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Nuclear Demolition of the WorldTrade Center Towers

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Oslo, Norway

It is no secret that the Trade Center Towers and also the Sears Tower in Chicago had a company called Controlled Demolition Inc. put nuclear devices under the building to be able to demolish them if needed. The dam holding the Hudson back underneath the World Trade Center had a hole punched into it 90 feet wide that needed to be fixed. Originally fire was sought to be extinguished with radioactive controllant called powerful ultra-violet absorbers. Thermal maps afterward show the foot print of the tower building including the middle of building sevens footprint to have hot spots and also cavity holes. In nuclear demolition there are three zones: damage zones, crush zones and cavity zones. The height of building seven being smaller puts it well within the crush zone. The nuclear explosion in the twin towers incurred 50 meters below the basement which was itself 27 meters below ground. Demolition was planned into the construction and a space was put underneath each building to house such a controlled nuclear demolition.

The structure of the twin towers had the strength of an armored tank. The images of aluminum planes disappearing into the glass like walls were done by photo shop. Yet it was an antigravity device 35 feet across directed by remote control into the building and planes were photoshopped in and super imposed over this antigravity device. This was done to create a spectacle. Pre-positioned hole-shaped charges were set and it was necessary to cut the holes to create the perfect image, yet it doesn’t completely do this. The planes images are digital in all video footage and only exist in the images shown on TV.

The planes tails and wings would have broken off and it could not have penetrated the building. You can see the building shake 10 seconds before falling. A pressure wave of the nuclear explosion travels up by path of least resistance and blows out through this hole but by thermite and pushes the towers at the top away from these holes. Explosions within the towers also of thermite are making a clear path for the underground small nuclear bomb to do its work to pulverize all in the crush zone.

The strangest things occur during the collapse. The towers do not fall in the order of them being struck. The holes and explosions made for show were not responsible for their collapse. Also the fires burning in the south tower only burn to 500 degrees fahrenheit and start to get colder and lack oxygen shown by them eventually burning black smoke. Nothing is hot enough to melt steal. The fires are just a show and only for theatrical scenery and prop staged fabulous fire balls for psychic impression. There was a 12 second delay between what was live and then what was being broadcast. A hole was found in the wall built underneath the trade center towers. A dyke was built to stop the Hudson from coming in. It was about 90 feet in diameter that had to be fixed. Ground Zero means a space of a nuclear explosion. One version of the story is put for the public, one version for insiders and the truth being explained here is what actually happened.

The second story is always put out to satisfy “insiders” that know the official commissioned report is bogus. That story was that Osama had purchased in the Ukraine three mini nuclear suitcase devices, procured from Victor Boot to create a NYC apocalypse (mini nukes called A115). This second story was put out in the public five days after the collapse of the trade center towers and appeared in a Spanish newspaper (16th of September) called El Mundo. The second story also put out was that Victor Boot was extradited from Thailand to the USA (now on trial). The secret part of the case that is wrongfully being put on him is that he sold the nuclear devices to Osama which of course is a bogus story. Yet it completes the second story for insiders as well as taking care to give credibility to insiders that Victor also sold the missile that hit the Pentagon. He is an innocent scapegoat and merely a necessary asset to make it all look good to insiders.

The built in nuclear demolition scheme was in place fully at least by the early eighties. There was much talk long before 9-11 about nuclear devices being under the trade center complex building by the people of NYC. What is being said here explains the instant nano particalization of all in the path of the crush zone. MOSSAD were interested in obtaining information about what experts knew about nuclear demolition of the trade centers just a short time before 9-11 happened. All confirms knowledge of nuclear demolition processes in place underneath the trade center building and it was setup to be used. MOSSAD needed to feed false information to get the second story going about three nuclear devices at the top of the buildings. Then officials would be scared and want to collapse the buildings to stop the activation of the mini nukes and to minimize radio activity that was feared to possibly escape into the larger environment.

A missile was used to penetrate all six walls of the pentagon and found so that to insiders the false information that planes had nuclear devices on board was delivered by MOSSAD and believed. So the twin towers complex (to minimize radio activity) would have to be brought down quickly to avert a greater calamity. That is how it happened.

The detonator on the 7 ton bunker booster – missile was purposefully diffused before being used. This was so Washington would not be incinerated but just woken up. The insiders would be scared into believing the other part of the story. Just like Timothy McVay in the Oklahoma City false flag was discussed behind closed doors. Victor Boot officially is blamed for selling portable anti-aircraft missiles, which is a front story.

Yet secretly Victor is wanted for what is being explained here. When you look into the holes in the building people were seen wandering around in some places and the fires were burning black and so were not that hot. Some time went by before the buildings were brought down by small nuclear bombs in the base of the buildings and as explained they were designed that way.

Google earth shows radical Chemtrails at the moment, since the Japanese false flag terrorist tectonic plate weapon HAARP was used. All is put to be dumbed down and off balance. More fear, more attention in media owned by the hand above the government. Most are waking up to the hand above the government’s end game.

