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Morality and Selective Mutism

Today, it’s possible for you to apply an instrument to determine whole brain functioning; you, can determine how one is whole brain functioned patterning versus limited mind; a, difference really is how the primary applied various types of responses are congruent sequentially and simultaneous; for, other types of response can be where one isn’t able to exit; another, is by polarization; which, is sorting for the opposite;

Aversive, sensory motor program causes states of inhibition, avoidance, and dissociation; an, engaged evermore limited mind function; for, it’s true where morality is empathic within one is absolutely entered into areas of the brain; a, non-moral beloved doesn’t enter into; did, you know you as well as i are instinctively social?

Equality, is of a natural mutual lived assistance; all, sentient being cared for is; so, is it possible for you to consider how you n i could be living in a time today where it’s important you learn how to apply whole brain functioning? Certainly, is it possible for you to consider your participation in a moral question which is developing and improving your capacity to recognize other beloveds’ emotions?

One, can observe what is instinctive; smiling, is; whereas most behavior, relative to aversion, much is shown to be “learned, imitated and conditioned;” so, you can look at what happens as someone is born blind and deaf; yet, how does someone who is blind love? Also, many can have good sight and hearing yet have you ever heard of one not being able to “act for blind-sight?”

Where, “blind-sight” is one is denying some object is actually in front of you; most, moral outcome is your felt empaths being equal for all sentient being; without a story, automatically one in i awareness feels empathy; simple; normally, all feel such for those who are close; yet, in a non-i aware state you then got socially distance in how “equal” one’s empathy is felt for this stranger in you;

Empathy, in i awareness is truly a potent force; which, is assisting motivate you; such, is always causing evermore expanded being within you of inclusiveness; rather, than what is exclusive; for, one can not look at choice made yet is it possible for you to see how observation shows how many beloved are able to give to those close by yet, be inconsiderate even of beloved truly in need yet distant? So

In morality the question is: how is empathy for who is this you feel such for? For, isn’t this also what is for strangers? The question is: how do you grapple to find this moral compass? The question in this work is: how might “selective blind-sight” neurologically inhibit the primary visual cortex? For instance, can you see how psychological blindness can be ongoing where such has patterns of “unwillingness” suddenly to participate one turns on or off;

Yet, to see certain truth such can have run into an array of triggered conflicted part within in limited mind function; which, then assembles a part which is engaged in protecting; so, the vestibular sense and the syntax simply eliminates or reduces the import of a channel; so, a random phoneme generator can have been continuously presented more with a total lack of focus that is obvious;

Even a lack of attention to be in “an intentional blindness” or “mutism” going on; which, is a psychological phenomenon; which as indicated above, can have caused you to be in a state totally unaware of a range of conditions existing which is obvious to one trained before your very eyes;

In whole brain functioning you can notice you have a preferred mode of feeling, then hearing, then seeing; yet, what we’re talked about is what happens when a sense is “omitted;” what, one would ordinarily be there to be including empathic is how moral this you is; for

Isn't it by a code of conduct (which is accepted even by your neighbor) and any selective restrictive violation is truly valicionally other than being rational in universal agreement? You, seek agreement with your adversary immediately; you’re seen to do such or not; what, is ideal of course truly is that you’re acting with what is an ideal moor toward right behavior;

Rather, than not having focused on what is a greater truth; because, you’re focusing in this which is mutually beneficial; otherwise, one witnesses numerous forms of behavior negation, offering such quite to another beloved being more compulsive with illusion which isn’t properly present to reality; a, child listening can not know the time or day;

Various, principals which are existing of your felt discernment; easy it is for you to sense between what’s moral of course which is ethical; such, always is left with standard; you’re living cooperatively; for, such is ingrown with you; for, being so focused you’re easily able to determine ‘right for what is informed and acceptable;’ also

