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Is Herb Part of the Web of LIFE?

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Is Herb Part of the Web of LIFE?

Dr. David Jubb August 20, 2011

Oslo, Norway

Small birds can fly hundreds of kilometers to get an aromatic herb to bring into the nest, and then the chicks have more hemoglobin in the blood. Plant: flower and fruit, leaf, twig, bark and root have properties that can be seen to have a synergistic vitalizing effect. No one can ignore the enormous existing evidence of this. Also, no one can ignore the placebo effect which, on average, has a 31% effect itself.

Garlic is a medicinal wonder containing more than a couple hundred active ingredient including: zinc, copper, vitamin c, amino acid, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur and selenium. Garlic has a synergistic effect of its multiple ingredient. Garlic assists open up blood vessels and hypertension is reduced. Allicin is one ingredient in garlic that can clear away dysbiotic bacteria and also intestinal parasites. Garlic has been shown to protect against breast cancer; it stops cancer growth, and significantly reduces cholesterol.

Everything is part of the web of life. As you would be missing, a note played would also be missing. Insect flying through the air assist to cause formic acid to be given to the atmosphere you and I breathe. Formic acid is gotten through breathing the air in an environment as insects are existing. As you have proper level of formic acid, fluid as blood can flow efficiently through connective tissue.

Insects create formic acid inside themselves. Formic acid causes blood to flow in an insect and it causes blood to flow also through your body's connective tissue. As a person ages, formic acid in the body assists (if its there) to create body fluid to flow through its connective tissue. Everything is part of the whole of the web, even wasp interact with fruit tree to cause it to improve in its health and sweetness of its fruit.

A human, like monkey and other animal, does self medicate. Monkeys can be seen to fold a very long prickly leaf into a tiny little Constantina square. They do it because they get the feel better. It can be shown to clear away nematodes in their intestinal tract. The idea that a human would never do any herb is ridiculous. Why would a human not do what all other lifeform can be seen to do?

LifeFood is herb to have a synergistic and compounding adaptogenic effect. We existed in an etheny which was a pod of about 30 people who knew us. But today we live in a world where you could be acted upon by persons who don ́t know you. Human behavior can be like plastic and synthetic and soulless. Since 2005, the EPA allows experimentation on children who have been taken by the state who are without permission of parents and guardians to determine regulatory rules on synthetic pesticides and chemical drug exposure.

Synthetic chemical has indestructible residue as toxin. A lot of gender bender synthetics is now found in the human body. Synthetics are poison, not medicine. Can we soberly wake up to a biodegradable plant based environment? Cause plastic is like diamonds are forever. If you care about the albatross that died because its tummy was filled lots of plastic cigarette lighters and clothes pins. Plastic linings cause gender bender characteristic changes of feminizing and has a serious effect on reducing sperm. But you can learn to protect your DNA by moving toward LifeFood and doing some cell cleansing. As a LifeFoodarian, you fit into nature, for you consume things which have its natural paciferins having a vitamin function of being like natures antibiotic.

It is unscientific to find a single active ingredient inside a plant. The ancient people just watched and learned from animal in its behaving, from the insects, the worms. You have an instinctive wisdom where healing has its resulting synergy. Nature is the

healer. One can become educated and learned about how to take care of their body. Whole food grown with LifeColloid tea provides the body with a synergistic array of known and unknown natural compounds.


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