That 9-11 was an inside job is Americans taking credit for the fiasco. The real hand above the government is not American. America is a colony of the hand above the government, as is China, Russia and Europe. These countries are just colonies of the hand above the government.

All was a false flag terrorist act to blame the Arabs. The pentagon was attacked as a show of “we can get you”. The missile from the Kursk evaded all radar and was fired from the Atlantic Ocean and went through six very thick walls of the pentagon. It was a granite heavy duty missile. The USA was under attack that day. The hand above the government always plays one colonized country off against another to divide and control and fuel the coffers of its bank to create globalization one world one bank.

All of building 7 was totally within the crush zone. The nuclear blast caused most of the towers to be within the crush zone. It disintegrates all into nano particles. A grain of stone in the crush zone can keep its shape yet when touched it turns to powder. Holes are punched through the floors so the controlled demolition nuclear explosion could be directed up so pressure blew the top off. The top was outside the crush zone yet inside the damage zone. Twelve percent of the building not in the crush zone remained afterwards. The inside story told as misinformation to those who know something else is up is that Victor Boot sold the missile that penetrated the pentagon and three suitcase small nuclear dirty bombs. The insiders knew the story that unless the controlled demolition was activated the building would be brought down and in this process NYC would be nuked by three of these suitcase bombs. The insiders all know the official story is a lie. The second story is spun to control the insiders. Yet the truth is that the hand above the government is the true evil. That hand pays all the judges and pays MOSSAD and all other secret service.

The false flag terrorist act was designed to create a political condition to force the people into accepting a war on terror permanently; to divide and conquer; to take people’s rights away and fuel the military industrial complex. This so that the hand above the government can move toward one world, one money supply and one government and one military and one police. Total control would exist.

Have a moratorium now and change the monetary system. Make it a constitutional right for each citizen to own the growth of the money supply and not the hand above the government. The government would have no hand above it. Taxes would be abolished. We can have a mathematically perfected economy. Can you act now while an infrastructure still exists, or face a coming war? Continue to allow a hand to exist above the government and total collapse of nature and people will ensue.

The incoming granite busting missile ordinarily carries a 7 kilo ton nuclear bomb. Norad detected this incoming missile and planes were scrambled to the Atlantic. Norad commander for the first time in history goes from being unprotected to his safe mountain haven. All four doomsday planes were also scrambled. Secretary of state and others also were whisked away to an anti-atomic bunker.

A firefighter gets to the 75th floor which was the place of impact and in his opinion it is not too dangerous – this is the gist of “send up two lines I’ve got two pockets of fire but we need to have reinforcements to evacuate these people”; that was what was radioed. Yet because of the scary thermo nuclear missile attack on the Pentagon and misinformation about the three suitcase nuclear bombs which were missing the fear was that these nuclear war bombs were alive at the top of the building. What was found at the Pentagon created conviction around this story.

At 10:04 AM EST it was not the Empire State building that was being evacuated but the Sears building in Chicago for it also had the same nuclear demolition system. The nuclear demolition device underneath the trade center was activated by those in the government because of the story fed to them by the hand above the government patsy agent of MOSSAD. A controlled underground nuclear demolition was a better choice given the alternative of possibly three atmospheric explosions that were thought to be imminent.

The first atomic bomb test was Mexico White Sands proving ground on July 16th, 1945. It was atmospheric and the equivalent of 20,000 tons of TNT. One hundred miles away the reverberations were felt. The earth suffered its first destructive modern atomic bomb. Yet it may not have been the earth first atomic bomb. Evidence exists that atomic explosions have occurred in our ancient past. The bhagavad gita has a passage in the Mahabarata written between 5th and 2nd century BC about the Rama civilization that had modern day science fiction weapons used in epic battles. The story includes symptoms of radiation poisoning and burns. Uncovered physical and radiological evidence has been found in the Indus Valley today in Pakistan of such an occurrence. In 1922 Mohenjo-Daro was discovered to have vitrified walls. Its name means city of the dead. Forty four skeletons were found face down holding hands, left as if in a calamity. That couldn’t be revisited back then. Something huge happened to those people. What reason was it that the bones had not decayed? Increased radiation exists that is anomalous.

A fifty yard wide epicenter has also been found where all rock in that area is vitrified; a process of regular type stone being put into magma like state and then hardened like glass. In parts of Africa and also the Middle East evidence exists that is similar showing possible atomic weapon use.

A technology has been witnessed and accounted in stories yet not fully innerstood by the writers. The bible also has passages of a similar event in our ancient past. This includes Sodom and Gomorrah in Abraham’s time where to this day nothing can live; its environment combined with fire and brimstone from the sky. Burning sulfur and accumulated heat burned all which also vitrified all to stone.

Thousands of rivets from Noah’s Ark found in Turkey show a very advanced ancient civilization unquestionably in the distant past. Could the civilization of present slip back into degeneration? It certainly has in the past. The most evil force on the earth at the moment is the hand above the government that can only rule from fear. It has elevated itself to utter incompetence.

My personal message to you is to take personal responsibility for the genesis of peace. We need to change through a moratorium of the banking system: simply making the citizens constitutionally the owners of the growth of all new money printed and not a private banker.


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