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Niger Was Stolen In The Past

The pen is mightier than the sword; yet, what happens as a nation like Niger was stolen in the past? If you don’t think that is the most popular theme, didn't motorcycle gangs and yet still not get funded to cause instability in the Sahara? It’s, more precious than gold; of, course it’s the living of unlimited worth; which, is the real estate; that’s, the sacred cow; meaning, it’s, not talked about; because

How did all gold from Niger all end up in France? So, all in Niger was kept as pauper is the ultimate message in the overall narrative of World War III in Africa; and, is this not in your own backyard? Because, does a nation and we the people with a CORPSE that’s privately owned like Wagner fit into the picture? So

What, security is getting set up because is not war used to launder currency? Is this what happened in Libya? Motorcycle, gangs have been used to genocide beloved in the past; and, just like beloved in Moscow also not able to privately defend themselves; all, know a backstory is like a Kobe Bryant; so, patsie crime is like a virgo image that gets mixed up;

No, proper order is; so, motorcycle gang in the Darfur region in Sudan commit genocide on villages; so, for what’s an enemy as a private CORPS as off-terrain advantage like the south pole for instance;

What type of condition overall has caused a food city armageddon? So, what's the sacred cow that’s not sacrificed is the hidden mean used by commerce; so, you can get live report right now from some former athletic captain people like that with physical stature such similar to an athlete death in Zimbabwe; behind, the scene just like Kobe Bryant just like in your home being impacted; it’s, like super Ai over commerce as Aladdin; which

Is an Ai; you’d, be hard pressed to say such is not being used to destroy self into a nation; aladdin is a corpse and the controllers of Cb-cowo a system themselves to use a cell within a cell to destroy sovereignty in any nation; you, see a popular leader once done with get tossed out like an old casserole; yet, to get rid of usury to have gained back positive economic inductance you could learn about; for, is the

Earth, not a circular mirror image of the past calendar cycle; for instance right now isn’t the Russian president by the polls considered the most popular leader apparent than any other nation? Yet, who are the victims of such a cold war of no lacked agreement to gaslight victim; yet, under a foreign oligarchy conscripted to a meat grinder; that is

Witnessed, in Ukraine; crime, illegalized codified act is ongoing at the courthouse; for, as venue from the land has been stolen and commerce put over instead as procedure; so, a president being tried by such a court which isn’t sovereign; nobody, selected that; supreme court of we the people is it by what is said also written yet by conduct?

You don't select a venue from the land? It is common law; why, continue to remain in the banana republic when you can have a true jubilee; you, can celebrate your as the king and queen; such, is the title of man/woman who is not lost at sea; you, should come back to look through the article and become more learned about what this rule there is; the

Four, corners of the document is complete; for, none can be underneath any error; it’s, the basis of contract law which holds all together; and, by faith also trust as a private group a nation supported from the nation is how such is international accountable; certainly, not under a condition of commerce; the, crime you’re looking at is what’s been committed from the land;

Inferential, all comes from custom from time worn and proven is being landed from the soil; not, a body politic as private corporation; yet, selected from we the people instead; so, what’s the difference as all look at Wagner? Is, we the people being tired of tyrants to secure their own national affair like Niger at the moment; all, united states of america as a land; which, can you address all from perspective of we the people? Because

Where, a popular person is used retaliation non-stop for truth told to get tossed out like an old casserole; yet, to be in your own clothing not someone else's; all, is superior present is who is living who is of standing meaning has a claim can be settled; such, a procedure should not be mixed up with a corporation as an entity who is equal to who is living; because, that is called fascism;

In a courthouse is a public courthouse and to the four corners of the globe article III and IV manner; civic, duty is; so, crime going on between the branches of governance can be stopped; what, is illegalized to get away with murder as trading real estate; yet, by continued conduct all obviously is seen to accept a procedure as a president that’s passed get tried with such is in charge in a proper procedure not a kangaroo court; a

Supreme, court would be a proper procedure under selectedness of we the people; in, a manner of article four or three court which you should look into; this, work is to usher in a new epoch; which, you could learn more about; love, jubbdavid;


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