One, is seen to have capacity to have given up a part of self for others in the group; to, be living in life evermoor abundantly; so, in this writing and instruction, having pattern recognition for where “passion destroys;” for, such is “too great a desire” for instance to be able to see or not see; (blind-sighted) yet, it is observed where refusal is to have proper awareness this topic is how one may not have been in control at all of what was put into the mind; so such

A, mind is always observed behaviorally having to go into an “unwind;” while, unwinding internally one is blind to the present state; one, isn’t observing how such fits congruently overall; typically, this is a condition called anosognosia; you, can see degrees of ignorance absolutely toward awareness; sometimes even of any nature which is existed for outside one’s own limited mental set;

Is it, where all such dissociated sensory loss is one can observe a characteristic loss of a bigger picture; and even detail visually ordinarily acted upon in what’s listened to in speech; yet, where one would have been in limited mind function it is typical an array of heightened anxiety from inner-dialogue continuously being triggered during the day is impacting the mind more through circular reasoning and ad-hoc, with slippery slope and strawman;

For, the mind “impacted” you observe triggered conversion disorder, non-verbally, and verbally being enacted out; for instance, where one knee-jerks into what’s anxious anxiety; such, triggers all other patterns which by conversion disorder and hysteria; relates to mutism; also, observed somnambulism; which, is a paralysis;

One, “deer eyes” by pushing the head out and chin; rolling, your eyes or looking bug eyed; how, much the tegmentum is engaged can be caused to increase rage by slight twitching of the eyeballs; one, can have a paralysis to be able to feel anything similar to an anesthetic; such, could be situationally specific to moments one has no balance in circumstance; yet, has no imitated modeled excellence either; so

As, life’s experience situationally specific was other than to what is pleasurable or interesting, it’s observed unquestionable most have lost a state of proper plasticity of the brain in i awareness; yet, ongoing acting in a lack of morality and ethic; for, aversion is state specific with what is aversive; this, is how most that didn’t know it are continuously having managed themselves to only have had limited success;

For, it can be seen easily one can have been going on strike; obviously, non-verbally pulling back on service, sacrificing some “ideal” to fulfill instead one’s supposed identity; such, is to be done yet for such to grow; being, non-i aware one could obviously perceive how an arrange of various forms of selective mutism shows up; for instance, some can pick a stereogram out instantly; while, others, try as hard as they can, aren’t able to see such;

Limited, mind function engages an array of selective mutism; such, impacts one empathy and your morality; one, can not know for instance one is maybe just participating in “playing games” that kill others; where, some avoided contact is ongoing a self-protected absolute selfishness is also ongoing shown; one, showing up with such limited mind function is always the most “self-serving” in any group;

For, in limited mind function one is only locked non-stop into self-preservation via learned helplessness; generally, is attempting to completely circumvent and avoid dealing with what is conflicted to integrate such; one, non-stop is seen controlling the moment by avoiding, by dissociating, by distracting; which, is the primary form of inner violence;

Continuing on not being accountable; also, it’s typical where limited mind function is; one, can be seen dogging anything which would point to a supposed capacity to approve or disapprove; so, who does such you’ll see is ongoing controlling; also, being utterly dismissive usually; not, considering at all what is said and ignoring the response got from one’s partnering; for

Where such is, such is result of an inner power struggle going on always occupying massive amounts of cortex; knee-jerked into as a state; for, as one completely is honestly not in service of anyone usually one unethically resorts to hiding all the daydreamed-ness; and, “resorting” to a range of unscrupulous meanings; to, have been “top-dogging;” or “under-dogging:” yet continuously being disrespectful ongoing also demeaning others; one, is seen ongoing to be avoiding all discussion; playing, out ostrich and other forms of dissonance; so

The, point being maybe you could learn more by looking into other article at; picking, up a copy of jubb’s little red book; much, of this is not for you to be able to get over the internet; maybe you can search for the path of hollow bones which is on a stick you can be received of such; yet, for you being of pattern recognition for conflicted inducted behavior; such can inform you evermore for having what is mutually lived in your relation being in balance more in life; i aware; love, jubbdavid;


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