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Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Written on the Road Bitter, found truth: a, small sipped flattering; a, lie upheld; and, greedily all is monopolized by the select few; and, as you can see written history of war; and, as any happening too; as, the curriculum you could have heard inscribed; and, therefore,

Labelled, you could have observed three hundred million conservatively in number, apparently genocided, since the third world war; and, all you see is forced by what’s been dead being put above the head; and, by monopoly and scale of economy an imposed devastation of negative economic inductance; and, thus,

Back, then and today what’s said is listened to about; that, a topic of a very monopolized scale you and I have allowed to have existed to this point; and, you’ve got to know is destructive; that, is the very same hand of a world gubernation; minus, three orphan countries today; all, basically one plantation; that, apparently Pope Bony owns; a, monopolized scale of one with the biggest stick; and, that be a hand above the government; that, is perpetually constructively trespassing on your tradename; by, knowingly capitalizing on your and my estate; and, therefore,

Your, blood and title stolen; be, your property not a State’s that doesn’t exist; you, cannot say your property is not in the wings soaring in a wind of a collapsing dull-whore into financial martial law; for, who is the issuer of debt-free currency got murdered by that bloke; and, by capitalism and communism all destroyed; and, what a beloved be given as one’s labor in a treasury certificated issued by beloved before the second world war began; and, therefore isn’t the same condition existed today as back then; and, consequently, can you see now,

Eclipse, is a leaderless revolution as a movement; waged, in this day you are this mendicant; as, a brave in this Eclipse movement; you, are being asked to come from an office of trust not profit; and, you are being given this appointment to be happface’s trustee; to, satisfy happyface’s claim; and, while in lawful and legal terms employee employer relation exists; and, who is in an orifice of the highest position as the a-turn-on-you as a general; has, been given notice plenty, way too much in matter of fact; you’d, better know this beloved who is occupying this orifice; who, is of official misconduct and has been given notice such of such a claim; and, who has done nothing to assist with the matter of simply giving me or you an independent third party witness at the courthouse; to, be a land of self-governing; yet, instead a black and white frocked wigged-one under fiction, underneath a foreign oath; to, have apparently had up to this point something dead above your head is the condition; so,

All, underneath that highest position apparent; who, is absconded must work for me a man this happyface who has a claim of official misconduct and has been royally retaliated with upto this point; to, be as a trustee of this claim; you, can read about in the path of hollow bones; for, banking by monopoly is the overall de-zion; and, to create this which is real; Eclipse, does via the path of least resistance; for, no one can say the banking; where, this bank has been put by your’s and my aquiesence to be inside what is fictional only; such, you’d agree can’t hear your baby’s crises; nevermind, seeing a crack in the road or the cesspool of the plastic floating as a huge island in the ocean; until that’s also stopped once and for all by Eclipse; you, cant say the monopoly hasn’t created the biggest worldwide crises at present; and, thus,

A, monopolized group keep in mind your black hat white hat is called bottomry and is you know the bottom of the cockeys cage stuff as a spigotted ness versus another’s jockeying for the same privileged, spigotted control; yay, be it was made rain for someone over there; Eclipse, movement views monopolies as all evil; and, also the idea of a corps having been dead above your head; and, allowed Peter principled condition; is, the promotion of self to utter incompetence; acted, by hand above the governMENT to control the mind as mind-control; the, acted hand above government made richer to pull away from you and I to have such a scale of economy; such, a bloke could reach through the works and have mob-stalked you; as, was done to happyface and Dakota in new york city; where, no common law exists at the moment in the judicial process; for, economic egalitarianism content not has a hand been; for, what’s there is just a paid-patsy politicker its been made rain for; so, wars wings soaring in the wind; is, the talk of a collapsing current; that, you can see international banking as an allowed monopolized control you and I haven’t given any informed consent for; thereupon,

Controlling, earth weather; and, by a force multipliedness hold any country to ransom via deceit and distortion; and, redacted discussion (what’s purposefully not being discussed); and, via propaganda; you, can see how socially engineering has existed; and, as all isms are ultimately evil; yet, governments role is to protect your property; and, thus

A son’s property is to have his father; a, father’s property is to have his son; and, the happiness and much more that exists is exclusive between and from other members; and, this property isn’t the property of the State to enjoy that’s dead; for, a court of fiction is applied where everyone can have been lying; even, an apparent allowed psy-ops operation since 2012 that’s a lie; that, just began to be able to be legal; therefore,

Eclipse, is about forming a government on Turtle Island; again, once and for all time via constitutional money and common law in the judiciary; for, this be part of Eclipses’ action plan; all, else be claws scuttled across the floor sideways;

For, you in i awareness be imperishable self; and, to have though you could have destroyed such; to, be able is none; indestructible, is this i as this is who has made this son; and, this is real; and, that it’s not some stagnant spot somewhere; nor, a State’s property; which, is dead for it is an it; and it cannot have a joy; for, the entire stellar universe in i awareness is flowing inside self and is all pervaded;

Inside, you know you are as i am; this, happyface inside you; you, can see what is also Dakota; who, is my son who is of a right you protect that is his property; for, all be the same such that this is also not the State’s property; for, it can have no joy over this ever; for, it is a state and that is fictional and dead; yet, it is you who is real; and, it is this is what is eternal and not of some temporary illusion;

love happyface xxx

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