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.alm Quorum Sensing Rids Earth Of The Peter Principle And Usury

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Bacteria; insects; plants; fish; birds, and animals; naturally, and excellently portray a decentralized system; no, peter principle or usury was ever existed; quorum, sensing is applied and is a realized collective decision making; similar, to ants; bees, or other animals excited or waiting to show others the way; for, instance a potentialness or food; so, obviously as you can see

Diverse, biochemical ultradian and circadian rhythms set by outside forces automatically operate to synchronize life; and, a rapid radicalization via such quorum sensing; is, acting to completely redirect your focus and flow; what’s, startling and contrasted causes a following focus of orientation socio-cognitively generated; what, you and I do is modified overall via a followed entrainment; this, increases its strength in the amount of those who are following; and, such is a quorum effect; therefore,

Social, beings sensing what’s needed by quorum sensing; which, works via a comparative exceeded threshold of cooperative favorably made acts; which, is made from available options which modify choice made; so, in discussing this further you can obviously see our species has been acquiesced to monopolized system to be peter principled; which, is the promotion of self to utter incompetence;

That, condition has only been from a form of quorum sensing not properly complete; as, a centralized awareness conflicting with a decentralized condition of nature; service, in that monopolized system has been engaged in the process of organization where a leader isn’t; and, under usury a centralized condition only existed because of a silent unknown acquiescence; and, to have been lemminged; only, war was a quorum allowing state sponsored terrorism; yet, can you join in with this idea of .alm network?

.Alm, is a server and browser all owned collectively under a common trust; and, quorum sensed similar to colloidal biology; where, an automatic induction implies sensed cooperative smart contract verification; such, is decentralized; and, individual members have equal access means to an interactiveness with all the other component; and component time work stamp threshold is detected; and, a response is given back of a transaction verified and completed; such, transaction is protected by encryption; and, such is providing you with a positive feedback loop; where, you’re connected to nodes that are fully activated and coming on as density dependant conditioning sense

Smart, contract verification that’s decentralized; is, a verifying system of a database quorum sensing equations of smart contract verification; and, biology symbiosis of a mutual lived assistance is a self organized network of an environmental equilibrium monitored-ness; where, individual node can sense the population of other node with similar data reported;

In, this .alm server; a, population of total nodes is selecting a node to report to; to, have neural efficiency and quorum sensing is how a system can detect and respond to a network condition coordinating automatic rapid group decisions; and, such a function can’t be Peter Principled under usury or under a centralized, old and antiquated system; therefore

A, mutual lived assistedness in symbiosis engages transparency .alm is modeled upon; a, social process of a trust emerged of a system which can sense cooperative being; which, is more driven via your group dynamic; such, is a decentralized quorum of verified smart contract time stamped conditioning; and, what has been a centralized system; you, can comprehend is completely destructive to natural quorum sensing; and not mutually beneficial; yet, eclipse.alm by forwarding to you a servant browser of public ownership; provides, natural cocreative condition; giving, contrast to assist you to recognise the world of the peter principle as antiquatedness; where, nothing absolutely, was ever verified; only, deceit and fraud was existed in a system of allowed usury; so, as discussed further

In, colloid biology; quorum, sensing applies efficient communication; reducing, the pixel used; to, be the smallest dot as a JC liquid quantum; this, colloidal biologic quantum can verify transaction by density dependence and novel self recognition; such, regulatory mechanisms can be tailored into a future moment now; so, as to meet your suited need and a treatableness; such, to be honored and observed of a number and a magnicity footprint; this is existing time-stamped in the system of your transactions that such are transparent in nature; therefore, as the alm is opened up; you, can convert other currency over to an alm in the initial alms offering; so, come on; let’s, build the biggest movement the earth as ever seen; change, the politic and eclipse usury once and for all time; Love, jubb david


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