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Monster Found at Beach

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Monster Found at Beach: Could there be some Superfood Danger?

Dr. David Jubb

July 19, 2011


No herb or supplement is a superfood; nor contains adaptogenic value by its self; but LifeFood nutrition comes the closest and is of a balanced and tonic property – because LifeFood is more about your lifestyle. LifeFood balances and enhances cell respiration and vitality and cell rejuvenation. Adaptogenic is the property of assisting balance the body to manage stresses of mental and physical exertion; dead food and other toxic environmental exposure; immune and structural body defect. LifeFood as adaptogenic is defined to have no harmful effect and assists your body to be able to return to its balance; regardless of body and psyche injury. LifeFood is fresh, organic fruit, vegetable, seed, nut (a semblance which can be still be found growing wild) and fermented food; minus strange indigestible protein (grain and bean); minus starch- like food containing runaway sugar called disaccharide (corn, carrot, beet, potatoes, banana, date, etc.). Adaptogenics is you having a lifestyle that is healthful, consuming LifeFood that has its natural paciferin. As you eat LifeFood, exercise and rest you maintain your vitality and resist dis-ease.

You cannot improve upon nature. No chef has stepped forward to say an improvement upon an apple occurred in the kitchen. No white lab coat professional holding up injectable or a lotion, potion, powder or pill can say they have improved upon a baby. Neither valid construct nor context exists for such; and no reliable evidence exists that a “superfood” product is adaptogenic of itself.

Today you have peddlers selling an enormous variety of toxic product that is not really food because a four year old human couldn't have done it. A dry herb swallowed in a capsule is for instance ignorant of such vital factor as: endothelial growth factor and potassium rhodenese hormone complexing necessary by saliva.

Injectables are ignorant that surface membrane and connective tissue is the body ́s first line of defense. Yet, injectable deer velvet is touted to treat male sexual dysfunction. You can find bovine eye and liver extract; vacuum dried stomach; adrenal and heart aorta, kidney, brain and bone tissue being sold as Raw Food. Companies selling such unethically got sufferedness use crackpot science to quell or dismiss consumer fear of mad cow disease (spongiform encephalopathy).

A wolf is guarding the chickens when mountain rock salt mined from crushed rock is touted instead of enzyme and nutrient rich sun dried sea salt that has amphoteric property. Milk production is unethical yet, no attention is paid to casein and insulin growth factors that pose hidden potential danger as cancer promoter agents and lifespan shortening element. Some spirulina is ok; but do you know it is thousands to one in phosphate vs. calcium? It is well known that tannin excess rich in superfood binds with nutrient and intestinal absorption sites guaranteeing no nutrient assimilation. You buy stuff and it is called “superfoods”.

Some have taken to calling bovine colostrum transfer factor but colostrum is what it is. Colostrum is unethically got; and is a potent pre-milk fluid full of dangerous – for the fully-grown! Insulin-like growth factor has scientifically been shown to be a serious cancer promoter. This is a serious monster found at the beach.

Numerous proposed benefits of insulin growth factor (IGF) analogues from rhino horn; deer antler, whale penis and colostrum is based upon no theoretical or contextual valid construct; but dumb-as-battles test tube cancer prevention and supposed body enhancement. A four year old could not have ever eaten deer antler velvet, for instance, which has dangerously high levels of IGF and also has been shown to have prion toxicity (causing mad cow life disease)

Deer antler is dangerous; and no animal product is ethically got. The dosage touted of deer antler is about 1 gram daily; and except for some allergic reaction no real obvious direct effect seem to incur but studies show that mice given insulin growth hormone lived much shorter life spans over all. Tranquilizer and anesthetics such as xylazine is a neoplastic cell promoter and xylazine is of dangerous level contained in deer antler product.

Insulin-like growth factor, (IGF), is a protein similar to insulin. This factor is made by body cells to communicate with a cells physiological environment. Milk product having growth hormone has been shown to cause heightened IGF wrongfully to be secreted by the liver. IGF is important to regulate normal physiology; yet, is also involved in pathological states such as cell growth and repair and as neoplastic condition.

Insulin-like growth factor is a known mitogen for epithelial cells in prostate neoplasm. The higher the IGF level in a young male correlates to prostate neoplasm (cancer). Cell proliferation rate (neoplasm) is positively correlated with IGF. An epithelial cell transforms by life colloid as spore aggregating, fusing and differentiating into neoplastic condition that is encouraged by cell wall growth factor (choreogonatropic hormone).

In a hypoxic (lack of oxygen) acidic terrain body cell interior lifecolloid building blocks AFD into fermentative lifeform as bacteria, mold, fungus and yeast. No herb or supplement is a true healing therapeutic which is defined as “you changing your ways”. This is the only true healing therapeutic. You may have to dislodge debris so even Lifefood can be digested and assimilated as nutrient to assist with cell respiration. Even LifeFood is not a true healing therapeutic for if a bile occlusion or celiac condition existing is not dealt with; then better nutrition can have only some limited success.

The plumbing can be leaking really bad, but someone could only have been suggesting to sweep the floor; rather than fix the leaking plumbing.

A non-druggist, non-surgical approach of an “upstream cleaning nature” may be required where the process can accelerate body cleansing some 600%. This is called Jubbs Cell Rejuvenation. The process applies the liver to assist detoxify and clean the body by cleansing the blood. Clearing away bile stone and reducing intestinal inflammation has a remarkable effect of raising albumin – the super transporter transporting all nutrient to the cell and its waste away. This is true cell rejuvenation that no unethical animal product or superfood can possibly match.

