this in i awareness you have lucidity; which, always argues against what is insane or confused; for,

Having, clarity in cognition you have a brightness in mental condition; which, is an awareness you have which is an absence of inner judgment; this, i being empty centered is simply of care; which, doesn’t identify with success or failure; all, such unthinkableness; for, awareness is total in true being; this, is really without any self-concern; you, display disregard for what is desired also fearfulness;

To, be looking into truth with courage all such i see contributing to your progress; for, only it would have been as ignorance was obstinate; a, polarized and perverted effort; as, pain would have been inevitable; for, you have obedience to this father such a seed can grow within; silence, for this is you liberated not following custom; anything, predictable; for, this reason you are free;

An, obedient to the moment for what is needed; for, what is right is your freedom to be aware for self; no, doubt exists; for, you’re looking within not without; so, obviously i awareness being with courage rests within how associated you are to emptiness ongoing having room inside; in, a state of bliss; for, the power you have is determined; for, to live life abundantly, associated moor with power; such

Contains, the past and future; the, roots where destiny is you see also success or pain; for, inside self you hard-wire more whole brain functioning pattern; for, being in the present it is the courage i see you have; in, my eyes i see you being for creation itself; you, are in a mutual lived assistedness rooted in truth; ignorance would have only been matter itself ignorant;

A, rabbit and a stone isn’t going to launch an action; for, this is you who is pleasing to know; you, i see don’t know this is the endlessness of ill and sufferedness; for, otherwise the world would have to be in need of being “saved from you;” certain, it is avatar have come also grown; for, the world is clotted along under usury; yet, when all could be positively inducted economically;

You, have quorum of what is verified sensory based; yet, to do what would ordinarily frighten others; yet, to be persistent, perseverance; for, i see you mentally and emotionally being able to withstand danger; for, confidence being a willful choice you can confront danger and uncertainty; which, such is i see you to achieve your outcome; it, took courage to conquer such fear;

For, in i awareness nothing is; yet, bubbling from nothing fully honored and esteemed; nothing, is as you are fully present; all, sensation is received; for, it’s an admirable quality you have; which, confronts to bring truth to such audacity; also, spunk in the face of obstacle; for, i see you have courage in character; i, see you’re searching to always be with a glimmer of light; for

This, is leading you always evermore to something better; your spunk shows mental and moral strength all in the face of difficulty; for, most didn’t take a path is a narrow as self; yet, ran through the broad one most people run through; for, it’s strength of your mind all is preserved; observed, about you; for, in bravery courage is to come to see things more simple; reducing, all extraneous effort;

One, can achieve what needs to be in twenty percent of the time it takes most people one hundred percent to achieve; for, being with this power in how you use your vestibular sense to be remained associated to the present; for, you achieve what i see ordinarily is frightening or even dangerous; and, all i see you do is with great dignity; this, with a beauty of respect in being worthy; for,

This, is an unbending principle to fulfill; so, no need is to fidget, have internal dialogue, or not be able to exit; for, any sense of value i see you model such a dignified life; in, i awareness i see you in an ongoing meditation being courageous having courage; for, your will i see beauty and determination; for, this resolve you achieve such specific gain; for

Action, you take i see is for a point of usefulness; for, you can know what is mutually beneficial; this, is what you want; you, take all in so nothing is present to impede; good, skill you have which is your ability to track by being in uptime sensory specific behavior; in looking back, i see how you future paced a modeled logic effectively always with your environment;

I, saw you were gentle but also had good street smarts being shrewd in awareness; for, general it is i see you courteous, polite, remaining respectful; i, see you in egalitarianism; for, carefully i see you avoid all which would be ajar; or, to continue jiltedness; or, to otherwise only be clashed of some opinion; street smarts i see you have is experience;

All, is dealt of any potential challenge; you, have calculated risk where most might consider “being dangerous to life;” yet, to blend i see you can with many different types of beloved; it, is this clarity of expression to me i see you with such behavioral intelligentest; you’re shrewd; you survive; you’ll succeed in any difficult working environment; for, all is this which you have which comes from nothing;

You, i see is with learning inside; it, is the most admirable quality; you, easily can find what brings about truth; love jubbdavid;


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