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Leadership is Self-initiating partnering and team Aptitude

Good, leadership is you know who you are; for, one must have investigated to know all you’re not; for, to follow this master one will have had to have left their ways behind; for, one can have self dedication; this, is how you’re self initiating in life; and, partnering and group dynamic aptitude; the, toltec organized a range of tactical self-initiating, partnering, and group initiative;

All, put in adventure based training as a medium; for, you have learned how to calibrate what is valued as a chain integration; also, you can be calibrating, noting and observing what works in a range of tactical partnering activity for instance; all, by engaging in partnering an initiative to a more beloved or entities can have intelligence ever moor in sharing;

A, giving exists between two entities; for, as you’re consorting you’re befriending; you’re assisting; this, is example of partnering; for, such being excellent is open in a trusted communication; partnering, is you feeling sound for a frame with the subject being in a positive manner; many, around you I see always get your message far more easily; I, see you naturally applying modus operators of possibly; like, “I wonder,” “maybe,” in front of being said;

I, see you having a ‘I get to enjoy this’ rather than “necessity” would have been as “I have to do that;” I, see you more with “I’m going to give this a go;” for, such is far better than not seeing self doing anything; one, can say certainly I can give this a go; words like “should” could be changed more to “I wonder;” for, how rapport is between parts is how accessible such parts are to the whole; for

How, ecological relates to a sense of receptivity in partnership; a, good skill level is as to who you’re championing; good, partnering of course you can see overlooks mistake; for, such an inner standing is getting; for, all good partneredness is how empathic you are; which, is your commitment being receptive; for, it’s the only way you can be of a proper focus; caring, about what need the other has;

This, is you partnering in competently; relating, to your creative process; it’s, the way I see you go about transformation from a large enough resource you have; I, see you always successful in your outcome; for, you could know the importance of another’s time alone; for, such is a sense can have great respect; for, you collaborate and comply; you, contribute; a, gain is with agreement; what, is mutually beneficial is an outcome had;

For, team building also shows you could truly be authentic in a gained accepted clarity; yet, I see you getting specifics; you’re, good with your non-verbal; for, also what is written of your oral communication; for, isn’t it how all with partnering and how this beloved is keeping self company? For, inside isn’t this you can observe the play ongoing between the parts being integrated in self?

You, can see ongoing how beneficial it is where you are; you can see two cups drank rather than one; each, other is in a mutual lived assistance which is active not passive nor withdrawn; a, responsibility is for each other; for, such value for also loss where partnership agreement is such is how receivable you are to adjust self ongoing to one’s partner’s mood; for, as you’re in I awareness here and now one is truly associated within activity which is of a common interest;

For, good partnering really is championing this other beloved; for, all care to be this good mentor; you, can certainly see what is working and what doesn’t; all, else being extremely manipulative; and, what getting is is put by the manipulator only to be a form of “love bombedness;” which, always being raised as something given alongside what is troubled is a certain troubled relation;

Being, “love blinded” is not looking at mistakes made to be errors ongoing; for, the manipulator you see applying love bombing; which, is ongoing a perfect way to have been manipulating others; love bombing, as a term, get popularized in the seventies; for, it’s a sign of a missed opportunity to have learned how to respond better; an, arrested development of conflicted relation; a, late term adulthood pattern of love bombing being used as a matter you’re looking at as a means to only recruiting a convert; for

A, good mentor is going to be you asking double questions which is more like, “I wonder how success feels…” as you’re convinced loving, wanting also to be secure as trust is; also, dependency then would have been established more; it, is there you can see manipulation ongoing as love bombedness starts to be equivalent to violating boundaries ongoing; not, being focused on any such boundary others need;

Ongoing, leads to an inner dialogue lead by an excessive guilt; so, a complex equivalent apparently is a form of love bombing to apparently establish a false sense of control; it, is the narcissist that rather than changing a view had where new information is continuing on not exiting to make the other feel some guilt; yet, truly to be the cause for you to know you not to deal with your own basic instinct remaining; such,

Intense declarations spoken you spot from neediness having been there; yet, championing is more in partnering; asking more a wondering about what one is capable and able to have changed; for, otherwise manipulative love bombing is easy to see; for, a lack of genuineness and a fake sense of affection; then, moments of situationally specific compliment which is truly not normal; yet

Having, some large big give away as an experience as feast of a fast pace to control and get into relation; in, leadership where such is going on one can see overboard frequent helicopter connection; along, with slavish need; a, witnessed boundary lost where what is private one keeps in a bag doesn’t exist; one, can often witness emotional manipulation; via, what is not authentic as an “experience given” fictionally; love bombing; yet

How about rather than that you have a question which is "what kind of outcome might you enjoy?" For, I in relation am displaying; an, "I make you feel safe" kind of stuff; for, such is a perfect manipulation attack by the con artist attacking then next praising connecting vulnerableness with behavior of love bombing is gone you’re more giving in I awareness; so

You, can be seen asking questions more like “I wonder what kind of challenge you could be facing;” for, what will could have changed within three or four years; start; take on phrases more and ditch all that negative stuff; love, jubbdavid;


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