Superfood danger in antler deer velvet such as prion, undigestible protein in soy and grain and excessive tannin in green superfood, excessive inflammatory omega six fat, high phosphate and high IGF are all related to dietary and body dis-ease as disease promoters.

If a four year old could have come up with the idea it is probably natural; yet if more expertise that a four year old was involved its probably not natural, and is like a monster found on the beach as a present superfood danger.

Just because chocolate has high magnesium in it doesn't mean that magnesium or any other mineral can get into the blood. Tannin in cocoa bean binds with all mineral nutrient to allow no passage of anything such through the intestinal lumen.

Eating high fructose corn syrup and agave got from genetic engineered enzyme; and grain and disaccharide sugar does raise somatostatin; which in turn puts a halt to any DNA synthesis of protein necessary for cellular communication, rejuvenation and repair. Superfood touted at present can be full of toxic unsuspecting ingredient; and no substitute exists for doing upstream cleaning and LifeFood nutritional fasting.

Anti-aging investigation shows that a steady, small amount of growth hormone through out life lengthens ones life; yet, at increased levels this shortens life. It clearly as a supplement from animal disrupts natural IGF ́s. Even fruit fly's and other organisms have increased lifespan as insulin is reduced.

Cheap barley green and other chlorophyll containing superfood touted is test-tube-crack-pot science. In a test tube, barley grass chlorophyll can show antioxidant ability but what about high does of lactucarium (a xenopiate) and cadmium (a heavy metal)? What happens in a body unable to manage excessive tannin? If you are sensitive to bright light in the day you are probably taking in excessive green beyond the body ́s ability to break it down.

Chronic Wasting Disease and prion-like disease occurs for most all domesticated animals and birds if left to go to the end of life. Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) has been now shown in domesticated and wild elk and deer and is emerging from ever newer locations. And humans consuming antler velvet as a superfood are at risk for prion exposure (prion infection is considered responsible for CWD). In the recent past prion has been found in deer and elk antler velvet which has caused the shut down of some very large businesses based around deer antler velvet.

Safety and concern about animal derived dietary supplement being very high in phosphate and potentially harboring prion includes concern about flesh composed of a very high bacteria count. One square centimeter of animal tissue has about three million bacteria; animal milk product can have about one and a half million microbes; where as plant material may only have about ten microbes. Barley grass, wheat grass, kamut, spirulina won ́t grow in nature because of hybridization due to selective non-natural production. Grain has a very high phosphate to calcium ratio and has very little natural paciferin (natural anti-biotic) and contains strange undigestible protein.

A human is a frugavore, not a herbivore; some green is useful; but green powder can be easy to over do. Most green has actually a negative calcium ratio because of oxcilic acid content, kale, spinach and collard has a negative calcium ratio. Carrot, cane, beet and corn and agave sweetener may be touted as a superfood by peddlers but it is not a natural sugar. Programs sold by peddlers calling what they do superfood encourage so much green (thinking a human is a herbivore) causing adverse reactions of sensitivity to bright light; and loss of overall calcium from the body. They only use test-tube-crack-pot dumb as beetle science. Just because it has some useful ingredient; the overall food can actually be toxic in certain quantities being recommended by them to be consumed.

Consumers should watch for catch words in the title like “everything you need to know”. A half-truth is worse than a lie because a lie can easily be discovered, but a half-truth can go un- detected.

A food can have been called a “super food” if its in a test tube has a high nutrient composition. Chlorophyll for instance can be useful; but what about its high oxalic acid content? Activated grain (like barley) may have nutrient but what about its strange undigestible protein and run- away sugar content? All nutrient wet by water cannot be further wet by saliva; which as indicated has several important factors present that assist vital nutrient be digested and assimilated. So capsulated and dry material wet not with saliva is bypassing nature and is not LifeFood.

Critical thinking is not taught in school or in education, as it should be. Yet, much can be discovered if you can simply sit still, silent and be transparent. Males are taught that they have to be a superhero and females are taught that they have to be a genetic celebrity. No one questions the paradigm where one is – that is a set of rules that cause you to have interpreted and coded sensory information in a set way. Yet the sun shines on all evenly; yet, what reason exists that one is called “super”; and the other “not” to be accepted. Superlatives like “super”, “higher” and quantifiers like “bigger”, “smaller” being used expose judgment even unwittingly. Word usage though is generally very primitive. Some authors don ́t even know food, as a word is plural. But all must apparently be bigger, better and be more so. So food, which is plural, is made more plural and non-grammatically correct as is “foods”. This is you finding a monster at the beach.

If milk from a human mother has a five part calcium and only two part phosphate; what happens when you are sold a green “superfood” product that has a ratio of one part calcium to two thousand parts phosphorus? What happens to that extra phosphate? Test tube logic being swallowed sold you an ingredient like super oxide dismutase (SOD) cause that green has it in there; but what if other element also there is seriously toxic? By as much phosphate as you consume beyond your body requirement; it tends to be stored in your tissue. This can be easily felt by running a smooth pen handle firmly up and down your arm. So, it pays to be at attentive, otherwise, you could get swallowed by the monster found at the beach.


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