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In i Awareness Is The Path of Least Resistance

Who, is i aware is you who is with this path of least resistance; you’re, inducted eternally into what is divine; which, is absolute; which, is a shoreless ocean behind your eyes as empty stellar space of the universe; for, this is who is actually; nothing else is; for, in balance this i is the body is of perception; as, matter is non-localized; care, of a magnetic being in the present as a magnetic moment;

This, is you aware of perception the body has; also, aware of who is real versus what is fictional; also, i is this state within; which, is permanent as a background against what is transient; very, universal care of am which is non-localized; as a field is what is attractive, or what is not; such, is enriched as a theme of any centralized nervous system; such, is without ever living; for, it is a very short way which isn’t of any distance this which is accessed here from the cloud bank; so,

An, arriving and returning can occur to a body; yet, not this i; omnipresent; for, this is who is you looking over all the places you have left yourself behind; for, who is real is timeless beyond a geographical spot as any beginning, arriving, n returning; a, body is survived; for, as care is divine is you having a long life; for, what is needed isn’t of any import; for, this is you who lives long; so, the question is how is it you get more into this ‘powerful present?’

Questions of course relate to how you meditate in i awareness; for such is a living sitting walking ongoing meditation which isn’t turned on or off; it, is not the result of a geographical spot; except, in your emptiness non-localized as stellar as space; and matter as care is; in balance, you’re living in perfect detachment; one, is observing an outward lived example as the most powerful model; who, is this master of self you have a self dedication for to take this path of least resistance?

It is a road with a heart, which is the path of least resistance; such, depends on how earnest you are; how, diligent to be attentive; all is relating to how you’re observed being available being in the power of this present; it, is this father’s story telling you about self; who, was as a simple child growing up in isolation? For, this i trusted my teacher; i, saw immediately what i was instructed to do; this, i did such to the concentration of my whole self; i’d, focus on who i am;

For this to be resolved here, i am giving this to you; for, i am giving you instruction; in i awareness, this i is beyond perceivable; even, one’s own inner perception; i remember the moment of such i gave all my whole to my teacher, heart and spirit; for, what happened to me was of my own spontaneous creative self; being, present the finest peace had been installed;

For, i took a vow to not have any permanent place to lay my head; i, would travel on a road less traveled; i’d, give of my whole entire intention to come to see as my teacher; for, all spare time is utterly; for, such within such i’d find time; also, to speak to you where i am; for, i became aware is this i aware state which took some few years; certainly, one can have chosen this path of a heart; yet, overall it is who’s talk walks the loudest is for you who is given attention; so

Clues, given here of course is for you in your search of purpose to find happiness; you, have this happy face inside self; for, you establish self firmly in i awareness; for, you this father is i am which is eternal to be inclusive of everything less as any beginning and arriving for who is original; the question is, how can you look back and see also you’ve finally achieved more this spontaneous creative self?

One, can see the sheet ice flat surface of a lake not having done a single thing in reflecting plants close by to you yet; also, trees, mountains, and sky; for, this as you mind is ready is you opened up as water finding its own level; perfection, is this state of i awareness; which, is self which is the mind of all you see, uncaused; being, unvaried; for, all is for the sake of itself; for, all is for the sake of itself;

Otherwise, you n i is of the 'color given' such in the mind as the video/audio; for, the light and sound and feeling isn’t of the film shot; which, is what colors such; for, such is made within to appear; movement, yet through space is engaging some interception for the search of ‘what is;’ for, as your mind is empty, still, silent, also, transparent, i is where all bondedness is loosened;

For, this you can untie, also passed, a new mooring (which comes from the moor); for, this is i in perfect detachment; this, is the state my teacher cloud instructed me over timing; for, such can have done; for, all else is as been such as now the wind dancing; the, wind dances with the rose you see in the garden; this, is the very same care as what is emoted which is inside you which is driving you; such, has driven you to have this read; you’re listening into this light; for, you live supreme as this father is this outward lived example for you; okay? Love jubbdavid;


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